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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Wrath of Mo-Wotas - Visit to SOMA

Just when you think my previous post about Mo-Wotas (Morning Musume Otaku) paying SOMA a visit is purely fiction... they DID pay a visit there for real!

I've been wondering now that Aibon case is closed, would the fans go to the SOMA restaurant out of curiosity, and... err... "talk" to that man Ishimoto (who needs no introduction by now). And what would they do once they get there. I would suggest "Where's the owner?" to start things off.

First, the location of SOMA. Go here. Can't locate it? Have no fear, Google Map is here.

Well... Looks the same as what we saw from the website. Seems like a nice, quiet place. Only that the dude who took the picture probably didn't realise his reflection can be seen from the glass. ^_^

Eating time. Left some notes on a sketchbook.

"We came from the Ookami" and "SOMA Off" ....... Sort of like "John was here" kind of message?

NOTE: Actually, I wonder if it was deliberate, and that he actually meant "Musume".
狼 [Ookami] means wolf
娘 [Musume] means daughter
Unless of course, that visitor means that he came from Ookami2ch - 狼ニュース@2ch, a Mo-Wota BBS.

Then comes the bill, signed "Ookami". LOL :D

And these are the business cards found on the cash register.

Yup, they also have a massage services.
Check out the slogan - "Sublime meets ridiculous" - What creativity. Their use of "Engrish" did not fail to impress me. That picture of a trio smoking their lives away is also very educational indeed.

You know what's even freakier about this? Some good fellow left a message on their lanterns at night - A piece of card with "Kago Ai" written on it.

Vandalism with a purpose...... I suppose. (^o^)/

SoOOOooo... SOMA got a national exposure out of scandal. Not sure if it's fair though. I don't know if those fellas did anything more than that. But if they do, it probably won't be published in the BBS only..... it would be on the national news again.

My thoughts... I hope nobody's hurt. The wotas, I mean.

Source from WHG here and here.
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Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Wrath of Mo-Wotas

Hehe~~! I'm having a double posting carnival here. ^_^
But this is one is just too funny.... or scary... whichever you prefer.

Wrath of the Mo-Wotas (Morning Musume Otaku).
Image source here.

I'm pretty sure somebody edited the dialogs to parody his/her message. I think you can guess what this is all about, and who that restaurant owner was supposed to be.

"Where's the owner?"

"Boss~~~! Big trouble! There's some weird bunch of people here!"

Ishi 0 --> "Who are you people?"

"We are the Mo-Wotas"

"So what are you Mo-Wota people doing here?"



"Hey! Are you even listening?"

"Naww~~ We was just wondering where you guys are hiding her... "

"... Aibon"

(Note the SOMA logo)
"What are you saying? There's no way she can be here."

"We were thinking about that. So we thought that we'd come in and search around"

"What?! So you just come in here to pick a fight? You gotta be kidding me!"

"No, we're not kidding"

"Pick a fight?"

"I think you have misundertood"

"We're just here to wreck this joint up!"

To be continued....
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Aftermath of Kago Ai's Scandal

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have posted this. But I cannot get it out of my system just yet.

Seems like Kago Ai's scandal have a significant amount of impact to everyone around her.

First, her now-former agency Up Front Agency. Sports Hochi reports that UFA is reinforcing/reevaluating their system of educating their talents, to avoid similar cases from occurring again. The details are not revealed, but tagged as "industrial secret". Apparently fans were protesting over UFA's decision of terminating Aibon, saying that the punishment is too much. But the agency are not swayed.

Then NikkanSports notes that lots of Aibon related sites have begun shut down, notably a popular Aibon fan site AI am, which will close down by the end of this month. The webmaster came to this conclusion - "you reap what you sow". Also, the man who was in the tabloid with Aibon, Ishimoto, has not appeared in his restaurant in the city and is not available for response/comments, according to the workers there.

As for the fans... not much different from us fans across the oceans. Absolute chaos. There were:
- The calm ones ("Smoking is illegal, she got what she deserves", "Things wouldn't turn out this way if she didn't start it again"),
- The frustrated ones ("Termination is too harsh!", "Give her a second chance")
- The die hard ones ("Aibon, we believe in you!", "It's not her in the photos")
..... etc etc. Like I said - not any different from us. Overall, I think the otakus in Japan has evolved, is more modern-minded and ready to accept the change with the times, not all wotas are necessarily blind followers of their idols. But who knows... we cannot judge the majority based on reactions of the minorities. Myself included.
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New Radio Segment "GAKI KAME"

A late night radio slot "Hello Project Night" which airs at 11:00 P.M. to midnight, have two segment. The first 30 minutes will be Cutie Party segment, navigated by C-ute themselves. The second half will be hosted by Niigaki Risa and Kamei Eri. It's called "GAKI*KAME"

My oh my! Looks like my previous speculation of the next upcoming duo unit is coming true. I think this pair will do very well, based on what I see on the previous Hello ga Ippai segments. Note that the two are the only ones to have two consecutive Haroippa back to back. Maybe UFA likes what they saw, and decided to give them a try at the airwaves. Now who wants to send them an email?

