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Friday, December 08, 2006

What if Aibon does not want to come back?

OK, here we go. Another blog post about Aibon. This blog should really be sub-described as a Kago Ai fansite. ^_^

Faramir pointed out an interesting take on Kago Ai's suspension case in his recent comment.

(I'm guessing your other nick is Faraithi?)

It's something worth discussing about. Forgive me that I did not participate in the forums and respond there, I just don't have the time to do so. And Faramir, please do not misunderstood that I'm having a go at ya, apologies in advance if you feel offended. Peace ^_^

In summary, from the entries at JPH!P Forums and Kakko-II Forum, some of the guys there are starting to feel that Kago Ai may not want to come back after all. And that it's fine even if Aibon decides to be stay-at-home homemaker. If she is happy the way she is, they will be happy too. Faraithi in particular, thinks that Aibon won't be back next year, at least not before Aibon turns 20. They have furthermore recalled on Aibon's other pursuit in songwriting. Don't mind me saying that while some of them guys there are hopeful, some already given up waiting, or being more pessimistic on Aibon's case. Ah, it's come to that phase already, has it? :)

Before anyone starts jumping and shouting "What?! But we want her BACK! Pronto!" or "Well, of course she wants to back!", it's fair to think that such thing may happen. So what if Aibon doesn't want to come back, that she is tired of the music industry, and that she may enjoy staying at home and helping out with family chores? It's perfectly fine by me, really. If we are to be a true fan of Aibon, we should respect whatever decision she makes, so long that she is happy with it and we should support her too. (What's really annoying to me is that we have close to zero news about her current status.)

The part about being tired of the music industry, I will discuss in a separate post.

I don't know if our Kago-chan wants to quit the entertainment biz. But what's certain that she is still affiliated with Hello! Project, though not active. And there are many points of suspicion.

Now, suppose that Aibon does not want to come back and that she is content the way she is now, she would have come to an agreement with UFA and leave with immediate effect. It's possible to do that. Why wait till almost a year? The fact that her profile is still in Hello! Project official site, possibly suggests that Aibon is still holding back on her decision and may want to come back later. Suspensions costs UFA money. Even if it's about her contract, I'm sure they will find ways to remove her legally if they want to. Just my personal opinion... ^_^

Coming back won't harm Aibon's career, really. In fact, having a scandal in your resume can be another form of self PR and can be sort of a "colourful trivia". Take Inagaki Goro of SMAP for instance, his arrest in 2001 for turning a vehicle parking violation into a hit-and-run incident, was all the news in all the fan's mouths. After his public apology, his crime became nothing but a simple trivia in his profile.

While waiting for any development news on Kago Ai's situation, why not go stroll around the Berryz Koubou, C-ute and other Hello! Project factions. It's a good time to start noticing the other girls,... before they start leaving. :)

So what do you think? Do you think Aibon does not want to come back after all?


Faramir, said...

"So what do you think? Do you think Aibon does not want to come back after all?"

I think Aibon is probably undecided herself...I also think UFA is probably undecided as well...

What I'm not sure about is whether Aibon is still getting paid while being suspended; if she is, then maybe she can afford to remain suspended for as long as possible and enjoy her freedom, but if she isn't, then she should be mature and sensible enough to know that if she doesn't die, sooner or later, she'll have to go out to work and earn a living...unless she or her parents are already quite rich, which I doubt; I think her family (including herself) is probably just middle-class, like most other Japanese families.

I think, if Aibon can't find anything better to do, she'll probably decide to return to H!P or to the entertainment industry (if UFA does not accept her back). I believe all of H!P would be overjoyed if Aibon were to return; the only obstacles seem to be UFA and Aibon herself and the constant fear that Aibon may backslide to her smoking ways or some paparazzi may slander or calumniate her again...I can't think of anything else because I believe Tsunku and the other members of the H!P family should have forgiven her by now, and her return should bring them encouragement, to say the least.

And I think I must also mention Tsuji because she doesn't seem to be capable of being a soloist, like Gottsan or Ayaya or Coconuts Ayaka; I simply can't picture Tsuji becoming known as W Nono from now on for the rest of her career; so if Aibon does not return before her (Aibon's) 20th birthday, I wouldn't be surprised if Tsunku enlists Tsuji back into MoMusu, at least for one year (personally, I'd rather have Tsuji back in MoMusu than any of the 8th generation finalists). And then, if Aibon returns after her 20th birthday, W might resume their showbiz activities; if not, Tsuji may just continue as a MoMusu member.

Personally, I think this smoking issue is really quite complicated because I can't honestly put the blame on any one person or company or even Japanese culture in general; there are good reasons for Aibon's suspension and there are also bad reasons and nobody deserves 100% of the blame.

*sigh* I think this Aibon Smoking Scandal is just another one of life's paradoxes...We'll just have to wait and see...and pray...and hope for the best, and most important of all, hope that Aibon is happy...

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Well said, my friend.

People learn from mistakes. I think Aibon has learnt a valuable lesson from this, as well as UFA has learned from this whole scandal on handling artistes under its wing.

And yes, once again, we'll just have to wait and see... won't we? :)

Peace ^_^

Faramir, said...

"And yes, once again, we'll just have to wait and see... won't we? :)

Peace ^_^"

Yup! And in the meantime, we can always try to relive some of Aibon's best moments by starting with:

YouTube - (OPV) The Peace! Sailor suit AIBON Special

And 2 of my personal favourite Aibon or W OPVs are:

YouTube - Tsuji Nozomi & Kago Ai - Highlights -


YouTube - OPV-AI KAGO-OPV_旅人

Faye said...

I want here back.
I love her so much.
I find myself watching moring musume and W like all the time on my computer.
And I bought w's first cd and listen to it all the time.
I hope she will come back soon.
Oh I'll togo japan myself and find her.
AIbon come back.
Well its not my choice.
But I bet thousands of girls whould love to take her place.

Anonymous said...

Aibon's smoking controversy couldn't have come at a worse time, and things look rather grim.

- The fact that Upfront Management has decided on an "indefinite suspension" strongly suggests that a reinstatement is nowhere near. There have been no concert announcements that might involve her through February 2007.

- The indefinite suspension occurred as during a time when Japanese authorities are cracting down on underage smoking, a campaign that has involved considerable investment. Upfront Management may feel as if there's an image issue if she's reinstated before he's legally eligible for smoking.

- Smoking is an addiction, and papparazzi will be aggressively following Aibon. How would it look if she smokes again in public? Management may regard this as an unnecessary risk.

For these and other reasons, I suspect that Aibon will not be singing again wtih W until one year from now, when she turns 20 (Japan's legal smoking age). At that point, her smoking wouldn't make a difference. Of course, I would greatly prefer that she be reinstated without delay, but there's a stern, almost litigious side to the Japanese entertainment business that doesn't inspire hope.

Continue blogging and writing. You never know what might make a difference.

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