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Friday, November 10, 2006

Morning Musume is No.1 on Oricon!

Good Lord! Hurray!
Ladies and gentlemen, Morning Musume is now number 1 at Oricon charts!

See for yourself!

This happened yesterday... why didn't anybody tell me?!
Man...Three and a half years... It's been that long since they last topped the Oricon charts with "As for One Day". I have to pinch myself to see if I am dreaming! ^_^

I apologize for my previous remarks on Morning Musume's latest single "Aruiteru". but it seems that the strategy worked after all. Never mind that I was right about the concept of the song, but boy, am I SO glad that my opinion of its acceptance was wrong. It would appear that this song was created specifically for the Japanese market, easy on the listener, simple but straightforward lyrics... the strategy came through and the people loved it. Yes!

I'm a gonna get some beer now and read the interview...^_^

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