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Monday, January 29, 2007

Hello!Project 2007 Winter 〜 Shuugetsu!10th Anniversary 〜 Concert....... Distrations, distractions...

Hello!Project 2007 Winter 〜 集結!10th Anniversary 〜 concert took place yesterday. 16 Morning Musume members of past and present was in this concert. And from what other news I managed to find out.... Man, I wish I was there. ^_^

For me, I'm happy of Hello! Project and Morning Musume reaching this milestone with the monumental concert.... but very distracted.

Ikimasshoi provided a detailed report. And another blogger here who provided a different description of the concert proceedings.

This concert was to celebrate not only 10 years of Morning Musume but also featured the graduation of Country Musume Miuna and Asami, leaving Satoda Mai to be the sole member. But the concert was riddled with lots of surprises and possible speculations it deviated my attention from them... which wasn't huge anyway, cos' I'm not a big fan of Country Musume.

Graduation of Miuna and Asami
I didn't notice both of them much. Asami was there back in the Momusu Golden age years (she joined at 2000), and Miuna is just plain good to look at (joined about 3 years ago). Until Gatas Brilhantes futsal team was formed. And I truly enjoyed watching them working the football. And this the area I'm worried about. Will talk about that in a while below.

Anyways, Konno Asami attended the concert and together with Fujimoto Miki (who apparently cried while giving her farewell speech) wished them good luck and goodbye. Konkon who also graduated from Hello! Project to pursue personal goals (studying in university), wished them with "Lets do our best to pursue towards each of our own dreams".
Konkon and Mikitty were featured in Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto, and were also Gatas team mates with Miuna and Asami. I guess the bond formed within their futsal team was stronger than we think. There were calls of "Country Musume Saikou!" by the fans to celebrate Kimura Asami and Saitou Miuna's service.
News from Nikkan Sports

Some pics here....

Mitsui Aika debut concert

..... And she's only 14 years old. But looking great in costumes. Micchi~~~~!

Screencaps - Of costumes and girls

Mmm~~... Takahashi Ai and Tanaka Reina especially looking deliciously good to eat. That white thingie on the chest should be removed, so we can enjoy some cleavage. (Well, not all of the have it but at least some do.)

Lastly, other things that I am distracted with...

The disbanding of Gatas?
With Miuna and Asami gone, preceded by Konno Asami's graduation and Saito Hitomi's leave. Gatas Brilhantes will be down with only 6 players and one goalkeeper. (Assuming that Yossie is staying in Gatas). There have been rumours and talks about the disbanding of Gatas because they couldn't find replacements in time.

Return of OG (Old Girls)
I am so excited to see the OG come back to support the concert. Because, without them there wouldn't be a Morning Musume that we have today.
So we know Konkon came back, Ishiguro Aya was also there (mentioned in her blog here and here)

AND......... A news clip from the uploaders said that.... Kago Ai was there too.
It says "... as a new member appeared on stage, and showcased 'Egao YES Nude'(releasing on 14th Feb). Morning Musume has celebrated their 10th year anniversary on the 28th. OG participated on stage, and also the suspended Kago Ai(18 yrs old) was spotted in the event venue". (0_o)

Is Aibon is being grouped and described as an OG?
The real truth or a mistake made by the journalist?

Now you know why I'm distracted? Because I don't have time to research the authenticity of that news clip at the moment...... I am going to work today with the infinite loop of "Was that true?" and "Or is she coming back?" echoing in my head............................


sniper said...

aww 4th gen just needed aibon to complete it all...

Radicalpatriot said...

Thanks for this report! Sounds like it was a rollicking good time (except for the guy that fell from the balcony).

Anonymous said...

So much news in January and I am still enjoying the HP Christmas video of the Moepremes

wu-san said...

thanks for the latest on the whole event...

I have to say I drew a humble smile about the Asami konno and Mikitty segment...I'm a big Mikitty fan, its nice to know she can cry about something ^___^ sometimes we like to think shes just pure evil.

again...cheers for the info and insight

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

your welcome, wu-san. glad you liked it. ^_^

Aww man... RadP, did you have to bring up that balcony tragedy?

recently, i downloaded and listened to a fan recording of the concert... and I must say that two things caught my ... err... EARS:
1) the loud reaction from the fans at the mention of Konkon
2) Mikitty choking back her tears while giving her farewell speech to the graduates

Amazing... ^_^

ringjo said...

I know this maybe a little bit late, but the thing about AiBon being spotted in the concert.. well, (I guess you already know this by now) according to the magazine FRIDAY, AiBon was working backstage during the concert. That's why alot people probably saw her that day. (^-^) Horay!!

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