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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bold but Hopeless Prediction of Kago Ai's return

10th February 2007

That's exactly one year from the date of the suspension of W(DoubleU) and Kago Ai. The only logical, rounded period that I can conclude. It's baseless though, but when I think of the date which is 3 days before Valentine's Day and 3 days after Kago Ai's birthday, it sounded like a nice time.

Here's something I have noticed lately, which triggered the writing of this post:

We all know Tsuji Nozomi's personal craze over ribbons, and she had wearing her famous "Mickey Mouse"-like double high pigtails so she can tie ribbons on it. A while after Kago Ai's and W's suspension, she had only 1 pigtail, as seen on her current appearances and her internet-only programme "Curious Nono".
Possibly signifying the absence of Nono's partner? Nono's way of personal protest on the suspension?

However, since the 1st of December this month, Nono had reverted back to double pigtails again on her show.
A sign of things to come? The return of Aibon? Does Nono know something we don't...?

I looked this as a premonition of sorts. Yeah, it's a little weak. But at this point, I accept signs of any sort. (Forget about the single pigtail that Nono wore on this week's Hello! Morning show. The timeline may not be true, and the recording may have taken place many weeks before.)

In other news,...rumours have been flying around about UFA preparing the re-release of W's third album, with the possible return of Kago Ai next year. Sounds like the Nara dinner show rumour, but at least something is better than nothing.

Another thing. That link in Hello! Project official site is bugging the hell outta me. It's still lingering there, and I still do not believe it's a housekeeping error made by the webmaster.


I know this may seem funny to some of you guys reading this. Sounds hopeless, but it's the way I can keep my hopes up. The time may come, where my prediction is off-target, and I'm staring at this post in dismay. But at least, I've done something. I have put up a countdown timer on the sidebar, to see if I'm right.... or if I'm wrong. (Yup, I've definitely lost my mind! ^_^)

In the meantime, will continue to regularly traverse the Japanese sites, patrol the net, and checking the Japanese news press sites for any sort of info. Have assigned a ... err... "informant" in Japan (my sis) to keep things in check as well. So we'll see what happens...

If any of you guys hear or found anything, please do not hesitate to leave a comment here on your findings.

Now, all we have to do is keep praying...

Peace ^_^


Anonymous said...

LOL @ your new countdown thing in the sidbar :)

paul.thomas said...

it's as good as any prediction i've heard, im keeping my fingers crossed

Radicalpatriot said...

To bring Aibon back, pair her up again with Nono and blow it up for February which is a dead month for pretty much anything else would be the perfect PR coup and a brutal record-seller. But will Tsunku be smart enough to orchestrate this?

erkies said...

lets us all pray!
i miss aibon..

Umair said...

I just love to see Aibon back again. she's been missed

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