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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time's almost up... a roundup of Aibon comeback rumours

Didn't pay for my internet subscription yet. So one last post before it gets suspended until I can restore it on Friday.

So now, it's almost February. In fact in Japan time zone, it's already the 1st of February over there. For us Hello! Project fans, we will always remember that it's on this month Kago Ai was suspended - 10th of February.

As you can see from the JavaScript timer that I put up on the right sidebar, time is almost up. So is she coming back or not?

My daily routine of patrolling are like this ->

1) Start Firefox
2) Browse WHG
3) Browse other BBS and blog communities
4) Browse news sites (e.g. Nikkan, Sanspo)
5) Browse image uploaders
6) Browse fan sites (e.g.
7) If news found, blog it. Else pull hair and grind teeth in despair
8) Repeat step 1. on the next day

At this moment, the hair-pulling on step 7 have stopped. It is now reduced to just letting out a soft sigh and shaking of head... I have a feeling that I will be taking down that timer, and Aibon will still not be back yet. I am so tempted to ask my sister's roommate (currently working as translator and escort for Jpop artists that travel out of Japan for events), to scoop out some sort of insider news for me. But I am afraid that she will lose her job...

Commenter Xacur left a message on my previous post citing about the rumour of Aibon's comeback on April. Actually, that's not the first time we hear rumours like this. Here's a breakdown of predictions from last year:

February 2006Mid Feb, because suspension in school is at standard of 2 weeks
March 2006Hello! Project Sports Festival
April 2006With reference to Abe Natsumi's case (2 month suspension)
May 2006Saitama Super Arena concert, comeback to replace Konno Asami
June 2006While handing a bouquet to Tsuji Nozomi on her birthday in a concert
July 2006Comeback at Konno-Ogawa graduation concert
August 200624 hour TV Marathon
September 2006Tsunku's dinner show at Nara
October 2006Re-signing of new contract
November 2006Widely circulated rumours (e.g. saw Aibon going into a TBS building)
December 2006Kouhaku New Year show
January 2007Participating in Momusu A-Team
February 2007One year from the date of suspension (current)

Source from WHG. One rumour for every month, how about that? ^_^

So what else is there?
How about the sighting of Aibon attending the Hello!Project 2007 Winter 〜 Shuugetsu! 10th Anniversary 〜 concert? Apparently, some fan had spotted her weeping when the girls were singing on stage, and that she came with Konno Asami. Are those tears for not being able to sing on stage herself or because she knows that she is not able to comeback?

Other rumours that I've read about:
- Aibon spotted in some health resort in Nara
- Aibon was involved with some guy during the suspension and the management UFA was pissed over it.
- Aibon became fat, and the UFA had to extend her suspension
- Nono (Tsuji Nozomi) was assigned to various solo works, and is following the path of Mari Yaguchi, therefore speculating that Aibon will not come back
- Nono's requesting Tsunku to come up with solo songs for her to sing on the first episode of her online programme "Curious Nono", raising more speculations that Nono knows that Aibon is not allowed to come back

[cheesy TV sales guy voice]But wait.... that's not all~~~! [/cheesy TV sales guy voice]

Topics tagged "Kago Ai" in WHG

As you can see from WHG alone you can read about all Aibon related news, rumours, gossip, teasers, insider information, speculations... etc. And there has never been an end to it. And that's only WHG. There are other BBS, Aibon or DoubleU(W) fansites that I haven't listed.

So what should we do? There are so many circulating hearsays out there, that even I find it hard to separate between fact and fiction. In the meanwhile, I have turned my attention more to the Niigaki Risa's rising popularity, Morning Musume under the leadership of Fujimoto Miki, the Momusu A-Team and their possible expansion, Berryz Koubou's next single... etc. Life goes on... but I hope Aibon will back with us for it.

If not, will we be hearing our beloved Kago Ai saying the most feared words ever? (T.T)


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Monday, January 29, 2007

Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia, Juunen Ai - Lyrics, Romaji and Translation

By popular demand, here are the lyrics, romaji and translation for Morning Musume A-Team's Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia and Juunen Ai. Nihongo lyrics taken from actual CD leaflet.

Nihongo lyrics typed out using NJStar Communicator. Also used my old dictionary to help me with the translations too. (well, I'm not that perfect yet, ya know~~ ^_^ )

UPDATE 31-01-2007:
Updated the translation for Juunen Ai from some inputs by anon commenter, but not without some modification. Further corrections and proof read by the lovely chu3nii for Bokura ga Ikiru My ASIA and Juunen Ai translations. (Thanks so much!)


Bokura ga Ikiru MY ASIA - 僕らが生きる MY ASIA
Music/Lyrics: Tsunku
Arrangement, Programming and Guitar: Takahashi Yuichi
Chorus: CHINO



共に励まし 共に讃えて
家族のように 生きいけるさ

万年行き交う この道に
不思議な魅惑 MY ASIA
僕らが生きる MY ASIA


夢を数えて 涙に変わり
家族の言葉 大人になって

万年行き交う この道が
万年待ってた この時を
愛し合おうよ MY ASIA
僕らが生きる MY ASIA

万年行き交う この道が
万年待ってた この時を
愛し合おうよ MY ASIA
僕らが生きる MY ASIA

onaji yozora no
hoshi wo miage ta
haruka tooku ni omoi yose
mada shiranu tomo ni ae sou da
shirukuroodo susumou

tomo ni hagemashi     tomo ni tatae te
tomo ni kokoro wo kayowa se
kazoku no you ni     iki te ikeru sa
kizuna mo kitto dekiru sa

man nen yukikau     kono michi ni
subete no kibou ga tsumatteru
man nen dareka ni tsutae te ku
fushigi na miwaku     MY ASIA
bokura ga ikiru     MY ASIA

koi ni tasogare
umi wo miwatasu
konna chikaku ni rekishi mo aru
onaji you na kao ni mie te mo
onaji hito wa i nai

yume o kazoe te     namida ni kawari
kisetsu ga mata nagare te ku
kazoku no kotoba     otona ni natte
nanda ka mune ni todoroku

man nen yukikau     kono michi ga
subete no egao no hajimari de
man nen matte ta     kono toki wo
ai shi aou yo     MY ASIA
bokura ga ikiru     MY ASIA

man nen yukikau     kono michi ga
subete no egao no hajimari de
man nen matte ta     kono toki wo
ai shi aou yo     MY ASIA
bokura ga ikiru     MY ASIA

Looking up at the same starry night
Sending my thoughts to the far distance
possibly meeting friends that you never met
moving on along the silk road

Together encouraging and praising each other
Together linking our hearts
Living together like a family
Surely a bond will form

In this crossing roads of ten thousand years
Uniting our hopes together
Convey it to someone for ten thousand years
My Asia, a strange fascination
My Asia, where we live...

