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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Single - Preview

Sounds like a short radio rip. I wish I live in Japan.

Uploaded it to an uploader. Get it here.

I like this song. Reminiscence of "Sakura Mankai", lots of string instruments, befitting of "Asia" theme. The song structure and arrangement sounds like the mainstream Canto-pop/Mando-pop that I am so familiar with. Somehow, also reminds me of SMAP's "Lionheart". Much like an "Aruiteru" Asia-version.

However, the theme and concept sounded more like "Morning Musume celebrating Asia" rather than "celebrating 10 years of Morning Musume". Anyways, the PV looks promising, I'll be looking forward to it.

Sing along if you like.


Onaji yozora no hoshi o mi ageta
Haruka tooku ni omoi yose
Mada shiranu tomo ni ae souna
shiruku roodo susumou

tomo ni hake mashi, tomo ni nakaete
tomo ni kokoro o kayo se
kazoku no you ni ikite yukeru sa
kizuna mo kitto dekiru sa

man nen yuki kau kono michi ni
subete no kibou ga tsumatteru
man nen dareka ni tsutaete ku
fushigi na miwaku My Asia
bokura ga ikiru My Asia


共に励まし【安倍】 共に称えて【飯田】

不思議な魅惑 MY ASIA【全員】
僕らが生きるMY ASIA【久住】

Looking up at the same starry night
Sending my thoughts to the far distance
Like meeting friends that you never met
Moving forward in the silk road

Together encouraging and praising each other
Together linking our hearts
Living together like a family
Surely a bond will form

In this crossing roads of ten thousand years
Uniting our hopes together
Convey it to someone for ten thousand years
My Asia, a strange fascination
My Asia, where we live...

Thanks to source from WHG


Craig said...
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Rikki said...

Not particularly memorable song, if you ask me. The intro with piano and Asian stringed instrument at the beginning is the best part of it.

I agree that this song is really a first shot in Tsunku's assault on the Asian market. It really doesn't have anything to do with the anniversary. I think calling it an anniversary song was just an afterthought. That would explain why the line-up seems so inappropriate for an MM anniversary. Its also too darn early for the anniversary, which doesn't come until August. Maybe will get a REAL anniversary song and celebration this summer.

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