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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Murakami Megumi Leaves Hello!Project

Announcement from Hello!Project site.

Oh man~~~! Not AGAIN?! What's going on this year?

Murakami Megumi(also affectionately known as Meguru) is now leaving Hello!Project, and wants to return to ordinary school life, saying that idol life has made her feel insecure about her private life. She also said that she have thinking about this since six months ago, and have finally decided.

However, it is also noted that a few days before, she has been photographed by a supposed stalker, walking together with a guy. So she may not have quitted at her own accord, but terminated by the agency.

More can be found at ikimasshoi,
, and

Made a long draft, thinking whether I should post it but I decided to tone it down. I don't have the right to do say anything bad about Meguru, because I wasn't a big C-ute fan. (I prefer Berryz Koubou over C-ute) And because most people are already feeling bad about this, so I'm not going to pour oil to the fire.

But I have this to add ->
While most people blame the stalker, I'm thinking that this has happened at the most peculiar time. C-ute was scheduled for a show in a few days, a debut single release on February next year, and a soon-to-come C-ute concert on the way. Had a flashback - Kago Ai was caught in a scandal right before W's 3rd album. I sense a saboteur, but still not sure...

Actually, I'm only starting to notice C-ute only recently, and Meguru really stood out among them. So I guess all I can do is to offer my best wishes, and hope that someday, if she should change her mind, she can come back later.

What I'm wondering now is - what is going to happen to C-ute's 2007 calendar?

Good luck! Murakami Megumi~~~

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