Love in dusk
Looking around the ocean
We do had a history nearby here
Even if there are people who look similar
there are no people who are the same

When counting dreams, change to tears
the seasons have switched again
Somehow, words from family roars in your heart
when you become an adult

This crossing roads of ten thousand years
is the beginning of all smiling faces
At this time after waiting for ten thousand years
My Asia, let's love
My Asia, where we live...

This crossing roads of ten thousand years
is the beginning of all smiling faces
At this time after waiting for ten thousand years
My Asia, let's love
My Asia, where we live...


Note: I think Juunen Ai is not supposed to make much sense, because Tsunku is trying to fit references to all the titles of Morning Musume singles in the lyrics. (of course, he failed to do so in the end... heh!)Read this post if you don't know what I mean. So go ahead and try to spot them Morning Musume song references in this song. \(^o^)/

Juunen Ai - 十年愛
Music/Lyrics: Tsunku
Arrangement, Programming and Guitar: Takahashi Yuichi
Chorus: Takeuchi Hiroaki, Tsunku



いつも此処で 貴方
待つわ 貴方
いつも此処で 歌を
唄っていますから 鳴呼



そうね うちらは生きている

大阪女 浪漫
Wow Wow Wow Yeah Yeah Yeah
愛があらば It's All Right
まるで シャボン玉 鳴呼

直感 マンパワー

ai ni kite yo
juunen tatte mo onaji you ni
ai ni kite yo
tsubekobe iwa zu ni kite yo

ame ga futte mo aitai shi
otenki yoi hi ha nao ureshi
tama no uwaki wa yurusu kedo
junjou misete yo ne

itsumo koko de     anata
matsu wa     anata
itsumo koko de     uta wo
utatte imasu kara     Ahh

ai no kikai
juunen tatte mo suteki da wa

asa no koohii
zuibun mukashi no hanashi

heiwa ni nare to aruiteru
doko ni mo yuka nai koko ni iru
soune     uchira ha ikiteiru
ai wo kudasai na

osaka onna     roman
Wow Wow Wow Yeah Yeah Yeah
Ai ga araba It's all right
marude     shabondama     Ahh

koi no dansu shimashou
chokkan     Manpawaa
happii samaa uedingu
zenbu ha hairanai

juunen omedetou

Come and see me
just like always even after 10 years
Come and see me
Stop complaining and just come see me

Even if it's raining, I still want to meet you
If the weather is good, it will be more delightful
Although I can forgive an occasional unfaithfulness
show me your naiveness/innocence

We will be right here
waiting for you
Because we will always
be singing here.... Ahh

love machine
still sounds cute even after ten years
morning coffee
now that's really an old story

Longing for peace, we are walking ahead
Always will be here, not going anywhere
that's right, we're alive
oh, please give me love

Osaka women are romantic
Wow Wow Wow Yeah Yeah Yeah
It's all right if you have love
just like a soap bubble ... Ahh

Let's do the dance of love
Instinct, Manpower
Happy Summer Wedding
Can't include them all

Happy 10th anniversary

Enjoy! Peace ^_^
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Hello!Project 2007 Winter 〜 Shuugetsu!10th Anniversary 〜 Concert....... Distrations, distractions...

Hello!Project 2007 Winter 〜 集結!10th Anniversary 〜 concert took place yesterday. 16 Morning Musume members of past and present was in this concert. And from what other news I managed to find out.... Man, I wish I was there. ^_^

For me, I'm happy of Hello! Project and Morning Musume reaching this milestone with the monumental concert.... but very distracted.

Ikimasshoi provided a detailed report. And another blogger here who provided a different description of the concert proceedings.

This concert was to celebrate not only 10 years of Morning Musume but also featured the graduation of Country Musume Miuna and Asami, leaving Satoda Mai to be the sole member. But the concert was riddled with lots of surprises and possible speculations it deviated my attention from them... which wasn't huge anyway, cos' I'm not a big fan of Country Musume.

Graduation of Miuna and Asami
I didn't notice both of them much. Asami was there back in the Momusu Golden age years (she joined at 2000), and Miuna is just plain good to look at (joined about 3 years ago). Until Gatas Brilhantes futsal team was formed. And I truly enjoyed watching them working the football. And this the area I'm worried about. Will talk about that in a while below.

Anyways, Konno Asami attended the concert and together with Fujimoto Miki (who apparently cried while giving her farewell speech) wished them good luck and goodbye. Konkon who also graduated from Hello! Project to pursue personal goals (studying in university), wished them with "Lets do our best to pursue towards each of our own dreams".
Konkon and Mikitty were featured in Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto, and were also Gatas team mates with Miuna and Asami. I guess the bond formed within their futsal team was stronger than we think. There were calls of "Country Musume Saikou!" by the fans to celebrate Kimura Asami and Saitou Miuna's service.
News from Nikkan Sports

Some pics here....

Mitsui Aika debut concert

..... And she's only 14 years old. But looking great in costumes. Micchi~~~~!

Screencaps - Of costumes and girls

Mmm~~... Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina especially looking deliciously good to eat. That white thingie on the chest should be removed, so we can enjoy some cleavage. (Well, not all of the have it but at least some do.)

Lastly, other things that I am distracted with...

The disbanding of Gatas?
With Miuna and Asami gone, preceded by Konno Asami's graduation and Saito Hitomi's leave. Gatas Brilhantes will be down with only 6 players and one goalkeeper. (Assuming that Yossie is staying in Gatas). There have been rumours and talks about the disbanding of Gatas because they couldn't find replacements in time.

