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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ogawa Makoto .... where are you?

One more before I hit the beds...

Source from WHG

Ogawa Makoto has graduated from Morning Musume to study language abroad. Where? We don't know. But there were many rumours of Mako-chan's current whereabouts.

Some say she's studying in New Zealand. While some say she's only there for vacation.

Some say she even came back to Japan for a while, and was spotted riding in a bullet train (wearing some strong perfume) and she's in a company of some guy.

And now... this.

Apparently this was posted on some girl's blog who lives in London. Is Mako-chan in London?

Paul Thomas.... Have you seen her lately in your neighbourhood? :)

Seems like a Korean Momusu blog community site.
Can anyone who knows Korean help us out here?
I managed to sniff out the original blog page here.

Anyways, that IS Mako-chan without make-up, for sure. Still lookin' cute though. ^_^

A commenter in WHG said a classmate of Mako-chan (from a certain private school she is currently atteding) somehow got a hold of this pic, and it is being circulated around. Apparently, she is definitely in New Zealand...


Craig said...

It's so easy not to see people in London, people barely look around when in public and I am one of the worst ever for that... or maybe it's just me LOL X)

Craig said...

I'd rather see Megumi though anyway ^_^ hehe

paul.thomas said...

Wow, now this is interesting. Mako in London!!

The great thing with my job is I am in a different part of London each day, so does that increase my chances of bumping into her or lower them?..hmmmm

It can be quite hard to spot people in London at times, I must admit having spent (roughly) the past 7 years wandering it's streets you do get days when you walk straight passed people without recognising them, but most of the time I'm good at spotting people.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled...and keeping a pen and a copy of her PB with me at all times ;p

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

oh sorry... i forgot. Craig's in UK too... :P

In any case, what i found out so far are from the BBS'... though many ...umm... "sightings" of Mako-chan say that she's in Christchurch, NZ... some also say Auckland... so i'm confused at which is real.

IF she is in UK after all.... i don't know how it's like in London, but you gentlemen better have a (video) camera, a PB/CD, and a marker pen ready... hehe! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Quick'n'dirty translation of the korean message in the original blog;

I got this picture from someone I know who is in New Zealand and studying at the same school Makoto is attending to.... The school (probably ESL) is quite noisy because of her existance...

Her face with no makeup is really cute

Rikki said...

The poster in the background is an advertisement for FeeGeeExperience a travel agency on Figi. It has sister companies in New Zealand ad Australia.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Thanks to Anon for the translation (pls leave a name next time, ya?), and thanks to Rikki for noting the poster... I was wondering about that myself.

So we can probably confirm that Mako-chan is in NZ (Sorry Craig & Tom)... and based on the sightings and the info on hand, her school could be one of the following in this link:

Look under Auckland and Christchurch. It's got to be one of them...... ^_^

....I wonder if any of Mako-chan's classmates (OR Mako-chan herself ^o^) are reading this post.....

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

..... this feels like the investigation team in "Death Note"... who wants to be "L"? ^_^

Aqua ~アクア~ said...

;____; I want Mako-chan to come to london... well i'm not in London at the moment i moved to Portsmouth but i'd go to london to hunt her down hehe ;_;

Thats what i'm going to do when i go to Japan.. HUNT YOSSI hehe ^-^

Anonymous said...

Going to New Zealand, bbl

Radicalpatriot said...

Many thanks for this info. New Zealand is better for Mako's presence.

Xacur said...

Makoto's face without Makeup is surprisingly cute.(^_^)

Chris said...

Hi there,
I can tell you she is studying in an english school in Auckland. I have a homestay who is studying in the same class as her... Trying to get her to organise a meeting with her, but I think my homestay is too shy to do it!

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