Go Gaki-Kame!

Source from WHG.
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Arrivederci Kago Ai.... Some Thoughts and Closure

Okay, I'm more sober today. Yesterday, I was bawling away over the departure of Kago Ai. But after reading the recent entries by fellow bloggers like pengie and CJ, I realise... things could have been worse, and that life goes on no matter what. Everything needs a closure, so here's mine:

By now, Aibon's case have been all over the news:

After watching all other news reports, all agree with the speculation that Aibon may be scheduled to return to showbiz at either Yoshizawa Hitomi's graduation concert OR Aibon's birthday next year, when she turns 20 years of age. Check out the news clips accumulated here.... it's no wonder we call Morning Musume "National Idols".

Overall, I think Aibon's exit is just too... improper. To exit with a scandal may set a bad example to the younger artistes in Hello! Project. However, it has probably taught UFA a great lesson and made them realise that they have a greater responsibility to play as custodians and "foster parents" in order to educate their talents in their artiste roster.

Related to what I wrote back in the Momusu 8th gen auditions, you want to stay in the game, then play the game. There are rules and ethics to follow in every organization you join. I'm sure other agencies like Avex, and Stardust Promotions have their own rules. I find it hard to believe Aibon do not know the consequences of breach of contract. There must more than we know about the whole scandal issue... something behind the scenes and meeting rooms that we have no access to.

There were many rumours and hear-says travelling around about this case. I'll examine them point by point here. Just my own speculation and analysis of the matter.

Aibon doesn't want to come back to show biz
Rumour has it that Aibon has said it herself, that she wanted to marry and become a mother before she turn 20, just like her own mother (who had Aibon when she was 17). I guess her own mother was a huge influence that lead to this kind of mentality. I remember from some TV show that Aibon do have dreams of becoming a young stay-at-home mom (I think it was the Kochi-ike drama interview). Which brings me to my next point.

UFA wants Aibon back, but Aibon does not
I have made my share of speculations, one of them is regarding the contractual terms between Aibon and UFA, and which party is the one holding back the final say of contract termination. Combined with the rumours I can only conclude that UFA is one holding back and is trying to keep Aibon. But Aibon on the other hand, probably due to the long suspension that gave her ample time to think her future over, decided that she wants to quit. UFA, of course, could not accept the loss of opportunity of balancing the revenue loss due to the first scandal, probably is enforcing the comeback upon Aibon. Therefore, maybe.... just maybe, Aibon devised a plan of her own...

Action from example - Yaguchi Mari
Take from a past example that worked, force UFA to a situation that they HAVE to release her - a scandal. Up till this day, I still do not think Marippe's scandal with actor Oguri Shun was by any means an unfortunate circumstances. Marippe, whom we all know, is a serious worker who understands the ethics to be a good entertainer and professional idol. I don't think Marippe would be that careless to allow paparazzi catch her playing Pachinko with Oguri in public, and allow the reporters to approach them to ask a few questions. If I were in that situation, I'd RUN! Deep inside, I feel that Marippe was trying to leave Momusu early, before the image is totally glued to herself. But UFA would not let her, because they had plans to go a long way with her, using her to carry out new projects. It started Mini Moni, then the Hello! Project Kids project with ZYX. That's why I think the scandal is no coincidence.
Same goes with Aibon. She camouflaged herself with thick-rimmed glasses, changed her attire, tied her hair up, wore a cap (before entering the restaurant) back when she was caught smoking in the first place. A few days ago, she is totally in the open, without cover, car windows wind down, hold hands in public.... I mean, what is THAT? It's so obvious that she simply doesn't care if anyone catches them at all.

Ok... that's all. I have a lot more in my mind but I decided to put this issue behind me. Whatever happened has happened. Whatever the truth may be, we have no choice but to leave all questions unanswered. Life goes on. I cannot go on dwelling on the issue. God has been good, to let Aibon come into our lives, who grew up with us. For the countless times she entertained me with her natural antics and in song, I can never thank her enough. I wish Aibon the best of luck in whatever she do. Mayhaps we may see her again sometime, someplace, somewhere...

Thanks for reading. Peace ^_^

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Niigaki Risa is in Love!

WHG had an entry which caught my attention: About where Niigaki Risa thinks that the dude underneath the Usagi (of the famed Zekkyu Commercial) is an "Ikemen", meaning "handsome guy". Yes, another scandal is on the way. And this time it involves Gaki-san!

Here are the past memories of the two lovebirds:

Pretty clingy, don't you think? They don't act like strangers at all.

So who's behind the mask of the cuddly Usagi? Though it has been hinted many times in the show that the Usagi character is a female (hence being PINK), we have glimpses of the dude behind the mask showing up here and there

The last episode of Zekkyu Commercial provided us a glimpse of him.

Last week's World Pucchi Game.

Later I found THIS on the uploaders:

Quite a good lookin' guy there, innit?

Hoho~~! Gaki-san is in love? Another scandal? Perhaps trying to break the Sakura Gumi Curse?