Return of OG (Old Girls)
I am so excited to see the OG come back to support the concert. Because, without them there wouldn't be a Morning Musume that we have today.
So we know Konkon came back, Ishiguro Aya was also there (mentioned in her blog here and here)

AND......... A news clip from the uploaders said that.... Kago Ai was there too.
It says "... as a new member appeared on stage, and showcased 'Egao YES Nude'(releasing on 14th Feb). Morning Musume has celebrated their 10th year anniversary on the 28th. OG participated on stage, and also the suspended Kago Ai(18 yrs old) was spotted in the event venue". (0_o)

Is Aibon is being grouped and described as an OG?
The real truth or a mistake made by the journalist?

Now you know why I'm distracted? Because I don't have time to research the authenticity of that news clip at the moment...... I am going to work today with the infinite loop of "Was that true?" and "Or is she coming back?" echoing in my head............................
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Mitsui Aika first Hello! Project pictures

I'm back from the weekend break... And I'm so dead-tired! If you want, you can read about it on my personal blog later on.

But first...

Mitsui Aika first solo pictures with Hello! Project is here!

That's the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary T-Shirt there. Aww... Ain't she cute?

...Dang! Them braces are GONE! No wonder she sounds different... ^_^
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Kikkawa Yuu - Ayaya v2.0

Lately, while examining at my site stats, I looked at the top searches that lead to this blog. Thank you all the readers here who have been coming back to visit, and spare a bit of your time with Hello Non-Pro Hour. (^_^)v

Have lots of eye-brow raising search keywords that are along the lines of "Yossie's boyfriend", "Goto Maki boobs", "Takahashi Ai lookalike"... etc. I wonder what prompted them to search for it. Of course one of the top searches have to be about Yossie's plight this month. (T.T) And of course the recurring "When is Aibon coming back?" (T^T)

Anyways, there's this one particular search keyword that surprised me - "Kikkawa Yuu"

There's got to be a reason for it.

It's been months after the Morning Musume Happy 8 Audition for the 8th addition to Momusu, and people haven't gotten over her yet?
Note that Tsunku had have high praises for her, I personally, thought that even though she may not be ready, doesn't perform well under pressure... she gave one of the best performances on the final day, and is looking darn pretty at it.

So after strolling around for information, found that there's been a buzz among the Morning Musume fans -> Kikkawa Yuu may be the next Ayaya.

Matsuura Aya had auditioned for 4th Audition Morning Musume audition and the Heike Michiyo Protegee audition. Though she did not enter Morning Musume, the agency saw a great potential in her, and drafted her in anyway to be a solo artist. And they were right about her. After Iida Kaori coined her with a nickname "Ayaya", the rest is history. Ayaya went on to become the top solo girl in Hello! Project.

On the side note: There were rumours that during the 6th generation intake, about Ishikawa Rika was instrumental in objecting the entry of Ayaya along with the 6th gens, therefore the agency chose Fujimoto Miki instead. But no matter, Ayaya is still successful anyway as a soloist.

Apparently, some fans feel that Kikkawa Yuu, which garnered one of the best comments from Tsunku like "unexpectedly photogenic", "good potential", "an image that can be easily built on", "good singing, she sings with her own personality"... this gave those Kikkawa fans some bit of hope, that history may be repeated where a dropout become a Hello! Project soloist, and in time may be the next "Ayaya".

It's still currently in debate. With many commenting that Kikkawa is a perfect "pure girl" stock character, compared her with Ayaya, and that 14 years old is a great age to debut.

What I think is that Kikkawa had one of the best exposure on TV, lots of air time during the audition proceedings (more than Mitsui Aika if I'm not wrong), she is very recognisable already. Building on top of that will be great but.... I don't know.

I mean, we have Berryz Koubou and C-ute already. Will UFA spare that extra attention for pushing a new young soloist? If so, how will this affect Kusumi "Kirarin" Koharu?
How much consideration did they put on Kikkawa Yuu, if any at all, with regards to joining Morning Musume, or recruiting her as a soloist?

What do you think?
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Mitsui Aika - When Caterpillars turn into Butterflies

Evolution... The natural transition of nature. One that keeps the human race going, and one that defines what we have become today...

Just found this at the uploaders. Do you recognize the additional someone?

Can you find her?

Yep! That's Mitsui Aika on the right sides doing the "peace" sign. As you can see, the agency couldn't resist and had to finally do something with her hair i.e. straightening it. She looks great, doesn't it? That's one very adorable smile. \(^o^)/

UFA have a way of turning the stock "plain Jane" into a beautiful swan, as always. Despite Mitsui's age, she's not your typical lolicon type of girl like Kusumi Koharu. Mitsui can be beautiful and if Koharu-chan's not careful, Micchi may surpass her. Here begins the much missed Momusu rivalries again... ^_^

The inside pages

Mitsui's Solo Column

Just when you are surprised at hearing Micchi's performance in the previews of Morning Musume 32nd Single - "Egao Yes Nude" releasing on the 14th February, these pictures says it all.... she's got the looks that go with it.

There were other pages that I downloaded. Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki have to share a page for their columns, while the other girls are paired at 3 girls per column. Only Mitsui has a solo page for a column. The standard UFA "push the new girl" routine, of course.

I wish I have the time to translate the columns now. But no, I got to rush off for a ...err... attend to some personal stuff. Will be gone for the weekend, but in the meanwhile pls enjoy the pics. I'll be back to translate what it says, there were articles about the other Momusu members as well.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ogawa Makoto .... where are you?

One more before I hit the beds...

Source from WHG

Ogawa Makoto has graduated from Morning Musume to study language abroad. Where? We don't know. But there were many rumours of Mako-chan's current whereabouts.

Some say she's studying in New Zealand. While some say she's only there for vacation.

Some say she even came back to Japan for a while, and was spotted riding in a bullet train (wearing some strong perfume) and she's in a company of some guy.

And now... this.

Apparently this was posted on some girl's blog who lives in London. Is Mako-chan in London?

Paul Thomas.... Have you seen her lately in your neighbourhood? :)

Seems like a Korean Momusu blog community site.
Can anyone who knows Korean help us out here?
I managed to sniff out the original blog page here.

