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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Morning Musume is on top. But.....

So Morning Musume's new single "Aruiteru" is no. 1 on the Oricon charts as I mentioned in a prior post, and I was going "Hurray!" and "Woo Hoo~~!" about it. But when I look around, other than a few guys with the same sentiments, everyone else was like:
- "Well, we'll see how long that lasts..."
- "The competition was less this week, they got lucky."
- "Yay. They're on top. Great. Nice. What's for dinner?"
- "Koharu did it again! She's a miracle!"
- "You don't need high sales to be No. 1 on the chart."
- "....... (silence)"
- "....... (nothing to say)"

Am I one of the only few people who is excited about this? I'm in no position nor right to correct anyone, but I still think we should be happy for them. It's a good thing, really.

I think, Morning Musume have been absent from the top of the charts for so long, that fans have started to become doubtful. Reminds me of "Major League II". ^_^

Gone are the times when Morning Musume was invincible in our minds, that they will always stand out among the rest, a genre of their own, a phenomenon unmatched...etc. Still, I think we should give them the support they need, and things will be looking better from here. I submit the following for consideration:

The company is happy -> This achievement on the Oricon charts gives Momusu's management something to cheer about. The board of directors and shareholders are happy, and will be more supportive in allocating resources and attention for future Momusu projects.

Ride the wind -> Will be riding on this success with more merchandises and future projects, by including the tagline. E.g. "Here's our newest product X supported by Morning Musume.... by the way, who also been No.1 on the Oricon". May also have the motivation to repeat this success on the next single release.

Milestone in Momusu history -> A long interval from their last No. 1 spot, creating a reference to be circulated and used around by journalists and paparazzi. Also another colorful entry in their history portfolio.

New breed of fans - I'm only speculating, but I think "Aruiteru" is type of music appeals more to the new generation of young girl-fans. This is really good, because we all know lots of girls in Japan do not like Momusu. A whole new market has been created.

More lure -> Their demand has become better. Suppliers and advertisers will come for them.

More appearances -> Appearing more in national broadcasts and TV shows.

There is nothing wrong in being doubtful. But there is also nothing wrong in having more hope and giving more support for Morning Musume. Myself included, am also doubtful on how long their standings on Oricon will last. But nevertheless, being within the top ten in the charts for every album and singles released, is a no small feat, especially for a long-running female group. Hopefully, this gives the Momusu girls themselves something to shout about, and I'm sure they will work harder to repeat this success next time. Yes, I am sure there IS a next time again.

Peace ^_^

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