Sorry... Please do not take the last two post too seriously. I'm sure that thread in WHG was meant to be a joke. Plus, I'm definitely blogging under the influence of alcohol here...... It's the only way I can get a grip of myself before I move on, after the saddening news about Aibon.

Cheers! Blogging as usual after this~~~!
Peace ^_^
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Sakura Gumi Curse is Taking Effect

Kago Ai is tops. Cos' it takes TWO scandals to remove her from Hello! Project. But before we all sink to the sick idea that has been circling around the net that Aibon will advance to the AV world, allow me to draw your attention to this - Hello! Project curses.

We've heard of the famous Love Machine curse and Ray followed up with Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~ Curse, and I tried to draw a Rainbow 7 Curse and the Duo Curse myself.

Now, the Sakura Gumi Curse is finally taking effect. Observe:

Talks about this curse surfaced sometime last year after the suspension of Aibon. For those who have never heard of it, here's what it means:
Note that the girls in the top row are the good girls. Clean records. Nothing serious there. While at the bottom row, 3 of them are involved in some controversial situation somehow.

Abe Natsumi --> Plagiarism for her book; The case of the endangered turtle.
Kago Ai --> Smoking scandal; smoking scandal + relationship scandal.
Yaguchi Mari --> Secret relationship with actor Oguri Shun; Relationship rumour with Okamura Takashi.

Who's next on the list? Why it's the girl Aibon is playfully pointing at, as if to say "You're next!" --> Takahashi Ai!

Good lordy~~! What could it be? What will become of our unassuming beloved backup-ace with a Fukui accent?
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Monday, March 26, 2007

It's over.... Kago Ai contract terminated...

This just in.

Title text: News Flash "Kago-chan contract terminated."

And it's all over.

Official announcement from Hello! Project.

EDIT 8:10 P.M. : Scroll down or click here for translation.

加護亜依 一部報道記事について
関係各位 殿

 弊社所属 加護亜依について報じた3月26日(月)発売週刊誌の記事について、加護本人から報告を受け、残念ながら事実であることを確認しました。




代表取締役 川口勇吉

Other news sites:
Yahoo! News, sourced from Sport Hochi.
Nikkan Sports

Excuse me for a sec.... I ... err... gotta go take a breather. Will be back to translate... If I can...


UPDATE 8:10 P.M.:
I have translated the announcement as best I can. Don't mind the grammar, I can't think at the mo. Let me know if you spot any mistakes.
Kago Ai - Concerning a report
To whom it may concern,

Concerning an article that our company have received about Kago Ai on 26th March from a weekly magazine, we have received report from Kago herself, and regretably have verified it to be fact.

One year ago during the smoking issue, taking into account that there is still a future being at 17 years old, we have imposed a house arrest at home.

In observation of the one year contemplation process, providing a space for discussion, we had (Kago) to come to the city for internship and helping with office work in the Tokyo office, towards beginning a preparation for comeback.

Although after approximately 2 months of properly fulfilling her duties, with regards to a second occurrence at this time, we have decided to abort the reinstatement.

Additionally, because it is a case of a minor, receiving acknowledgement after discussing with her family, her contract has been terminated/canceled.

Concerning the becoming of this situation, the custodians has come to full realization with regret. *

From now onwards, we will hold a higher level of responsibility, to provide a thorough supervision especially to the minor talents.

26th March Heisei Year 19
Representative for publicity company Up Front Agency
Kawaguchi Yuukichi

* Not so sure about this phrase. Any takers?


Well... the wait is over... It's FINALLY over. Yeah, I know there's a chance that Aibon can still approach other agencies for work, and we can still see her.... but for now, Aibon says:


I guess it's expected already. I'm a gonna get some beer tonight...
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Kago Ai Scandal Acknowledged.... Fans in Denial

So after a month when Aibon exclaimed that "I am deeply sorry, I still want to sing" in Friday's scoop about Aibon working in Tokyo....... this happens. Suddenly Friday seemed like the good guy now.

Whether this scoop is true or not, all I find is that other news sites are already acknowledging the scoop reported by Weekly Gendai.

Nikkan Sports
Yahoo! News sourced from Daily Sports

WHG has highlighted some news scans.

Hopping on the bandwagon to keep up-to-date with "the current hottest news"?
.... Or the naked truth?

"I don't believe this.... this can't be true?!"

That's the same thought I had when I first receive the news of Kago Ai having a go at the cancer stick. I still think of it. Now, a lot of us fans are in denial as to whether the girl in the recent tabloid pic is really Aibon. Come to think of it, we thought the same thing when we saw the picture of a girl wearing a pair of thick-framed glasses smoking her life away in a restaurant late night in February last year.

What I think at least, IMO, is that the mention of Aibon smoking again could be made-up by the WG stalker-reporter. Because, as collaboratively highlighted by all the news site mentioned above --> there are no picture evidence to show that she actually smoked. I mean, come on... you can take clearcut and close-up photos of a girl from the side window of the car but none where she has a cigarette on the mouth?? Not that this would have lessen the brevity of the "crime" if it wasn't mentioned, cos' there's still the love relationship scandal to consider. BUT we all know that relationship scandals have never hurt Goto Maki's nor Matsuura Aya's career in the past, and they have quite a few of them. Just say "It wasn't me" or "We didn't do nothin'", and everything will be alright.

