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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yoshizawa Hitomi - more news and clippings on Osaka performance

Got more news clippings and news source from the net, about Yoshizawa Hitomi's participation in the Hello Project 2007 Winter Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro concert that is held today on the 14th January at Osaka, alongside with Viiyuden.「ハロー!プロジェクト2007 Winter~ワンダフルハーツ乙女Gocoro~」, despite being obviously devastated over the news of her brother, Kota's death in a car accident.

Basically, most contents are basically the same. It's the part where they even included references about "Yoshizawa Hitomi who took over as Morning Musume leader after Mari Yaguchi's sex scandal" that I do not understand. Leave that to the past already, dammit!

In summary, the management office mentions that it is harsh to have Yossie appear on stage under such circumstances, and considering the current emotional state of the family it is better to stop work until she settles down. However, the show must go on, but being unable to contact Yossie to discuss her participation status, they have informed Yossie's relatives to inform her to not force herself.

But Yossie's strong sense of responsibility as leader of Morning Musume, responded with comments like "want to stand up on that stage", "wanting to participate just as scheduled" and "want to appear to the fans in Osaka properly" and announce about her graduation from her own lips. It is these thoughts she is determined of her decision - but that will mean that she will be unable to attend the funeral. And they respected her decision.

Message to UFA and UFW:
Behold, this loyalty and responsibility displayed by Yossie. I implore the management office at UFA and UFW, to better give her some good treatment after her graduation. You will not regret it.


News clippings taken from uploader site and news from various source:

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News source from Sports Hochi

Suponichi Annex - スポニチ@九州9A版
News source from Suponichi Annex

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News source from Nikkan Sports
News from Yahoo! Headlines - Source from Nikkan Sports

Osaka Sports Nippon - 大阪スポニチ

Nikkan Kyushuu - ニッカン@九州6版

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