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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bokura ga Ikiru My Asia - PV Review

So I managed to download the PV from Hello! Online. My god,... the number of times I played the video has got to be the same as the times I played the song itself, if not more.

All the girls are strikingly beautiful, all in my favourite colour blue. Bamboo shoots, paper sheet windows, galls of water, lotus flowers... everything East Asian. Credit the editors for doing a great job on the presentation. The focus are still the girls, themselves. Iida Kaori - High dress cut, gorgeously sexy. Abe Natsumi - Womanly, but still cute. Goto Maki - Voluptuous, superstar quality. Niigaki Risa - Adult-like, sweet and beautiful. Kusumi Koharu - Refreshing, absolutely cute.

I haven't gone to the store yet, because of my busy schedule. I hope it's not all sold out yet.

It's late over here. So I'll update this post with the rest of the review with the screenshots later.

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Radicalpatriot said...

As I have already observed on my Veoh site, this PV presents the five most beautiful girls on earth at present. As for Tsunku's selection, he simply chose those who would likely draw the most following and, hence, most sales of this single. The downside is that the more of these masterful videos I watch (and believe me, Momusu and H!P has lined up a virtual treasure over the years), the more everything else in the entertainment universe fades into the background, second-rate. As for Kusumi, I am almost unable to even look at her; what a blindingly gorgeous beauty. Damn.

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