But then again, am I being logical and skeptic? Or just being in a state of denial?

I'm tired. As Ray put it nicely -> We have contracted the "Kago Fatigue".

I better get back to work...
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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kago Ai on the News Again....? [Updated]

Oh GREAT! What is it this time now?!!

I was just thinking of logging in today, to explain my disappearance and announce some happy news... but I received an email from Patrick (Thanks for the heads-up) and double checked at WHG and m.m.p.-san's blog

Seems like Aibon is back on the headlines again.

"Kago Ai on a 'Smoking' Onsen Love Vacation" ??!!

Found even more scans and message alerts about this news. No, it's not Friday again, it's Weekly Gendai. Honestly, I'm a bit frustrated now. Suspicious also, but darn frustrated as well.


Scans from uploader --> 1, 2, 3, 4

This scoop was covered by Weekly Gendai to be released next month. Date of incident is 18th March. Noting that a couple was spotted walking towards a car parked at a gasoline stand, 600m away from a hotel. It was clearly seen that the two were holding hands.

Then it proceeds to identify the girl to be Kago Ai, and recounts her past "smoking scandal" incident as reference. Also noted her previous news of internship with her management company, Up Front Agency.

Whoever the reporter was, it was truly stalker-style reporting. Because it went on to detail everything from Aibon's clothing and every single noticed action in the car - her cautious expression, body contact with the driver, and ... notices that "something between her index and middle finger, and white smoke coming out", and is puzzled to as to why this action is performed in a public place. Apparently, the driver was assumed to be a heavy smoker, and so probably Aibon gave in to the temptation.

Personally, I find it even more disturbing that the reporter managed to snap a side-view photo of the car while on the move. (Though no picture of her smoking was captured, thank God) What's more disturbing, is how they went as far as get the menu list of what they ate on the Onsen house, even though it was VIP/private function. Further probing finds that the dude was about 37 years old, and the Onsen house workers denies that they were lovers.

I don't want to ramble on, and provide a word-by-word translation. The more I translate, probably the more chances I make mistakes on my comprehension of the article. So here are the focus points:

1) The identity of the man with mustache -> the owner of a popular cafe "SOMA", Ishimoto Haruki, he's married. Reportedly, he is famous amongst some celebrities who patronizes the cafe often.
2) It was supposed to be a small gathering with some relatives, where 7 other people attended as well.
3) UFA was contacted for comments --> "(Ishimoto) is, as pointed out, a close acquaintance. It would be thoughtless/careless of Kago if she did in fact stay overnight". [edited]

My concern about Aibon is the hand-holding part and the smoking part. Good golly, she really should watch herself when in public. I have no problems if she had a boyfriend or something, but she should at least behave in public at a critical moment like this.

I hope nobody will assume that Aibon's is trying to make a return to showbiz by sleeping with some guy, in order to acquire some "assistance". Because the article is clearly making a mountain out of a molehill - 60% sighting reports, 30% speculations news, 10% actual facts. In other words, typical tabloid writing format.

But here's the catch: The current chief editor of Weekly Gendai, was formerly Friday's chief editor. The switchover was 3rd of March 2006. Fishy, fishy...

Again, thanks to those who provided the heads-up. Let me know if anyone find out more about this.

Hello! Online provided a summary of the article, PLUS info from the BBS in 2ch. I may have misunderstood some things, so please go ahead and read it too, to compare.
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Monday, March 19, 2007

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin TV debut on Hello! Morning

Finally! Managed to download yesterday's Hello! Morning to view. I must say that Mikitty's hobby searching programme pretty much took the spotlight. I was laughing away non-stop there. Definitely a treat for the "Miki-sama" type of fans. Also it happens to be the last episode for Hello Pro Channel... due to the airtime cut, presumably. And the last Haromoni performance before the airtime cut will be GAM and their latest single "Lu Lu Lu". Absolutely leg-o-licious! Love the constant patting of the behinds between the two. *nods* (^o^)/

Next week will be a recap episode, airing the past memorable scenes of Hello! Morning. PLUS, Haromoni games between the ex-Momusu and current Momusu members. Good God, it's going to be a blast to hear Marippe scream again~~~! ^_^

On topic then. The uploaded screencaps and clips here and there pretty much gave away the anticipation about Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin (this must be the n-th time I'm typing Jyun Jyun Rin Rin Jyun Jyun Rin Rin here... maybe I should use JyunX2 or RinX2 next time) joining Morning Musume as 8th generation "exchange students" members.

Hello!Online has upped the vid on Youtube, of the announcement part only for viewing, which is good cos' most of everyone is more interested to see that 5-minute segment only.

You should read the comments in the news clip on H!O. Most have been on the favourable side.