Anyways, that IS Mako-chan without make-up, for sure. Still lookin' cute though. ^_^

A commenter in WHG said a classmate of Mako-chan (from a certain private school she is currently atteding) somehow got a hold of this pic, and it is being circulated around. Apparently, she is definitely in New Zealand...
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Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia - PV Review

So I managed to download the PV from Hello! Online. My god,... the number of times I played the video has got to be the same as the times I played the song itself, if not more.

All the girls are strikingly beautiful, all in my favourite colour blue. Bamboo shoots, paper sheet windows, galls of water, lotus flowers... everything East Asian. Credit the editors for doing a great job on the presentation. The focus are still the girls, themselves. Iida Kaori - High dress cut, gorgeously sexy. Abe Natsumi - Womanly, but still cute. Goto Maki - Voluptuous, superstar quality. Niigaki Risa - Adult-like, sweet and beautiful. Kusumi Koharu - Refreshing, absolutely cute.

I haven't gone to the store yet, because of my busy schedule. I hope it's not all sold out yet.

It's late over here. So I'll update this post with the rest of the review with the screenshots later.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where the heck is Ai-chan?

Takahashi Ai is missing from the Hello! Morning show for 3 consecutive weeks. What happened to her?

7th January 2007 - Haromoni New Year Special. Missing from show. Why?
14th January 2007 - Haromoni Awards Special. She's in the concert but not available for comments?
21st January 2007 - Not in World Pucchi Game, not in Haro Bowling segment, not in the new Hello Project Channel corner. Why? Why? Why?

Is she being punished for something we don't know? Is she occupied with some solo activity?..... Is she on vacation(with family perhaps)?

It's times like this I wish the girls have their own personal blog like Gocchin....
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Niigaki Risa - the next push?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Niigaki Risa boom has come.

Some crazy points here, coming from a huge Gaki-san fan. Apologies in advance if this sounded bias.

Old news made new. Way back (I think a couple months) before Yossie's graduation announcement, read from somewhere that there were some 'insider' rumour from internal staffs, that Yoshizawa Hitomi, Fujimoto Miki and Takahashi Ai have their solo plans scheduled already. Was it true? Now Yossie's gone, two to go. When? This year? Next year? I don't know. But one thing's for sure, the year 2007 has to be Gaki-san's time to shine.

Sometimes I don't get UFA nor Tsunku's rationale. They have been pushing Tanaka Reina and Kusumi Koharu all this while, but lately it's Gaki-san have been getting some good spots. I'm guessing, Gaki-san is being pushed to the front in preparation to take the lead of Morning Musume once Mikitty and Takitty has graduated.

Firstly, flashback ->

Niigaki Risa was the one who "shined during the final studio recording", according to Tsunku. Actually, Gaki-san was not new to the media. Prior to joining Momusu she has done karaoke commercials with Tomy Corp. Even took part in a local fashion competition. There has been talks amongst Momusu fans over the net, that there were suspected connections between that competition and her possible chances in joining Momusu. As a result, she had a certain amount of following before she finally joined Momusu in 2001.

Initially, Tsunku did make use of Gaki-san's modelling experience for the Tin Tin Town Fashion programme. Even put her in Tanpopo along with Shibata Ayumi. But years gone by, Tsunku seemed to forgot the reason why he chose Gaki-san, and she barely have many opportunities. But then again, she was outshone by her peers(namely Takahashi Ai) and the Tsuji-Kago combo at that time.

After the graduation of Nono and Aibon, Gaki-san became more outspoken, and not afraid to speak her mind. And after the graduation of Ogawa Makoto and Konno Asami, Gaki-san gets more attention - from the management agency and from the fans.

I think I speak for everyone when I say Gaki-san has opened our eyes(and ears) and proved to us that she is well capable of carrying her own weight, with reference to her famous solo rendition of "Koe" in the internet-only programme "Hello Pro Hour".

Video Link

Other than that, here are some noteworthy track record of Gaki-san, since the mid of last year till now:

1) Most appeal time and appearance time in Hello! Morning. Appeared in ALL segments in a single episode at one point. (Variety segment, Pucchi Game, Zekkyu Commercial)

Don't underestimate the lure of the Haromoni show. Yes, the ratings have dropped somewhat compared to the golden years. But when any of the girls are not scheduled for other prime-time TV programs such as Waratte Itomo and Music Station, Haromoni is the next best available place for self-appeal.

2) Centre position and lead lines.

Morning Curry - 2006 Fuyu Fuyu Special

Thanks! Aruiteru 2006 Ambitious Version - Kouhaku

3) Lined up next to Yossie on position and lead lines. Whether it's the sequence of camera shots in Kouhaku, lead lines in the upcoming "Egao Yes Nude", or dance position, she is arranged to be next to Yossie at a lot of times. I wonder if this is deliberate, perhaps to signify anything at all. (Seems like my dream last week was trying to tell me something)

4) Of course, who could leave out the Momusu A-Team.

I had thought since in the "Bokura ga ikiru My Asia" jacket photo Gaki-san is positioned to the far side, opposite of Iida Kaori, she was going to be another flower-vase yet again.

But after watching the Haromoni on Sunday, it presented otherwise, they're not shy to present Gaki-san (along with Koharu-chan) at the same level with the golden girls Nacchi, Kaorin and Gocchin. If Tsunku's plan of expanding to the Asian market works, with Gaki-san's chinese-like look, she may become even popular.

All this while, Gaki-san knows her place and remained in the background supporting others when it's not her time. She is one young pro, who loves her job and her fans, and she deserves her share of the limelight someday.

I'm not trying to predict anything, or make any brave statement. Just noting that it has been a good year of 2006 for Niigaki Risa. And the year of 2007 has started with a big bang for her too.

Let's hope this little Momusu veteran of 6 years will finally show us the power of her "Mayuge Beam".

Thanks for reading. Peace ^_^
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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hello! Project - Duo Curse?!

Following up with the Hello! Project curses that I've written about, Although I do support the notion of having duo units in H!P... there's another curse that is working silently - "Duo curse".

We don't have lots of duos in Hello! Project, so there's probably two prominent ones that we can recall - DoubleU (W) and GAM. But consider this curse that always, one of them has been stricken with some kind of problem.

Members: Tsuji Nozomi + Kago Ai.
Problem: Kago Ai caught in smoking scandal

Members: Fujimoto Miki + Matsuura Aya
Problem: Ayaya down with temporomandibular athrosis

Observe.... is it always the person on the left? Not really, positions don't matter. If you haven't notice, there were other duo groups that escaped our eyes.

