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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Morning Musume Happy 8 Audition Blues 3 - Finale

Morning Musume Happy 8 Audition Blues 3 - Finale
Episode 3: Shin menba keitei!

Alrighty then... Morning Musume 8th Generation intake has been finally been decided. It's ...


Mitsui Aika!

.... and that's it.

*cymbals dropping* *snare drums rolling down the stage.*
(Deja vu? Sounds like I typed this before. ^_^)

Yup... That's it. Only one. Hitori dake. Zhi you yi wei. Hanya seorang sahaja. Nur ein. Solamente uno......

I think I am the least surprised among my buddies who heard the news. However, wherever I turn, I see angry, disappointed and upset fans over this decision made by Tsunku. They had hope for more than only one chosen for this intake. But as I mentioned before, with reference to the 8th generation audition posters that we have been looking at for a long time - Tsunku pick was only ONE.
Also, this audition had only 128 girls making it past the first round to choose from. It's only fair that Tsunku choose only one. Having more will only downgrade the worth for each girl. Plus, Tsunku had said before that he didn't want to add too many members Morning Musume anymore (back when the total had come to 15 or so).

Overall, I AM happy that Mitsui Aika gets chosen. I knew many weeks earlier since the first round elimination, that her chances were high, but I didn't know she'd make it.

Strange that at this time, Hello! Project official site had not updated its site about this. I thought they'd be the first to announce it... :)

My first impression on Mitsui Aika since the first round audition is strong. She had the weirdest voice, but the most bashful smile and cute look about her. Man, she still had her braces and still dared to audition. Tsunku remembers her alright, his comment on her hair was too funny.

Anyhow, I think it's a good decision. And we all should be happy about it. I had my doubts about Kusumi Koharu when she made the 7th audition last time. I'm still not a Koharu fan, but I think she's doing pretty well. I hope for the same for Mitsui, and hope that she can help bring Morning Musume back into the "in" group again. Well done and congratulations, Mitsui Aika!

The only question that is circling my head: Is it true that Mitsui was already chosen during the final 6? I find that to be quite true. Observe the picture below:

Yup... The only finalist where the interview took place in a recording studio.

At this point, I am quizzed by the timeline of the footages that the Haromoni show wants us to believe... hmm...

Guess who skipped the final day of the 8th gen audition, and turned up at the Avex 2006 audition?
Masuda Ayami

Heck, she even wore the same T-shirt when she auditioned for Momusu 8th gen. Lucky T-shirt huh? BUt... deja vu? I remember back when Koda Kumi auditioned for the 4th Gen, then went over to Avex too. The difference is that Koda did not make it to the final round. Could we be seeing another Koda Kumi vs Golden Age Morning Musume in the making...?


Craig said...

Hmm... if they're tormenting girls they know they are not going to choose that is bad.

What happens if after she takes off her braces she just sounds normal? LOL joke...

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Gosh... that could happen!
I have never worn braces... so i don't know if a person sounds different with/without 'em.... :)

But yeah, it seem unfair to other girls if the decision had already been made, yet allow them to participate till the end so that they can't shoot some television footage.

Kagimoto Y.y said...

I'm read your comment in the Hello! online forums
and I watched the haromoni today.
when I knew that they have 6 to go to final
I focus on Sumire and Ayami. But tsunku made me upset(ayami made me upset too) That he chose only 1 person that is Aika! that I didn't focus on her too much and I think her voice when she's talking is io strange that's because of her braces!
so your blog is great I will visit again!

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for comment, kagimoto. Please do visit again. ^_^

Anonymous said...

um...j/w but is there like a way to know when their holding the 9th aud?

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