In summary, it's not much different from what I highlighted in my previous post. Tsunku had called in Jyun Jyun and Rin... ugh... there must be a shorter way to type their names, but it would be funny to create a nickname for another nickname....... aaaAAAANYways, Tsunku called the girls in and presented his decision via VTR monitor. The girls, of course, shed tears of joy over it. And it's clear at this point, that Jyun Jyun cannot speak nor read Japanese. In fact, Tsunku's message on the monitor had CHINESE subtitles on it. Heh! ^_^
This makes my translation MUCH easier... I'm better in Chinese compared to Japanese (^_^)v

He said in the first VTR to the girls, that "I can sense future potential and the hardwork that you have put up since coming to Japan, and the ambition to expand to the Asian music market. This could be a turning point in your lives, and for that I have had made a decision to put you in a important position - to include you as part of 8th generation intake as exchange students within Morning Musume.".

After that, he broke the same news to the Momusu members who were called in at short notice, and of course all hell broke loose... err... or something to that effect. We weren't given much footage of their reactions. They need time to digest that.

Yossie was asked to stay behind for another message from Tsunku - Yossie, although graduating on May, is appointed with a special role to help the new girls to blend in with the current Momusu smoothly. She was asked to meet the new girls in person, before the others do, to establish first communication and prepare them for meeting the rest on the next day, with a good atmosphere. And her reaction was, as you know, "EEEHHH~~!!" ^_^

The rest of the girls read about the news on a bus. Comments are as follows:
Gaki-san: "(Special Skills) Guitar... and Emcee!?"
Sayu : "yeah... she's tall!"
Reina : "That's the name!? Only two words...!?"

The first meeting will be aired next week, AND a secret behind the decision up till the inclusion of the new girls. Another one?! Boy, Hello! Project is up to a good start this year, isn't it? Surprises after surprises everytime...

EDIT:20/03/2007 10:35A.M. - Hello!Online has the translated transcript of this Hello! Morning show. Bit different from my understanding of the show. Perhaps I have mistaken a few things. Heh! ^_^
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Feed of Pop is Dead... but In Comes International Wota

News for those who have been following the Feed of Pop, it is now stopped.

In comes International Wota. While it is not a feed aggregate like FoP, it is group blog that will recommend interesting idol blog entries, forum threads, fan site developments, and news.

There will be more to come. So please do check it out for more recommended interesting information on J-culture.

Peace ^_^
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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Karaoke Trend in Japan

Last month, when I went to Yumekukan for karaoke to celebrate Aibon's news, I blogged about my experience there, and some comments about the place. The owner of Yumekukan found my blog from Yahoo and sent an email to me in response about it. With his permission, here it is:

Dear Jinryuichi san,

Greeting from Karaoke Yumekukan.
I appreciate you have introduced our Karaoke.

Further to your comment, I would like to explain Karaoke
trend in Japan.

8 Tracks -> Laser Disc-> VCD/LCD -> Tsushin Karaoke

As media changes, their music format also changed.
Normally Japanese Karaoke maker always appeal their number
of songs. So, to achieve this, they have to think how to
save memory, or how to compress data.
That is why you don't see original singer in BGV(back
ground video). Music-MIDI, BGV-mpeg

But now, as HDD capacity increases, many companies tried
to put more original pictures as BGV. But in reality, I
don't see any problems in business because most of
customers are used to our system exactly as same as in
Japan. Off course, if you really pursue the quality, LD
and DVD is better, but the matter of capacity and no one
utilize these media for commercial use.

Somehow I see the Karaoke culture difference between
Japanese and Chinese. In Japan, we don't have
Analogue/Digital concept. No voice is recorded in Karaoke
media. Whereas Chinese/English Karaoke have voice and you
can switch as you know.

I hope this can help you to understand more about Japanese
Karaoke and really appreciate your support.
And I enjoyed viewing Japanese artist info.

Best regards,
Yoshihiro Muneyasu
Karaoke Yumekukan

So now I understand. Quite interesting, indeed. If you are in Malaysia, and you wanna try Japanese Karaoke, please give Yumekukan a visit. Perhaps you can test your Nihongo there. ^_^

My advice, try the slower songs first, because even I had hard time singing Orange Range and Pierrot songs. It's fine if you're familiar with only anime songs, they have section dedicated entirely to that. There's also English songs there too, but not as much as Japanese.

Enjoy! \(^o^)/
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Announcement about Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin on Hello! Morning - Preview and Pics

Today is the day where an announcement about Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) and Qian Li's(Rin Rin) induction to Morning Musume will be made on Hello! Morning. Hello! Morning this morning ended about a few hours ago, but some kind soul posted screencaps from the show to the uploaders. I'm looking forward to download the whole thing, but for now these will have to do.
From the screencaps, interesting reactions... everyone was stunned!!

I wonder what the girls are thinking now?
... better yet, I wonder what Mitssi is thinking now? ^_^

Momusu girls read the news from the papers on the bus - Who says they don't keep up to the current affairs?

Everyone's reaction
. Seems like Tsunku called everyone together to watch his announcement from the monitor screens. (Maybe to avoid from getting beat up by the girls. Hehe! ^_^)

And after Tsunku broke news...

Yossie reaction. Yossie says "EEEHHH~~! This.... argh... what should I do?"
EDIT: Listen here.

