Restarting the Old Rusty Engine
(For the 2nd Time too)

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

LAUNCHED!! HNPH - Hello! Project News Blogzine

After many weeks of delays, I have soft-launched the new site. H!P Hello Non-Pro Hour will now continue in its new form - HNPH - Hello! Project News Blogzine.

The format of this new site is a blog cum magazine, hence the name blogzine. It will feature more journalistic elements into it and hopefully everyone will accept.

H!P Hello Non-Pro Hour will remain as it is, and I do not plan to migrate the contents over to HNPH. You can still come back and revisit any blog posts over the year. As such, I am starting afresh with HNPH, and I ask for everyone's support and love as always. Hope that everyone will continue to join me in my journey of discovering and re-discovering the wonderful culture and music genre known as Jpop. See you there!

Love and Peace (^_^)v
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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Delay of launch.....


I didn't expect it to happen, but i was caught up with work, and has been chained to my workdesk and the customer's place for 2 days. For a moment i thought i was in hell.

For those expecting the launch, apologies again.

My time is up. See you tomorrow. Hopefully...
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Launch Dates for New HNPH

Sorry for the 2 week silence. Been caught up with personal stuff. I have a plateful of responsibilities and commitments starting yesterday. It will take a miracle to be able to take on them all.... but I will have to make it happen by hook or by crook. ^_^

I plan to launch the new site this Friday on the 18th January and the forum on Sunday 20th January. Mostly, lots cosmetic works to be done. There are some new features not entirely ready at launch, but it will be added as we move along.
Here are the URLs, I blocked it for the moment, so that the web-crawlers don't index it just yet.

The new site

The new forum

My new personal blog

For those who are interested in taking the posts of forum moderators at the new forum please send me an email.

Peace ^_^
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