2nd Gen Country Musume = Kimura Asami + Toda Rinne; (Graduation)

Coconuts Musume = Ayaka + Mika Todd (Graduation)

Ecomoni = Michishige Sayumi + Ishikawa Rika; (Graduation)

So who's next? If you remember from my previous post, there is a unofficial duo group in the making.

I'll give you a hint:

... gosh! Which one is it going to be? Maybe Niigaki Risa?! *shock* Is that why she's on the A-Team?

Is it because Hello! Project or UFA are not good in maintaining/prolonging group units? So what is going to happen to Yossie's new group unit when she graduates??

......err... actually, pls don't take this post too seriously... just filling up the space for fun while I prepare tonight's post later.

Peace ^_^
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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Egao Yes Nude - Radio Rip Preview

Finally, got a hold of Morning Musume's 32nd single "Egao Yes Nude" ~ 笑顔YESヌード ~ from Hello!Online. It's a radio rip, but excellent quality. Special thanks to the uploader.

Get it here.

"Egao Yes Nude" is first single to feature the 8th generation member Mitsui Aika, and the last single to include Yoshizawa Hitomi. It will be released on Valentine's Day 14th February 2007.

At first, I wanted to write a post to poke at the weird title for a single. For a girl-group that holds the "clean image" close to their image, it was an unusual title, thought that it will draw the type of attention equivalent to "Iroppoi Jirettai". I guess it's one of those... you know, the result of some Japanese doing puns and play-on-words with their limited English.

After listening, I thought it was a nice song. I think the costume for the PV isn't going to be the same as the one we saw on the jacket photoshoot. As for the music genre, it's my kind music - fast paced, hip-pop music. I had thought that "Egao" is a ballad, since Tsunku chose Mitsui for her "languidness", but it seems he have high expectations for the rookie. Good for her!

So what we have here - lots of brass, synths, running bass... and of course the return of the "Tsunku ghost" (Or maybe it was somebody else). The lyrics... about some confused and love-hate feelings towards a certain guy. In other words, a typical Momusu material.

Although... forgive me for saying but... I can't help but notice similarities between "Egao" and Mihimaru GT's music. But then again, it's mainstream hip-pop.

The leads sounded like Fujimoto Miki, Tanaka Reina, Niigaki Risa and Kusumi Koharu. Funny, I couldn't detect Mitsui's lines in the song. There were parts of the song that I was thought it was her, but I wasn't sure. Maybe because I was looking for her nasal-like voice that I thought could be distinctive. Overall, seems like she blended in real nice.

I'm looking forward to watching the PV, and see how Mitsui fared on dancing, since even Tsunku acknowledged that her dancing was bad during the 8th gen audition. It will be interesting to see how this song fare on the Oricon charts, thought I don't have high hopes for it to reach the top spot. But, I have been wrong before... :) ^_^

UPDATE 10:46 A.M.:
JPH!P Forums has the color coded lyrics.

After looking at the line structure, it's the same as Morning Curry, overall a fairly good mix, with Yossie-Gakisan + Mikitty-Tettekette pair leads on verses....(!)
Reina, Koharu and Mitsui(I'm still looking for a nickname for her) handles the bridges.

More comments on this single by bloggers and news site, just go to Feed Of Pop.
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Friday, January 19, 2007

Momusu A-Team B-Side Single ~Juunen Ai~

Moving on!
Now, there many next most anticipated event and story within the Hello! Project family. Among them are graduations, new shows and new releases.... just like always.

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team (A-Team) single will be released next week on the 24th January. The news that the A-Team are "special supporters" for Dralion is true. I haven't watched their shows before, but I've heard good things about them. "Bokura ga Ikiru, My Asia", will also be the theme tune for Dralion.

However, I don't think the single "Bokura ga ikiru My Asia" is specifically written for Dralion. But the A-Team are supporters nonetheless, not surprising if they promote the song along with Dralion, to draw more attention to the single as part of their promotion strategies.

Anyway, I managed to get a hold of the B-side song of the single, 十年愛 or "Juunen Ai", which means "Love of 10 years".

Have a listen here. Found it from

It's different. Think "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" but this time listing the Momusu singles.

At first listen, the song seemed like a regular pop song. Bit of farucca, tango, and swing... kind of like Kaorin's solo works. But it's OK for a B-side. Until it reaches the verse after the 1st chorus. Then things started sound a little funny...

Japanese lyrics


Ai no kikai
juunen tatte mo suteki da wa
asa no kohii
zuibun mukashi no hanashi

... for those who know Japanese would probably have got the joke at this point. :)
If not, here's what it translates to:

Love Machine
still sounds cute even after ten years
Morning Coffee
now that's really an old story

Ai no kikai
- direct translation from Love Machine
(Ai = Love, Kikai = Machine)

Asa no kohii
- direct translation from Morning Coffee
(Asa = Morning, kohii = Coffee)

After that, the references become more and more obvious. Like "Aruiteru", "Koko ni Iruzee" etc. Especially this one...
osaka onna no roman
wow wow wow yeah yeah yeah
ai ga araba it's all right
marude shabondama

The last verse was pretty obvious :D
koi no dance shimashou
chokkan... manpower
happy summer wedding
... zenbu hairanai~~

And here's what it means...

Let's do the dance of love
Instinct, Manpower
Happy Summer Wedding
... Can't include them all~~

... Haha! that really cracked me up! :D

I spotted 12 of other song titles from this song, how about you?

It's funny how Tsunku tries to fit the single titles into the song but somehow trying to make it make sense lyrically. :) Now THIS is a proper 10th anniversary celebration song, and I enjoyed it very much. Long time fans or any fan who can recall past Momusu songs may find it amusing and entertaining.

This is such a cool single, A-side for the world, B-side for the existing fans. When the single comes out next week, I'll go get it off the shelf.

I wanted to post the full lyrics here but it's not finished yet. And I couldn't make out certain parts in the first verse and bridge.