Gaki-san's reaction. Gaki-san says "[ Insert your caption here ]!"

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin reaction to the announcement. Left column is Rin Rin (saying "I'm happy!"), right column is Jyun Jyun.

Rin Rin speaks GOOD Japanese!! Listen here!

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin waits on to meet Momusu. There are subtitles under Jyun Jyun's frame. She can speak Japanese too?!
Rin Rin: "I'm so looking forward to this, my mind is blank now"
Jyun Jyun: "I'm feeling excited"

And so finally! They come face to face!

EDIT: Rin Rin speaks REALLY GOOD Japanese. But, Jyun Jyun didn't say much, couldn't make out what she said there. Sounds like something in Chinese and Rin Rin translated it for her. Yossie comments that Rin Rin's Japanese is good, while Rin Rin humbly denies it. They're talking about some Chinese food. Obviously, Yossie is probing to check their conversational skills.
Listen here.

And that's it.

These new girls are came in with a good prerequisite - Able to converse in Japanese! .... Or at least Rin Rin can. Good Lord! I might just..... no wait.... calm down. I must see more, to pass judgement now will be unfair to the current Momusu girls. Will wait... will wait... oh man~~~! (T^T)b
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Reactions to the induction of Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin

Foreword: Had only 5 hours of sleep for the past two days, big crisis at work. It's tough working in a managed hosting line. As a result, I missed my appointment with the neurologist, and my headache came back. My family got pissed with me on missing the appointment (that I have waited for 3 months). And this blog post got delayed. *Sigh*... Welp, back to work. (^_^)v

Just when I thought I could escape the bland world of Chinese music (in Mando-pop and Canto-pop) that is riddled with loads of ballads, predictable music, shallow PR, and lame covers.... Hello! Project just came back and presented two Chinese girls, Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) and Qian Li (Rin Rin) as Morning Musume members to me. Funny how things come around. ^_^

To be clear, I am Chinese myself. What more can a Chinaman want, but to see a brethren of his own race taken to such a high degree of recognition. But I remain neutral on this. While a part of me is happy, the Momusu-otaku side of me is complaining.

Firstly, some news. Japan-Zone acknowledges the news and notes that the new girls will take dance, vocal and Japanese lessons, and will blend in with the Momusu members easily. While Hello! Online notes that while the China-dolls are inducted, they will not be part of the next Morning Musume next single "Kanashimi Twilight" on April. But they will officially debut and introduced to the fans on Yoshizawa Hitomi's graduation on May. Some long period for image training, voice coaching and dance drills perhaps? H!O also notes initial reaction by Yossie - absolutely shocked. Heh! Who can blame her? Tomorrow's Hello! Morning episode will be interesting indeed. ^_^

Fellow bloggers of the CoP militia have mixed responses to this. Since we're linking each other here, allow me to return the favour. First, Ray analysed the matter from a broad perspective, Tom remains unsure, Julia takes a look at the big picture in a favourable light, Pengie is familiar with Jyun Jyun, and is worried that they maybe become another Coconuts Musume, Kd has mixed reactions, Hunterx17 is pissed, Japtard thinks Jyun Jyun is cute, Bene is excited, and RadP is stunned. If I missed out anybody, please head over to the Feed of Pop to check out the rest.

As for me, I am surprised with this decision. Like I mentioned in a previous post, Tsunku has a huge appetite, but I think he may be biting off more than he can chew.

We all know Tsunku has ambitions to advance to the Asian market as announced in the Happy 8 Audition. By but "Asia", what it really meant is "East-Asia". Otherwise he would have chosen some girls with Indian descents to sing Morning Curry and Koi no Dance Site to make the transition easier. ^_^ As in all sales and marketing strategies, the best first step is always your neighbours and the ones around you. Tsunku chose China. (He has already invaded Korea with Goto Maki and affliating with Harmony Promotions by taking in Sonim.)

This be not the first time Tsunku has tried the Chinese market, and I think a lot of us can recall several examples. I would like to highlight Ji Minjia, also widely known as "Jia Jia" (notice the pattern? ^_^), whom he took under his wing in TNX, starting with an anime opening song for The Galaxy Railways. Jia Jia also took part in "The Japan-China Exchange Year of Culture and Sports 2007" as representive from China for the opening act in the Super Live event a few days ago. Jia Jia also doubles as an "ecological ambassador" from China.

We always say that Morning Musume has a "National Idol" tag in Japan, and as we all know, there were many political undertones in their work (ecology campaign, political campaign) and in song (Love Machine). As you can see, this time it's not any different - UFW is moving alongside with Japan-China relations policy.

The idea behind the mentioned Japan-China relations policy, while serving to improve the relations between the two country, it is also, in my opinion, used to reconcile the past war sins of Japan to China. Because China still have bitter memories of the Japanese invasion and occupation in World War 2. And so that Super Live was born, to use music as a universal tool for inter-cultural communication and promote good relations. I can almost hear the top guys in UFW say "What better marketing strategy than acquiring assistance of political influence?"

As you can see, the foundations are set already. And we know what happened next a couple days ago.

