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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A strange dream on Yossie's graduation concert

Yesterday, I felt better, flu is gone and headache's better. But last night's I had a strange dream, and I cannot stop thinking about it. I had to blog this from office, in case I forget.

I have had many dreams on Hello! Project members before but this one is a bit... strange. Had to share it.

I dreamt that I attended the last day of the Morning Musume Concert Tour 'Sexy 8 Beat', from a 3rd person perspective (Yeah, I'm aware that I was dreaming). The girls were looking stunning in what looked like a merge of Indian-esque "Morning Curry" costume and 2007 Winter concert. I've never been/seen the Saitama Super Arena, but I didn't notice the surroundings anyway. Anyway, I didn't remember how the whole concert went, but I vividly remember the part where each of the members was supposed to give the graduating member a message, following their long time tradition.

Yoshizawa Hitomi was standing at the left side of the stage, wearing the biggest smile while waiting for the comments from her fellow members. First up was Niigaki Risa, looking beautiful as ever. Donned a Puffy-like hairstyle and seemed like she put on some weight, made her look sexy and good to eat. :) Gaki-san holding a mic with her right hand and a note on the other.

She approached Yossie and stood there looking at her with teary eyes for a while. After an age, she spoke (In Japanese): "I have a lots of things to say... but there's something I'd like to bring up." And with that last sentence, she removed her smile and eyed Yossie bashfully. Yossie seemed to sense her hidden meaning, and stopped smiling as well. Gaki-san continued "You DO know what I was going to say, right?". Yossie pressed her lips and nodded, then lowered the mic and asked something non-audible. Gaki-san replied "Yes, that's the one. And about Mako-chan too... Well?". Yossie gave another non-audible reply to which Gaki-san responded with a nod and a soft "Okay...". Then Gaki-san turned and walked to backstage.

Then I heard the MC announcing something like "... Err.... and that was Niigaki Risa's message... so... will the next member give her farewell message?"

Then all the remaining members gathered at the centre. With Michishige Sayumi standing in the middle, the others began to circle around her, skipping and prancing. Sayu then random holds up her finger and points... at Kusumi Koharu. Then Koharu walked up to Yossie, while the others stepped back to the background. Koharu flashed her cutest smile at Yossie, whose mood seemed to lighten up now. Koharu also held up a note and read from it. She expressed her thanks and shared some stories about Yossie, among other things. But halfway through, she crouched down at the steps, and wept. I could see Koharu struggling to regain her composure and hold back her tears.

After that, all remaining members began to approach Yossie, who looked at each of them in return............ then I woke up. Seems like my R.E.M. time is over.

* * * * *

A strange dream indeed, and I don't know what to make of it. I analyzed it for a long time........ and came up with a few reasons:

- Gaki-san and Yossie were never close friends offstage. Never even exchanged mails. Just comrades in Morning Musume. In fact, I don't recall many televised interactions between the two. Maybe somewhere in the midst of it, I assumed that Gaki-san may be harbouring a hidden feelings towards Yossie, secretly. Good or bad feelings? Romantic feelings perhaps? I don't know... (Note: Gaki-san's solo rendition of "Koe" at Hello Pro Hour was playing in the background at this point... ^_^)

- The mention of Mako-chan (Ogawa Makoto)? I don't know either... I admit that I still feel lost over the sudden leave of Mako-chan. Probably that was to represent my suppressed sadness over the news. Really, Yossie should have given Mako-chan more attention back then.

- Koharu?... Why not Kamei Eri? Why not Takahashi Ai? Perhaps, subconsciously, I have started to have stronger feelings towards her... please, God don't let this be true...

- Finally on Michishige Sayumi... I know why. Honestly, she have slowly moved up my ranks within the Morning Musume. Even have a drafted article about her in which I will post up later.

..... You know, I should keep a dream journal. In case, I dream of anything else... ^_^

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