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Friday, January 19, 2007

Momusu A-Team B-Side Single ~Juunen Ai~

Moving on!
Now, there many next most anticipated event and story within the Hello! Project family. Among them are graduations, new shows and new releases.... just like always.

Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team (A-Team) single will be released next week on the 24th January. The news that the A-Team are "special supporters" for Dralion is true. I haven't watched their shows before, but I've heard good things about them. "Bokura ga Ikiru, My Asia", will also be the theme tune for Dralion.

However, I don't think the single "Bokura ga ikiru My Asia" is specifically written for Dralion. But the A-Team are supporters nonetheless, not surprising if they promote the song along with Dralion, to draw more attention to the single as part of their promotion strategies.

Anyway, I managed to get a hold of the B-side song of the single, 十年愛 or "Juunen Ai", which means "Love of 10 years".

Have a listen here. Found it from

It's different. Think "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" but this time listing the Momusu singles.

At first listen, the song seemed like a regular pop song. Bit of farucca, tango, and swing... kind of like Kaorin's solo works. But it's OK for a B-side. Until it reaches the verse after the 1st chorus. Then things started sound a little funny...

Japanese lyrics


Ai no kikai
juunen tatte mo suteki da wa
asa no kohii
zuibun mukashi no hanashi

... for those who know Japanese would probably have got the joke at this point. :)
If not, here's what it translates to:

Love Machine
still sounds cute even after ten years
Morning Coffee
now that's really an old story

Ai no kikai
- direct translation from Love Machine
(Ai = Love, Kikai = Machine)

Asa no kohii
- direct translation from Morning Coffee
(Asa = Morning, kohii = Coffee)

After that, the references become more and more obvious. Like "Aruiteru", "Koko ni Iruzee" etc. Especially this one...
osaka onna no roman
wow wow wow yeah yeah yeah
ai ga araba it's all right
marude shabondama

The last verse was pretty obvious :D
koi no dance shimashou
chokkan... manpower
happy summer wedding
... zenbu hairanai~~

And here's what it means...

Let's do the dance of love
Instinct, Manpower
Happy Summer Wedding
... Can't include them all~~

... Haha! that really cracked me up! :D

I spotted 12 of other song titles from this song, how about you?

It's funny how Tsunku tries to fit the single titles into the song but somehow trying to make it make sense lyrically. :) Now THIS is a proper 10th anniversary celebration song, and I enjoyed it very much. Long time fans or any fan who can recall past Momusu songs may find it amusing and entertaining.

This is such a cool single, A-side for the world, B-side for the existing fans. When the single comes out next week, I'll go get it off the shelf.

I wanted to post the full lyrics here but it's not finished yet. And I couldn't make out certain parts in the first verse and bridge.

EDIT: Ahhh~~!!! I give up!
Sorry I really can't make out some words on the first verse and bridge say/mean... and I don't want to mislead anyone who may take it for real. I guess I still need more studying to do.
SooooOOOOooo, I'll go for getting it off the shelf. Too much work. The rough draft is still hidden here. Will use it later for comparison purposes.


Craig said...

Nice scoop, special understanding and coverage. Thanks. Aruiteru. Adios a bai bai cha cha X)

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

thanks.... btw i like what you've done with your blog. ^_^

Anonymous said...

そうね うちらは生きている

perhaps the 'ai wo kudasai na' line could be referring to Mr. Moonlight?

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