That said, I am half-supportive about Tsunku taking in Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin to join Momusu, even if they were dubbed "exchange student". Mostly due to my involvement in the Chinese music scene in the past. My take - good that Tsunku is ambitious, but he should tread carefully.

The Chinese music scene is a very wide and extensive, because there also Chinese in other countries. So by venturing in their market, it also introduces your material to other countries. BUT it also very harsh and unforgiving. Same goes for Japan. After visiting the Japanese blogs and BBS, I find that more than 60% of the reactions have been on the negative side. A lot of fans in Japan are angered over the intake of the two China-dolls, expressing that Momusu should stay 100% Japanese. I only visited a few Chinese sites, saw a mixture of positive and negative comments. I wonder if the overall reaction are the same as Japan. With that, I'm thinking that there may just be a chance that this move by Tsunku will backfire on him.

It's up to the guys in UFW to work on that. I would suggest that he move into the younger audience. My friends keep telling me that the younger generations in China have no problems with what happened in WW2, saying "the past is past". And it is most evident in Taiwan especially, where Japanese fashion and culture run amok in the streets. Lots of them are even pro-Japanese. Perhaps, on the plus side, we may get to hear more R&B and up-beat mainstream Pop music from Morning Musume.

Personally, I wish that Morning Musume stay purely Japanese. Create another Chinese Musume or China Musume or Chan Pon Chan Musume, if they have to. But on the other hand, I am intrigued to see on how this plan will work out. I mean, Mini Moni came out just fine, with Hawaiian born Mika in the mix.

This isn't the first time we have an inter-cultural group in Jpop. There was (now disbanded) Black Biscuits consisting of comedians Kyoya Nanami and Amazan, female vocalist Keddy(who joined later) and Taiwanese Vivian Hsu.

I enjoyed their songs back then in 1998, especially with jumpy, dance-able tunes of Stamina and Taimingu (Timing). But guess what was their ambition of this group ..... "Advancing to the Asia market". Unfortunately, they didn't last long enough to realize that dream. However, Vivian is fluent in Japanese, making her acceptance easier. Could this mean that there is always an ambition inside the of hearts of Japanese (showbiz) to conquer Asia?

For now, it's another "wait and see" situation for me. If Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin can emulate Mika's example in Mini Moni and Vivian in Black Biscuits, they might be able to fit right in. I'm still skeptical, but perhaps time will change my mind, just as my acceptance of Koharu-chan and Mittsi has.

Thanks for reading. Peace ^_^
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Friday, March 16, 2007

New Additions to Morning Musume - Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) and Qian Lin (Rin Rin)

Big news! As part of the 8th generation, two new addition to Morning Musume in the form of "exchange student" from China - Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) and Qian Lin (Rin Rin).
Here's the summary from the announcement made in Hello! Project site, Tsunku's official site and Up Front Works.

Apparently at the time of the Happy 8 Audition, Jyun Jyun took part in an audition in Beijing, China. And Rin Rin was an exchange student in Hello Project eggs. Tsunku saw potential in them when he saw them perform in a concert.

Tsunku reiterates his goal of 2007 to break into the Asian market, and looks at these two girls as the "key person", and it is his best decision to include them in Morning Musume.

He comments that these girls possess a "character" that Morning Musume did not have so far. He is convinced that in their singing skills he sees that they are "members with a great new hidden possibility" (I hope I phrase that correctly)

He continues to say that "This year is the 10th anniversary of Morning Musume since its formation. So far, in the repetition of various graduations and additions, it became a vocal unit with unending evolution and is loved by all. To further this growth, it is with my great expectation that this a good opportunity for another evolution with the addition of Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin."

He ends the announcement while asking for everyone to extend their support, and he wishes all a great springtime.

Background Information

Jyun Jyun
Real Name: Li Chun
Birthday: 11 February 1988
Age: 19 years old
Birthplace: Hunan, China
Height: 168 cm

Musical instruments: Piano, 2 years
Hobby and Specialty: Singing, acting
Foreign Language: English (Beginner Level)
Favourite Artist: Wayne Lin Jun Jie, Cyndi Wang Xin Ling
Performing history: 2006 Super Girl, Area Best 50 in ChangshaLink Here
Jyun Jyun in action in Super Girl 2006

Some pics of Jyun Jyun:

Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3, Pic 4, Pic 5

Rin Rin
Real name: Qian Lin
Birthdate: 11 March 1991
Age: 16 years
Birthplace: Hangzhou, China
Height: 153cm

Special Skills: Emcee, acting, impersonation, singing, dance, piano, guitar, swimming... etc.
Performing history: Scouted in elementary school (2nd Grade). Acted in TV dorama (soap opera) and hosted television shows. Started to join the showbiz in China
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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tsunku's Announcement on Hello! Morning - New Additions to Morning Musume!

Last week on Hello! Morning show -->

Tsunku has a emergency announcent!

"I have made up my mind... "

.... but to be announced next week.

Mystery, mystery... I wonder what he has in his mind? Here's what popped into me head when I think about it. Of course, I assumed that it has something to do with Morning Musume. Don't think they'd show that last frame of Momusu for nothing.

