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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi's brother dies in a car accident...

Just over a week after Yoshizawa Hitomi's announcement about her graduation from Morning Musume..... this happens.

Included some rough translation from the news clip below:

On the 11th January 2007, Yossie's brother, Kota, was involved in a vehicular accident and died. Apparently he was crossing the street on a bicycle through the pedestrian crossing at a traffic light stop, and got knocked down by a car from his right. Suffered (internal) injuries to the head. He was sent to the hospital by another car but died soon after. He was 16 years old.

The driver that knocked him down was a 20 year old student, and suffered minor injuries himself. The police have apprehended him for further investigation. It was reported that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol, nor does he have a passenger with him. Although he was shaken from the incident, he answered all questions by the police with honesty.

Initial conclusion by the police - the cause of the accident was that driver had ignored the traffic light. But will further interview bystanders and witnesses for more information. Also will check the security cameras for more info.

Yossie have mentioned about his brother of 5 years junior. At times introduced him and her other younger brother (8 years younger) to her radio shows, and events. Also said that although he was troublesome and mischievous (cutting her hair when she was asleep), she said that she's "angry at him at times, but he's still 'kawaii'".

Her brothers, while brought up being referred to as "Yossie's Brother" by their classmates, still they did not take advantage of it to get special treatment. And for that they were adored.

Yossie's work for the day on the 11th was cancelled. Her parents and herself, devastated over the news, did not give further comments.

The UFA staff and management under the shocking news, made no official comments about the schedule of Morning Musume concert in Osaka.


I have only one thing to say when the news broke: "Fuck..."

Some motorists in Japan are fucked-up idiots. Two years ago, my younger sister and her best friend got knocked down by a car in Japan too... even though they were cycling in a pedestrian lane. (She's recovered now, but bear scars from the accident.) That is why I know how Yossie is feeling right now. Yes, bad luck is bad luck. But some things can be avoided if you can and want to.

You don't know how long it took for me to draft this post. I truly feel for Yossie. My utmost condolences and best regards to Yossie and her family. Will be going to church tonight, and I will send my prayers for her, her family and friends.

Man... It's a curse... I felt bad publishing that post. Will take a break from blogging till... later.

News from Nikkan Sports.
News video clip by Nikkan Sports highlighted by WHG.

News from Yahoo News - 13 January 2007.

1月13日9時54分配信 日刊スポーツ



hunterirvine said...

That really is shocking news, I'm sad to hear it as I'm sure everyone else is. I only found this place yesterday and I checked back to day not expecting to find any new news, I'm wishing there was no news to be found.

Aqua ~アクア~ said...

It's so sad i have no idea what she's going through and all my love goes out to her and her family..
Whats even more amazing about Yossi is that she's actually taking part in the concert on the 14th in Osaka, she's so brave and my admiration for her has increase 200000% not that it can go up anymore.. She's so brave ^-^
(UFA reported) … 42106.html

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

There are more news to come, hunterirvine... Not for sake of riding the news, but for all the Yossie fans who are concerned and want to know the development. Do keep checking back, I am going follow up as closely as I can.

Aqua... thanks for the headsup. Please let me know if you find anything else.

God bless Yossie and her family. RIP Kota...

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