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Friday, December 29, 2006

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Single - Title and Jacket

Note: This post has been long overdue, but due to the recent earthquake have damaged our network connections in East Asia, and I have been unable to go online without experiencing slowness or zero connectivity. So right now, I will be having difficulty updating my blogs until the connection has been fully restored. I hope the earthquake victims are doing OK...

The official title of Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Celebration Single is:

僕らが生きる MY ASIA
Bokura ga ikiru MY ASIA ( Literally meaning "We're Alive My Asia" or "My Asia, Where We Live" )

Here are the jacket images:

The positioning are as follows:
Niigaki Risa, Goto Maki, Abe Natsumi, Kusumi Koharu, Iida Kaori

I must say that the whole image of the group is fantastic. The blue theme, long flowing hair...etc. Delighted to see Niigaki Risa finally getting to share the spotlight in a shuffle with other big stars of Hello! Project.

Tsunku has mentioned before, after the selection of the new 8th member in Morning Musume Happy 8 Audition, and after the setup of his new company TNX, that he aims for Asia as next market. And with what I see in the single's jacket photo, I think it's pretty good so far. Heh, the motivation for world domination has always been in the hearts of any ambitious Japanese, eh?

There were many speculations on how this team was formed. As recently highlighted by commenter it is to represent the original 5 Momusu members, by matching the age.

Abe Natsumi / Iida Kaori ===> Nakazawa Yuko
Goto Maki ===> Ishiguro Aya
Kusumi Koharu ===> Fukuda Asuka
Niigaki Risa ===> Abe Natsumi / Iida Kaori

Back to basics? Reintroducing Morning Musume to the world?

[ Will update this portion later. ]

I am definitely looking forward for this single, and see how it turns out. If in fact, it is going back to the basics and following the style of the original members, I'm expecting some harmonizing bits. The jacket photo suggests that it may be an fast-tempo song, but then again, it may turn out to be another "Aruiteru", where the photos and the song doesn't have to relate.

So, we'll just wait and see...

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