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Monday, January 22, 2007

Hello! Project - Duo Curse?!

Following up with the Hello! Project curses that I've written about, Although I do support the notion of having duo units in H!P... there's another curse that is working silently - "Duo curse".

We don't have lots of duos in Hello! Project, so there's probably two prominent ones that we can recall - DoubleU (W) and GAM. But consider this curse that always, one of them has been stricken with some kind of problem.

Members: Tsuji Nozomi + Kago Ai.
Problem: Kago Ai caught in smoking scandal

Members: Fujimoto Miki + Matsuura Aya
Problem: Ayaya down with temporomandibular athrosis

Observe.... is it always the person on the left? Not really, positions don't matter. If you haven't notice, there were other duo groups that escaped our eyes.

2nd Gen Country Musume = Kimura Asami + Toda Rinne; (Graduation)

Coconuts Musume = Ayaka + Mika Todd (Graduation)

Ecomoni = Michishige Sayumi + Ishikawa Rika; (Graduation)

So who's next? If you remember from my previous post, there is a unofficial duo group in the making.

I'll give you a hint:

... gosh! Which one is it going to be? Maybe Niigaki Risa?! *shock* Is that why she's on the A-Team?

Is it because Hello! Project or UFA are not good in maintaining/prolonging group units? So what is going to happen to Yossie's new group unit when she graduates??

......err... actually, pls don't take this post too seriously... just filling up the space for fun while I prepare tonight's post later.

Peace ^_^


Aprilis. said...

I wouldn't say it's a curse with the last 3 duo, since graduation is a normal part of H!P. But nice observation with W and GAM!

And I would hate it if something happens to either Risa or Eri... :(

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks for dropping by, aprilis. ^_^

Although, this post is meant to be a jest... it still doesn't change the fact that duos are short lived in H!P... :(

Radicalpatriot said...

In the bad-luck category, don't forget Nono's recent leg injury when she fell off a stage during a concert last year ... Was it my imagination or did I catch a video clip of Nono vacationing in Hawaii with Yaguchi? And aren't they pairing up for some kind of single? Could Yaguchi conceivably become the other end of a new W?

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