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Friday, January 26, 2007

Mitsui Aika - When Caterpillars turn into Butterflies

Evolution... The natural transition of nature. One that keeps the human race going, and one that defines what we have become today...

Just found this at the uploaders. Do you recognize the additional someone?

Can you find her?

Yep! That's Mitsui Aika on the right sides doing the "peace" sign. As you can see, the agency couldn't resist and had to finally do something with her hair i.e. straightening it. She looks great, doesn't it? That's one very adorable smile. \(^o^)/

UFA have a way of turning the stock "plain Jane" into a beautiful swan, as always. Despite Mitsui's age, she's not your typical lolicon type of girl like Kusumi Koharu. Mitsui can be beautiful and if Koharu-chan's not careful, Micchi may surpass her. Here begins the much missed Momusu rivalries again... ^_^

The inside pages

Mitsui's Solo Column

Just when you are surprised at hearing Micchi's performance in the previews of Morning Musume 32nd Single - "Egao Yes Nude" releasing on the 14th February, these pictures says it all.... she's got the looks that go with it.

There were other pages that I downloaded. Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki have to share a page for their columns, while the other girls are paired at 3 girls per column. Only Mitsui has a solo page for a column. The standard UFA "push the new girl" routine, of course.

I wish I have the time to translate the columns now. But no, I got to rush off for a ...err... attend to some personal stuff. Will be gone for the weekend, but in the meanwhile pls enjoy the pics. I'll be back to translate what it says, there were articles about the other Momusu members as well.


Radicalpatriot said...

I honestly don't look at any of the Morning Musume girls as lolicon types, even Kusumi. This group has a certain mature presence to rise above that stereotype (can't say the same for C-ute, Berryz or the new TNX groups including The Possible). So Morning Musume is the lead group; the "varsity." They just don't seem childish enough (except maybe the crazy pink numbers Kusumi and Sayu are doing lately) to be in the lolicon loop.

Xacur said...

Yes, she look pretty well, yet not amazingly well.
I think she will get more beauty as she grows.(not sure of this sentence, Im not english speaker)
The thing I could not avoid noticing is that Sayumi, Risa and Koharu are getting more and more beautiful each single. In the 3th image Koharu eclipse the member at the right side, and in the left side Sayumi does.

sniper said...

wow yossies jair looks great like that...

and as for mitsui she sure has bloomed man, cant wait to see there new PV

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