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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One reason why Yaguchi Mari to be allowed to return to singing

From a 2005 Karaoke show, where the challengers try to outperform the original singers in a karaoke showdown, and if they do, they bring home 100000 yen. Seems like they use one of those karaoke scoring machines

Song: Tori no Uta (1981) by Kaoru Sugita

And Marippe wins! And not by fluke, mind you. While Kaoru Sugita sounds excellent, I think Marippe wasn't bad either. I noticed from this show, that Marippe spot-on pronunciation, solid pitching, and careful use of vibrato was really, really good. See, she still has it.... Even Sugita agrees.

Announcer: That's was amazing. 90 Points!
Yaguchi: No really, I thought I had lost.
Sugita : I should pass the "Idol" title to you now.
Announcer: Oh, never mind. Even if you don't hand the baton, it has been passed on already.

Marippe still got the goods. Don't let it go to waste, Tsunku. Start producing singles for her..... NOW! :)

..... by the way, I can't help but also notice Hard Gay in the audience stands. ^_^

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Anonymous said...

Mari was on Uta Doki on Jan 9, same day as your post!

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