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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team Lineup.... Bleh~~

[ UPDATED 09-12-2006 3:27AM ]
The lineup for the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Special Unit for 24th January 2007 has been announced a few days ago. And they are :

Iida Kaori
Abe Natsumi
Goto Maki
Kusumi Koharu

..... and that's it.
*twang* *blappp* (cymbals cracks and snare drum breaks)

I was going "WHAT??" over the announcement. Only four of them? Why?

If it was the Ace Team, .... OK, so Nacchi was the first Momusu Ace, and then came second gen ace Gocchin, and third gen ace Koharu... then why Kaorin is in?

If it was Good Singers Team ... Kaorin rocks anytime, Nacchi goes without saying, Gocchin is OK.... then why Koharu is in?

Plus, 3 of them are graduated members. What? Ai-chan not good enough as an Ace? What about Mikitty? And Golden Age girl, and now-leader Yossie?

I seriously don't get why the lineup is such. Though I can understand why they didn't want to have the whole Momusu army (past and present) to form the unit. (Because they have already done that in last year's Kohaku show, and mentioned that it was supposed to be the once-in-a-lifetime event)

Apologies to all Koharu fans, but I really don't see why she should be in that group. It's reminds me of DEF DIVA, supposedly an elite songstress unit, comprising of nice singing divas. So we have Matsuura Aya, Goto Maki, Abe Natsumi... but Ishikawa Rika?
I just don't see how Koharu can cope with the other 3 legends, in terms of singing.

I'm sorry but I'm totally disappointed. The fact I don't get to see Ishiguro Aya or Ichii Sayaka come back. And the fact that lineup does not comprise of Momusu girls that have defined, supported and built the Momusu legacy that we know. It's the 10th anniversary, shouldn't the group be something commemorable? Why does UFA have to build another popularity crutch for Koharu again?

OK, if UFA won't do it, then I will pick my own ultimate 10th anniversary team for myself here:

One from every generation -
Abe Natsumi, Mari Yaguchi, Goto Maki, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Takahashi Ai, Fujimoto Miki. OK, Kusumi Koharu also.

NOW that's better, yes? Ayappe and Ka-san is not in it, but it's better than the 4.


Source Here
Source from Ikimasshoi



Just found out, that apparently Niigaki Risa is added to the 10th Anniversary Team Lineup. Source from Neowing and WHG. However... Oricon didn't say anything about that. I'm so confused... are they going to keep adding members to it every week, until all members are in? Double Bleh~~~! This is not going to end...


Faramir, said...

If I have to pick my all-time favourite MoMusu members to form a 'Dream' MoMusu, I would certainly include ALL the 4th generation members.

At the moment, for me, the definitive MoMusu would consist of, in generation order and then age:

1. Abe Natsumi
2. Yaguchi Mari
3. Goto Maki
4. Ishikawa Rika
5. Yoshizawa Hitomi
6. Tsuji Nozomi
7. Kago Ai
8. Takahashi Ai

For me, the above 8 are the minimum; I can't go any less than those 8.

Also, I'm afraid I can't honestly say that 6th generation onwards are essential for my definitive MoMusu.

Anyway, this is just my own personal taste...

Craig said...

This makes no sense whatsoever...

I thought they were going to have a big get together & they were saying maybe even Aibon would return????????

Or am I getting my bits of news mixed up? Jin???

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Faramir: That's a good pick for a 10th anniversary lineup... and I agree with you about the 6th Gen, but I think at least Mikitty or Eririn should be in, because they sing good...

Anybody else got their own picks?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Craig: I've checked this info from 3 different places, seems official. I guess the previously mentioned big family get-together is just another speculation after all.

Maybe UFA wants to throw in a surprise and bring back Aibon on the actual day... but I may be day-dreaming again... :(

Faramir, said...

"That's a good pick for a 10th anniversary lineup... and I agree with you about the 6th Gen, but I think at least Mikitty or Eririn should be in, because they sing good..."
Actually, my pick was just for my own "Dream" Momusu, with as few members as I could include; for me, a 10th anniversary lineup/party would not be complete without every single MoMusu member, past and present; as for Mikitty and Eririn, like all other MoMusu members, they have their talents, but for me, I still can't find anything in them that I can't already get from my personal top 8.

"Maybe UFA wants to throw in a surprise and bring back Aibon on the actual day... but I may be day-dreaming again... :("
You might be interested in what I've written here:

KAKKO-II PORTAL FORUM / Ai Kago caught smoking. She is suspended from H!P indefinitly.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Read your posts... interesting thought. I see that you guys are showing much love to Aibon, and not just mindlessly wanting her come back to satisfy our own needs. That's good.

I'll write a blog post about this. Too long post it in here... ^_^

Rikki said...

I'm also baffled that Tsunku would include Koku but not Yossie or Marippe. Yuuko should also be included. All the originals that are still in H!P should be part of the anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere (not sure where, but it must've been somewhere important) that the line-up is to commemerate the ages that the original 5 were at when the group was formed. the original group was ages 14-24 or so, right? (I'm too lazy to check everyone's ages at the moment, sorry) If that's true, then there is a good chance that that's the reason. I hope that helps!

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