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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Aruiteru by Morning Musume .... or Kim Jo Han?

A buddy in Youtube pointed this video out... noting some similarities of Morning Musume's single "Aruiteru" and a song by Korean crooner, Kim Jo Han.

Video Link

Tsunku guilty of plagiarism? Did he copy it or was it just a coincidence?


In our long history of pop music, we've heard (and written) so many songs, it's not surprising to hear some identical tunes. Especially when some songs are written specifically for the mainstream listeners. Also when the same chord structure, riffs and jingles are re-used over and over again. (It's happened to me before)

Are modern musicians running out of ideas?

Actually, "copy" is too strong for a word to describe this. I haven't heard the song by Kim Jo Han before. So it's too early to call it plagiarism, by just comparing a few short jingles.

Does anyone have the song for listening?


Xacur said...

There are a lot of Songs that sound like another song, but it happens in Pop. It's normal, when the goal of the song is to get the people as fast as possible.
Just some exemple, Southpaw, sounds like "Opera Carmen" by Georges Bizet.
Miss Love Tantei, the intro sounds like "Not gonna get us" - TATU
I don't think it could be named plagiarism. Or maybe...

Radicalpatriot said...

Like a fingerprint, it does look like some copying has occurred. But remember the "Boyfriend" song that Berryz Koubou does with the red dresses? It sounds a lot like the late 1950s all-girl pop songs, so who knows? Actually, the Aruiteru song sounds like a lot of songs.

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