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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Spikes, mics and the like...

Nothing Hello!Project nor Aibon news on this post. So skip this is you want.

Yesterday, I got a tremendous traffic spike on this blog. Nothing impressive, but high enough for a fairly new blog. I am most certain that it's because I mentioned about Kago Ai entering the TBS building bit. Today, the traffic is normal. Most of them visitors are from Japan. Don't know if they are crazy or clever, because minutes after I posted that entry, the link to it turned up on a Japanese BBS already. How did they do it?? Nevertheless, this also mean that a lot of fans still care about Aibon and her whereabouts, and are not hating her as many people think. Will try to harder to find whatever I can on Aibon, so stay tuned.

I need a new microphone for my recordings. This mic that I have is meant for web-conferencing, and is too sensitive. It picks up the bass too heavily. Had a look around, but the standard recording mics are way too expensive. I guess I will have to wait for my bonus to come.

I don't know if I am able to do recordings tonight, because some dude nearby are having some sort of a party/show at his home compound, complete with some goddamn fireworks. The fireworks didn't go higher than 100 metres to the sky, and I was worried that he would set some homes to fire. This is a residential area, dammit! It's been going on for hours already, and I'm hoping that it will stop soon.

I wrote a script so that the image on the top banner of this blog can change when you refresh the page. It worked before, but after some further tweaking today, it didn't work no more. Don't know what happened, maybe Blogger found out what I'm trying to do and stopped it? Oh well...
EDIT: I did it! :) The script works now. Will be creating more banners later on.


Easily Confused said...

You could turn that whole bit at the top into a picture (including the Text) ... ?

I wish I could read & write Japanese (without having to study :P ).

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

I didn't want to turn the entire banner into an image. In case server fails, at least I still have a banner to display. Also leaving the header text as it is for Google to index in their search engine. ^_^

Easily Confused said...

Un it's working now anyhow ne? :)

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