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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi is taking part of concert in Osaka TODAY!!!!

I just woke this morning and found another shocking news. Thanks to WHG and Aqua ~アクア~ for the headsup.

News from Nikkan Sports, states that Yoshizawa Hitomi decided on her own, that she will be taking part in the Momusu concert scheduled in Osaka today after all!

Professionalism? Not only that, my friends... that's courage, deep sense of responsibility, and love for us fans.

What do you think about Yossie's decision?

For me, she has she won my heart all over again... She is probabaly afraid of affecting the work of her fellow members, and many more UFA staffs, promoters and others. Reshuffling members to fill in her missing position would have been a big headache.

But I wonder about the reaction of the fans in that concert. And the psyche of Yossie while she is performing. I imagine at least some amount of changes in the performance listing should be in place. My heart goes out to her...

I'm going for my Sunday Mass now, to say my prayers to Yossie again.

Source from Nikkan Sports.

Yoshizawa Hitomi, whose brother, Kota (lived 16 years) died in a vehicular accident, taking priority of her responsibility as leader of Morning Musume decided to take part of the performance in Osaka on the 14th. Considering the mental shock caused, although the management office decided to cancel the show, Yoshizawa personally requested that "I want in". Unable to attend to the funeral of her younger brother, please read about the onstage atmosphere and on "Yossie"'s determination, on the 14th with Nikkan Sports.





Note: This news on Nikkan Sports was posted on the night of 13th January.

Source from WHG


Aqua ~アクア~ said...

She's Amazing *-* I would love to meet her one day.. but i can never see that happening :(

Best of luck to Yossi and thanks for all the other news clips and translations

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Well said, Aqua... Yossie is one courageous girl. I too would love to meet her someday.

Anonymous said...

is the pedestrian lane the same as the 'kaki lima' that we call them in Malaysia? I can't imagine a car actually going over that, especially if it was in a somewhat elevated position. But then again, I've never been to Japan...

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

actually, to be accurate.... it's a pedestrian crossing... not the elevated kaki lima type...

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