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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bringing Back Aibon 2

Let's be fair, there are other smokers around in Hello!Project.

Found out there are other Hello!Project members that smokes too. Not only Aibon.

Yaguchi Mari
Fujimoto Miki
Nakazawa Yuko
Abe Natsumi
Matsuura Aya
Gotoh Maki

I bet some of you guys are shocked to see Ayaya and Mikitty's name in the list. But then again they are all of age. But why is that Aibon gets more attention? Because she has taken a puff before the legal age of 20? I find that there is more to that.

It is also because Aibon has built a squeeky clean image for herself since her Morning Musume days. Her works and songs are all that. But by smoking, she has thrown all of it out the window, shattering all that clean and cute image. This will of course damage the outcome of sales and the reputation/image of the company. In the USA, she probably have been sued by now. So as you can see, it's not only personal. It's business.

What about the others in the list above then? They already have their share of scandals and rumours of romantic links and so forth. (Yes it's true) Their image are not (well, not all the time) built on the template of cuteness and innocence. Try to imagine a smoking Aibon while she sings "Aa Ii na" and "Robo Kiss".
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But after all that, I will always remember all her past deeds, sacrifices and effort that she has put in, and all her 6 years of youth that she had surrendered to UFA. Which is why I am always ready to forgive her if she comes back... repentently of course.

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Anonymous said...

And I quote you:
Yaguchi Mari
Fujimoto Miki
Nakazawa Yuko
Abe Natsumi
Matsuura Aya
Gotoh Maki

You listed these names as smokers..?
I don't mean to be rude or anything but did you just pulled that out of your ass?
Here's my two cents anyway,
I've heard Mari mentioned that she won't smoke since smoking is bad for her voice...
And Mikitty just recently said in a radio show(the one with Aichan and Sanma) that she's the only one in her family that doesn't smoke...
Nacchi and Ayaya doesn't seem like smokers too, but I don't know them well enough to be saying this...
Do your research before coming up with stuff like that.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for comment.

Two things:
1) Aibon says she don't smoke too, but she did.
2) I have my source, the link is there. Unless you don't understand Japanese...

I have my doubts too, which is why I did not post the FULL list. so don't think I don't feel bad about it. But you're welcome to disagree anyway.

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