EDIT: Ahhh~~!!! I give up!
Sorry I really can't make out some words on the first verse and bridge say/mean... and I don't want to mislead anyone who may take it for real. I guess I still need more studying to do.
SooooOOOOooo, I'll go for getting it off the shelf. Too much work. The rough draft is still hidden here. Will use it later for comparison purposes.
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Yoshizawa Hitomi's Brother - Goodbye and Closure

Just a little update on Yossie's case so I can move on.

Reportedly, the wake for Yossie's brother Kouta was on the 17th January. In addition to Yossie's parents, over 300 other people turned up, consisting of relatives, people from Yossie's management office (UFA), classmates from school(who wore school uniforms) and friends attended the wake, to pay their last respects, to the image of Kouta's smiling picture...

I'm sure our strong Yossie will be fine.
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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi - The "True Professional" Musume *UPDATED*

Date Published: 16th January 2007, 10:29 a.m.
Delayed post. Was busy at work. Apologies to those waiting for the update. Have included the translation from Nikkan Sports news. Scroll down to view or click here.. But first....

... While we have read nothing but praises from the news, I have read from somewhere else where some fans have expressed discontent, lashing at Yossie's decision to participate in the concert, and neglecting her family at this hour of grief. Some even added that probably the relationship and family ties with her own family had changed, because of her prolonged absence from being with the family.

Now, I have no right to change opinion of these people. For those reading this, who have that same opinion - please, hear me out...

Over the years, yes, we keep hearing rumours and stories about Yossie's unhappy relationship with her parents and stuff, .... but that's just what family is like. There's always fights, there's always bad times. But one thing's for sure that is common among the Momusu members and they have mentioned it many times in interviews - they find peace and a place of solitude within their own family, repeatedly quoting "there's no place like home".

For those still in doubt, it is reported by Nikkan Sports news that Yossie DID return home in time to attend the funeral. PLUS the wake and other ceremonies as well.

Please continue give Yoshizawa "Yossie" Hitomi the best support you can. She needs it and feels it right now, more than you ever know. ^_^

Here is a forum is dedicated to Yossie (You will need to sign up) - Hitomi_Heaven.


Date Published: 15th January 2007, 10:59 a.m.

Yesterday's Hello Project 2007 Winter Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro concert that is held today on the 14th January at Osaka. 「ハロー!プロジェクト2007 Winter~ワンダフルハーツ乙女Gocoro~」 was over, went really well. Yoshizawa Hitomi displayed the ultimate poise of a professional in the music biz - Did not cry and did not mention about the accident, gave her best with smiles all the way.... I'm so proud I'm going to cry right now... (T-T) ~~ Yossie! Yossie! ~~. Yossie never let us down, but I know we will offer our best support to her as well... (^-^)/ Cue-in "Aruiteru"

I'm in the office working right now, cannot translate the news clips yet. I'll do it when I get home. In the meantime, you can read the news and other links below.

You will find some news about the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team in there in the Japan Zone site (in English) as well. Yes, Morning Musume are supporters..... yet again. This time for the Dralion. The Morning Musume 10th A-Team (Yeah, I'll call them the A-Team from now on) is a "special supporter", not official supporter.

Source from Japan Zone
Yossi's a True Pro

Morning Musume leader Yoshizawa Hitomi (21) is a true professional. Yesterday, she made a scheduled concert appearance with the dozens of other Hello! Project members despite the recent tragic death of her younger brother. The 26-song set went ahead as planned, with the pink-clad Yoshizawa making reference only to how sad she was about her planned "graduation" from Morning Musume in May. She is currently the longest-serving member of the group, having joined in 2000. Word of her personal tragedy had spread among the 2,400 fans at the Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan hall, and they shouted their encouragement. But reporters were told that she would not be answering any questions about the tragedy after the concert. 16-year-old Yoshizawa Hirota was killed in a traffic accident last Thursday.

Other readings and news clips:
News from Suponichi
Also read this, Ikimasshoi has the translations from Sanspo news

News from Nikkan Sports
Morning Musume Yossie Finishes Singing Without Tears

Morning Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi's (21 yrs old) brother Yoshizawa Kouta (lived 16 yrs) who died from traffic accident, appeared as sheduled for the Hello! Project spring concert on the 14th at Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan hall. Initially the management office had considered to cancel, but she expressed her participation on the 13th. In the end, finished her singing without tears. Approximately 10 minutes after the end of the show, the troupe returns to Tokyo from the event location, in complete fulfillment of her leader duties.

After the end of the show, the fans did not leave, and while facing at the stage where the curtain has descended, cheers of "Yossie~~!" is heard. All for Yoshizawa, who announced her graduation news, while facing with the sad news of lost brother. It was the return of favor from the Osaka fans. Yoshizawa prepares her return to Tokyo while listening to these voices.

10 minutes after the completion of the 2 night performances, 3 hour and a half of stage, quickly (Yoshizawa) returns to Tokyo where her brother is waiting.

At the start of the concert, Yoshizawa exclaimed with a loud voice. "Yoshizawa Hitomi will graduate at the end of the spring tour. No matter what, we would like to make this concert a big success. Everyone, let's proceed and enjoy it!". Similar to the past performances, repeated her habit of saying "Let's enjoy".
Even while struggling with unfathomable sadness inside, it did not take away her smiling face and the nature of a professional entertainer. Without touching on the subject of Kouta's tragic news, tried hard to show her white toothpaste smile.

Yoshizawa at this day entered the event location at 10 a.m.. According to insiders, she attended the rehearsal on road to performance as usual. As previously agreed with the management office, it is decided/verified to not include the news Kouta's quick demise into the show. Even the members (of Momusu) did not discuss the news. Crying untill the preceding day, even though it is difficult to stand out in public, but in the end (Yoshizawa) rode the atmosphere while standing before the Osaka fans.

At the end of the nationwide tour at 6th of May (Saitama Super Arena), where it becomes the last stage as Momusu, and "keeping it up as leader until spring", just as promised. Ichiro Higuchi who watching over all this (35 yrs old, office worker) was impressed and said "Without any difference, a smiling face just like always. Although unfortunate, she has shown us her energy(power) above all professionalism."

On the same day, Yoshizawa Hitomi returned to Tokyo and attended the wake, funeral rites, and farewell ceremony(burial) inside the capital, at the beginning of the week.

15th January 2007, 8:32 a.m.

