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Friday, December 01, 2006

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Celebration... but what about Aibon?

Ikimasshoi reported that on 24th January 2007, Morning Musume will release a “10th Anniversary Party Single” to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Morning Musume, and Hello! Project too. This was reported by their source Centuryland that on Tower Records page, all Morning Musume past and present will be back to record it.... including Kago Ai!
Source here.

The statement goes like this:

To celebrate their 10 year anniversary MM, is releasing a single. The former generations are coming together for a massive unit. Ai Kago will return from her long hiatus for this single. There are plans for a 2nd and 3rd release with this unit and this unit has plans for a concert. Keep your eyes wide open for Morning Musume in 2007!


Is it true? Aibon is coming back??

I'm skeptical, once again. Yes, UFA is well known to release news about their activity months before the actual release date. (Rival companies always make use of this to counter UFA strategies)

However, there are 3 points of doubt:
1) That statement was made by a user (allegedly, going by the name "zetima"), who commented on the user review section of the Morning Musume 32nd Single product page. It could very well be just anybody.
2) If it was true, the Japanese BBS and Kago Ai fansites will be in absolute havoc over this information. But they are absolutely quiet. Some are hopeful about it, but still skeptical. They know what's going on.
3) Future projects and shows still do not include Kago Ai as a performer. Like the Morning Musume Secret Festa . The campaign ends 31st December 2006, and the show begins on 11th March 2007.

It is well known, about the accuracy of information posted on Tower Records product reviews and comments. But that user comment was removed now. Be hopeful, guys. Make your guesses, but don't take it as official news ..... yet. ^_^

Aibon's case aside, this is an interesting project. Imagine, all members past and present coming back together. Well, actually, we already saw that in last year's Kouhaku New Year show. All old and new Momusu members came back together, which was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime performance of "Love Machine". This time the member list will be:

Nakazawa Yuko
Abe Natsumi
Iida Kaori

Yaguchi Mari
Yasuda Kei

Goto Maki

Tsuji Nozomi
Yoshizawa Hitomi
Ishikawa Rika

Niigaki Risa
Takahashi Ai

Fujimoto Miki
Kamei Eri
Tanaka Reina
Michishige Sayumi

Kusumi Koharu

[8th Gen member]

Who else' missing? Will that include Kago Ai? What about Ishiguro Aya, Ichii Sayaka, and Fukuda Asuka? And of course, Konno Asami and Ogawa Makoto?

Pengie is already half-right about:
There will be another H!P-wide single (like "One For All...")

Good lordy, some other voodoo predictions that she made may ring true once again. :)

Start praying, peoples...^_^

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paul.thomas said...

I would like to hope that it's true, purely on the basis that it would mean the return of Kago...and if she stays on, the return of W and the release of the 3rd album that I had pre-ordered so long in advance for!

....also how awesome would the PV be for it??!!!!!

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