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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi - The "True Professional" Musume *UPDATED*

Date Published: 16th January 2007, 10:29 a.m.
Delayed post. Was busy at work. Apologies to those waiting for the update. Have included the translation from Nikkan Sports news. Scroll down to view or click here.. But first....

... While we have read nothing but praises from the news, I have read from somewhere else where some fans have expressed discontent, lashing at Yossie's decision to participate in the concert, and neglecting her family at this hour of grief. Some even added that probably the relationship and family ties with her own family had changed, because of her prolonged absence from being with the family.

Now, I have no right to change opinion of these people. For those reading this, who have that same opinion - please, hear me out...

Over the years, yes, we keep hearing rumours and stories about Yossie's unhappy relationship with her parents and stuff, .... but that's just what family is like. There's always fights, there's always bad times. But one thing's for sure that is common among the Momusu members and they have mentioned it many times in interviews - they find peace and a place of solitude within their own family, repeatedly quoting "there's no place like home".

For those still in doubt, it is reported by Nikkan Sports news that Yossie DID return home in time to attend the funeral. PLUS the wake and other ceremonies as well.

Please continue give Yoshizawa "Yossie" Hitomi the best support you can. She needs it and feels it right now, more than you ever know. ^_^

Here is a forum is dedicated to Yossie (You will need to sign up) - Hitomi_Heaven.


Date Published: 15th January 2007, 10:59 a.m.

Yesterday's Hello Project 2007 Winter Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro concert that is held today on the 14th January at Osaka. 「ハロー!プロジェクト2007 Winter~ワンダフルハーツ乙女Gocoro~」 was over, went really well. Yoshizawa Hitomi displayed the ultimate poise of a professional in the music biz - Did not cry and did not mention about the accident, gave her best with smiles all the way.... I'm so proud I'm going to cry right now... (T-T) ~~ Yossie! Yossie! ~~. Yossie never let us down, but I know we will offer our best support to her as well... (^-^)/ Cue-in "Aruiteru"

I'm in the office working right now, cannot translate the news clips yet. I'll do it when I get home. In the meantime, you can read the news and other links below.

You will find some news about the Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team in there in the Japan Zone site (in English) as well. Yes, Morning Musume are supporters..... yet again. This time for the Dralion. The Morning Musume 10th A-Team (Yeah, I'll call them the A-Team from now on) is a "special supporter", not official supporter.

Source from Japan Zone
Yossi's a True Pro

Morning Musume leader Yoshizawa Hitomi (21) is a true professional. Yesterday, she made a scheduled concert appearance with the dozens of other Hello! Project members despite the recent tragic death of her younger brother. The 26-song set went ahead as planned, with the pink-clad Yoshizawa making reference only to how sad she was about her planned "graduation" from Morning Musume in May. She is currently the longest-serving member of the group, having joined in 2000. Word of her personal tragedy had spread among the 2,400 fans at the Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan hall, and they shouted their encouragement. But reporters were told that she would not be answering any questions about the tragedy after the concert. 16-year-old Yoshizawa Hirota was killed in a traffic accident last Thursday.

Other readings and news clips:
News from Suponichi
Also read this, Ikimasshoi has the translations from Sanspo news

News from Nikkan Sports
Morning Musume Yossie Finishes Singing Without Tears

Morning Musume Yoshizawa Hitomi's (21 yrs old) brother Yoshizawa Kouta (lived 16 yrs) who died from traffic accident, appeared as sheduled for the Hello! Project spring concert on the 14th at Osaka Kouseinenkin Kaikan hall. Initially the management office had considered to cancel, but she expressed her participation on the 13th. In the end, finished her singing without tears. Approximately 10 minutes after the end of the show, the troupe returns to Tokyo from the event location, in complete fulfillment of her leader duties.

After the end of the show, the fans did not leave, and while facing at the stage where the curtain has descended, cheers of "Yossie~~!" is heard. All for Yoshizawa, who announced her graduation news, while facing with the sad news of lost brother. It was the return of favor from the Osaka fans. Yoshizawa prepares her return to Tokyo while listening to these voices.

10 minutes after the completion of the 2 night performances, 3 hour and a half of stage, quickly (Yoshizawa) returns to Tokyo where her brother is waiting.

At the start of the concert, Yoshizawa exclaimed with a loud voice. "Yoshizawa Hitomi will graduate at the end of the spring tour. No matter what, we would like to make this concert a big success. Everyone, let's proceed and enjoy it!". Similar to the past performances, repeated her habit of saying "Let's enjoy".
Even while struggling with unfathomable sadness inside, it did not take away her smiling face and the nature of a professional entertainer. Without touching on the subject of Kouta's tragic news, tried hard to show her white toothpaste smile.

Yoshizawa at this day entered the event location at 10 a.m.. According to insiders, she attended the rehearsal on road to performance as usual. As previously agreed with the management office, it is decided/verified to not include the news Kouta's quick demise into the show. Even the members (of Momusu) did not discuss the news. Crying untill the preceding day, even though it is difficult to stand out in public, but in the end (Yoshizawa) rode the atmosphere while standing before the Osaka fans.

At the end of the nationwide tour at 6th of May (Saitama Super Arena), where it becomes the last stage as Momusu, and "keeping it up as leader until spring", just as promised. Ichiro Higuchi who watching over all this (35 yrs old, office worker) was impressed and said "Without any difference, a smiling face just like always. Although unfortunate, she has shown us her energy(power) above all professionalism."

On the same day, Yoshizawa Hitomi returned to Tokyo and attended the wake, funeral rites, and farewell ceremony(burial) inside the capital, at the beginning of the week.

15th January 2007, 8:32 a.m.


Xacur said...

Man, Yossi is beyond the limits of what I could have imaginated. I admire her more than ever before. She is the strongest person to be able to do this.
I wish the best things for her in the future. And a peaceful rest to her brother, who is the proudest little brother in heaven.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Amen to that... ^_^

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