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi - more news and clippings on Osaka performance

Got more news clippings and news source from the net, about Yoshizawa Hitomi's participation in the Hello Project 2007 Winter Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro concert that is held today on the 14th January at Osaka, alongside with Viiyuden.「ハロー!プロジェクト2007 Winter~ワンダフルハーツ乙女Gocoro~」, despite being obviously devastated over the news of her brother, Kota's death in a car accident.

Basically, most contents are basically the same. It's the part where they even included references about "Yoshizawa Hitomi who took over as Morning Musume leader after Mari Yaguchi's sex scandal" that I do not understand. Leave that to the past already, dammit!

In summary, the management office mentions that it is harsh to have Yossie appear on stage under such circumstances, and considering the current emotional state of the family it is better to stop work until she settles down. However, the show must go on, but being unable to contact Yossie to discuss her participation status, they have informed Yossie's relatives to inform her to not force herself.

But Yossie's strong sense of responsibility as leader of Morning Musume, responded with comments like "want to stand up on that stage", "wanting to participate just as scheduled" and "want to appear to the fans in Osaka properly" and announce about her graduation from her own lips. It is these thoughts she is determined of her decision - but that will mean that she will be unable to attend the funeral. And they respected her decision.

Message to UFA and UFW:
Behold, this loyalty and responsibility displayed by Yossie. I implore the management office at UFA and UFW, to better give her some good treatment after her graduation. You will not regret it.


News clippings taken from uploader site and news from various source:

Sports Hochi - 報知@九州7版
News source from Sports Hochi

Suponichi Annex - スポニチ@九州9A版
News source from Suponichi Annex

Nikkan Sports - 日刊記事
News source from Nikkan Sports
News from Yahoo! Headlines - Source from Nikkan Sports

Osaka Sports Nippon - 大阪スポニチ

Nikkan Kyushuu - ニッカン@九州6版

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Yoshizawa Hitomi is taking part of concert in Osaka TODAY!!!!

I just woke this morning and found another shocking news. Thanks to WHG and Aqua ~アクア~ for the headsup.

News from Nikkan Sports, states that Yoshizawa Hitomi decided on her own, that she will be taking part in the Momusu concert scheduled in Osaka today after all!

Professionalism? Not only that, my friends... that's courage, deep sense of responsibility, and love for us fans.

What do you think about Yossie's decision?

For me, she has she won my heart all over again... She is probabaly afraid of affecting the work of her fellow members, and many more UFA staffs, promoters and others. Reshuffling members to fill in her missing position would have been a big headache.

But I wonder about the reaction of the fans in that concert. And the psyche of Yossie while she is performing. I imagine at least some amount of changes in the performance listing should be in place. My heart goes out to her...

I'm going for my Sunday Mass now, to say my prayers to Yossie again.

Source from Nikkan Sports.

Yoshizawa Hitomi, whose brother, Kota (lived 16 years) died in a vehicular accident, taking priority of her responsibility as leader of Morning Musume decided to take part of the performance in Osaka on the 14th. Considering the mental shock caused, although the management office decided to cancel the show, Yoshizawa personally requested that "I want in". Unable to attend to the funeral of her younger brother, please read about the onstage atmosphere and on "Yossie"'s determination, on the 14th with Nikkan Sports.





Note: This news on Nikkan Sports was posted on the night of 13th January.

Source from WHG
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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi's brother dies in a car accident...

Just over a week after Yoshizawa Hitomi's announcement about her graduation from Morning Musume..... this happens.

Included some rough translation from the news clip below:

On the 11th January 2007, Yossie's brother, Kota, was involved in a vehicular accident and died. Apparently he was crossing the street on a bicycle through the pedestrian crossing at a traffic light stop, and got knocked down by a car from his right. Suffered (internal) injuries to the head. He was sent to the hospital by another car but died soon after. He was 16 years old.

The driver that knocked him down was a 20 year old student, and suffered minor injuries himself. The police have apprehended him for further investigation. It was reported that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol, nor does he have a passenger with him. Although he was shaken from the incident, he answered all questions by the police with honesty.

Initial conclusion by the police - the cause of the accident was that driver had ignored the traffic light. But will further interview bystanders and witnesses for more information. Also will check the security cameras for more info.

Yossie have mentioned about his brother of 5 years junior. At times introduced him and her other younger brother (8 years younger) to her radio shows, and events. Also said that although he was troublesome and mischievous (cutting her hair when she was asleep), she said that she's "angry at him at times, but he's still 'kawaii'".

Her brothers, while brought up being referred to as "Yossie's Brother" by their classmates, still they did not take advantage of it to get special treatment. And for that they were adored.

Yossie's work for the day on the 11th was cancelled. Her parents and herself, devastated over the news, did not give further comments.

The UFA staff and management under the shocking news, made no official comments about the schedule of Morning Musume concert in Osaka.


I have only one thing to say when the news broke: "Fuck..."

Some motorists in Japan are fucked-up idiots. Two years ago, my younger sister and her best friend got knocked down by a car in Japan too... even though they were cycling in a pedestrian lane. (She's recovered now, but bear scars from the accident.) That is why I know how Yossie is feeling right now. Yes, bad luck is bad luck. But some things can be avoided if you can and want to.

You don't know how long it took for me to draft this post. I truly feel for Yossie. My utmost condolences and best regards to Yossie and her family. Will be going to church tonight, and I will send my prayers for her, her family and friends.

Man... It's a curse... I felt bad publishing that post. Will take a break from blogging till... later.

News from Nikkan Sports.
News video clip by Nikkan Sports highlighted by WHG.

News from Yahoo News - 13 January 2007.

1月13日9時54分配信 日刊スポーツ


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Thursday, January 11, 2007

A New Morning Musume Curse?

With the graduation of Morning Musume's Yoshizawa Hitomi, the last of the "Golden Age" Morning Musume lineup is now finally gone.

Ahh, that picture above sure brings back memories and feelings of nostalgia. And knowing that we cannot turn back the sands of time brings a tear to the corner of my eye... :(

Many of long time Morning Musume fans remember the infamous "Love Machine Curse", one that even Iida Kaori brought up on a Yasuda Kei graduation special in a Utaban show.

The sequence of graduations goes like this ->


And in the end, the curse holds true, and they REALLY graduated in that exact order. And another eerie trivia added to the Momusu history. A coincidence? Or a "Final Destination"-like Grim Reaper is stalking for a payback on the girls' most successful single ever?

Later, Ray of Cult of Pop and pressed his luck further to predict another "curse" with a Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~ Curse after the graduation of Konno Asami and Ogawa Makoto.

Where the possible sequence could very likely be like this ->


.... or whatever sequence you can think of. The first to graduate in this instance was Konno Asami, followed by Ogawa Makoto.

CJ Marsicano of "Stuck in a Pagoda with Motoko Aoyama" strongly disagrees with this curse. Michishige Sayumi seems to be the least likely Momusu member to graduate at this point, and the only way I could think of is by way of another Friday scandal. But at least he should be happy that his future wife Tanaka Reina will always be the last or second last to graduate no matter how you try to rearrange the order of this curse. Of course, the graduation of Yossie have broken this curse anyway, and he seemed pleased as he poked fun at Ray.

Nay... tis' not "Chokkan 2 Curse". That single is not a very highly acclaimed song, nor does it have a record breaking sales anyway. If the devil wants to play, he may choose another -> "Rainbow 7 Curse"!!!

Where the sequence goes anti-clockwise from twelve-o-clock onwards ->


....Well, OK...Yeah I know... Konkon graduated first before Mako-chan.... yeah... but it was initially supposed to be a double graduation, but Konkon left the group on an earlier date because she had an entrance examination dateline to catch. And this was the closest picture I can find. :P

Arguably the least successful Morning Musume album (in my personal view), "Rainbow 7" garnered a lukewarm response at best. There were a few great songs in that album, of course, and I've read lots of praises about this album, but it didn't break any records and didn't make a loud impact. What a shame. And to think that Kusumi "Miracle" Koharu was supposed to help them increase Momusu's lure. Which brings me to my next point.

Next one to be Kusumi Koharu? Possible. She's not a lotta help to the current Momusu lineup and have been doing more non-Momusu related projects anyway. Since, she already have her fanbase established, so she may be graduated early to be assigned to more anime projects. This way, UFA can break into the anime scene further - a world that they have been trying to enter, and also a world that is dominated by their rival Avex. Unless Koharu is assigned to be Mitsui Aika's mentor of course. But then again, there have been rumours circulating that the mentor for Mitsui was going to be a 6th gen member again... and that person is Fujimoto Miki! :D

So... once again... we'll just wait and see.

Peace ^_^
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A strange dream on Yossie's graduation concert

Yesterday, I felt better, flu is gone and headache's better. But last night's I had a strange dream, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I had to blog this from office, in case I forget.

I have had many dreams on Hello! Project members before but this one is a bit... strange. Had to share it.

I dreamt that I attended the last day of the Morning Musume Concert Tour 'Sexy 8 Beat', from a 3rd person perspective (Yeah, I'm aware that I was dreaming). The girls were looking stunning in what looked like a merge of Indian-esque "Morning Curry" costume and 2007 Winter concert. I've never been/seen the Saitama Super Arena, but I didn't notice the surroundings anyway. Anyway, I didn't remember how the whole concert went, but I vividly remember the part where each of the members was supposed to give the graduating member a message, following their long time tradition.

Yoshizawa Hitomi was standing at the left side of the stage, wearing the biggest smile while waiting for the comments from her fellow members. First up was Niigaki Risa, looking beautiful as ever. Donned a Puffy-like hairstyle and seemed like she put on some weight, made her look sexy and good to eat. :) Gaki-san holding a mic with her right hand and a note on the other.

She approached Yossie and stood there looking at her with teary eyes for a while. After an age, she spoke (In Japanese): "I have a lots of things to say... but there's something I'd like to bring up." And with that last sentence, she removed her smile and eyed Yossie bashfully. Yossie seemed to sense her hidden meaning, and stopped smiling as well. Gaki-san continued "You DO know what I was going to say, right?". Yossie pressed her lips and nodded, then lowered the mic and asked something non-audible. Gaki-san replied "Yes, that's the one. And about Mako-chan too... Well?". Yossie gave another non-audible reply to which Gaki-san responded with a nod and a soft "Okay...". Then Gaki-san turned and walked to backstage.

Then I heard the MC announcing something like "... Err.... and that was Niigaki Risa's message... so... will the next member give her farewell message?"

Then all the remaining members gathered at the centre. With Michishige Sayumi standing in the middle, the others began to circle around her, skipping and prancing. Sayu then random holds up her finger and points... at Kusumi Koharu. Then Koharu walked up to Yossie, while the others stepped back to the background. Koharu flashed her cutest smile at Yossie, whose mood seemed to lighten up now. Koharu also held up a note and read from it. She expressed her thanks and shared some stories about Yossie, among other things. But halfway through, she crouched down at the steps, and wept. I could see Koharu struggling to regain her composure and hold back her tears.

After that, all remaining members began to approach Yossie, who looked at each of them in return............ then I woke up. Seems like my R.E.M. time is over.

* * * * *

A strange dream indeed, and I don't know what to make of it. I analyzed it for a long time........ and came up with a few reasons:

- Gaki-san and Yossie were never close friends offstage. Never even exchanged mails. Just comrades in Morning Musume. In fact, I don't recall many televised interactions between the two. Maybe somewhere in the midst of it, I assumed that Gaki-san may be harbouring a hidden feelings towards Yossie, secretly. Good or bad feelings? Romantic feelings perhaps? I don't know... (Note: Gaki-san's solo rendition of "Koe" at Hello Pro Hour was playing in the background at this point... ^_^)

- The mention of Mako-chan (Ogawa Makoto)? I don't know either... I admit that I still feel lost over the sudden leave of Mako-chan. Probably that was to represent my suppressed sadness over the news. Really, Yossie should have given Mako-chan more attention back then.

- Koharu?... Why not Kamei Eri? Why not Takahashi Ai? Perhaps, subconsciously, I have started to have stronger feelings towards her... please, God don't let this be true...

- Finally on Michishige Sayumi... I know why. Honestly, she have slowly moved up my ranks within the Morning Musume. Even have a drafted article about her in which I will post up later.

..... You know, I should keep a dream journal. In case, I dream of anything else... ^_^
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