(Not in order of possibility)
1) Tsunku is handing over the role of producer of Hello! Project and Morning Musume to someone else. Maybe he wants to concentrate on his company TNX to promote his protegees Tokito Ami and The Possible. And of course his restaurant "It's a Gohan World".

2) Repeat history, and send the Momusu girls to sell 50,000 copies for the next single "Kanashimi Twilight" in 5 days, just like the the first generation members.

3) An extreme promotion plan for Morning Musume, in accordance with his goal of breaking to the Asia market, just as he has announced during the Happy 8th Audition.

4) A surprise addition of a new member to Morning Musume, probably from the dropouts of the Happy 8 Audition. I'm thinking Kikkawa Yu.

5) Set a record breaking event for Morning Musume. e.g. The most concert tour shows in history of Japan entertainment history.

Later, news came from the Hello! Project site and if that's what it's all about, then I am half-right at number 3 and 4.

New members for Morning Musume! Source from Hello! Project official site.

Two Chinese girls!
Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) 19 years old
Qian Lin ( Rin Rin ) 16 years old

Tsunku was DAMN serious on breaking the Asia market, wasn't he?
... although it is stated that they will be in an identity of.... "exchange students" ?!

Translations for the announcement coming up. Along with some pictures from uploaders as well.
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Jin's Brain Scan

No, not that Morning Musume's Brain Scan segment on the Hello! Morning show. This is real.

December last year I mentioned about the problem with my headache. Tomorrow, I'll be taking the day off to go for my appointment with a neurologist in a hospital, to examine my head. Possibly going for a brain scan - maybe MRI or CAT, I don't know. I've had a history of physical problems in my lifetime, but I'm sure I'll stay positive this time. And maybe one more blog post tonight too... (^_^)v

And Craig, if you are still anymore worried about your mental state of the head or whatever else.... remember, this guy here had it worse than you. Be strong, bro. Peace... (^_^)
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Up Front Music School - Makoto and Yasuda Kei as Special Lecturers

No big news, but it caught my attention because I was curious as to what Yasuda Kei's current activity is like.

While surfing around, I dropped by Up-Front Music School (UFMS) to have a look. And guess what I found? Makoto and Yasuda Kei are appointed "special lecturers" for a lecture class at UFMS.

From their introduction texts, UFMS is born from the parent companies made up of Up Front Groups and TV Tokyo. It works like a recording company cum event management, just like TNX. And it deals with everything, from music, variety shows, theater and drama.

On topic......... to be clear, that "Makoto" mentioned there is Makoto, the drummer for Sharan Q. Not Ogawa Makoto. Apologies to those who misunderstood after reading the post title........ But I put it up there on purpose, really. Heh! \(^o^)/
I notice that it is spelt Sharam Q, not Sharan Q. I'm pretty sure it was Sharan Q ( シャ乱 Q ). Otherwise Ranma 1/2 ( 乱馬 1/2 ) would be RAMMA 1/2! ^_^

Target audience are those who are aiming to become a professional artiste and those with some interest in the entertainment biz. In that lecture, Makoto and Kei-chan will be sharing their past experience, mental attitude, enthusiasm needed...etc., and also some things to take note when preparing for and participating in an audition.
See here.
So THIS what Kei-chan is currently up to - Lecturing. I was hoping that she gets more singing work... :(

At this point, I can't help but compare UFMS with another music school - Caless. Both schools take in students from age 5 to young adults. UFMS have produced the Hello! Project Kids (namely C-ute, ZYX, Aa!), Caless has hatched acts like Paradise GO!! GO!! and Hinoi Team. Presentation-wise, from what I saw the web design for UFMS is just... well, it sucks. In comparison, it's so obvious Caless has more class. And Caless provides a much wider range of services and courses. Why, they even have Yoga lessons. :)
But that's just on the surface, ya? Not enough insight on both schools to do a detailed comparison...

Maybe it's time UFMS try to improve on the course range. And at least redesign their website to match up to the Up-Front Works website.
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Monday, March 12, 2007

GAM steals the "sexy" tag

Something short and recent before I get back to writing essays.

Kd of Iroiro Aru Sa made an interesting post about the different departments in Morning Musume that appeals to the fans. This is why I love reading her posts - she always think outside the box. Basically, she highlighted some different styles that caters for the fans. Namely The Sexy Ones, The Cute Ones and The Cool Ones. I'll leave it for you guys to read the rest of it.

Currently, the obvious ones that is being pushed with the "sexy image" (or ero-kawaii, whichever you may call it) are Goto Maki, and Biyuuden. (I'm not including the PBs here.) Now, GAM is taking over that faction.

.... okay, to be fair, they are TRYING to take over the "sexy" faction. This picture compensated my previous remark about them high socks covering up the legs. That's the same outfit in the PV for the single "Lu Lu Lu". It would excite me even more, if they dance in them. There... I'm happy now. \(^o^)/

Ayaya has lost some weight lately, and looking better than ever. Reminds me of her role in movie Sukeban Deka. And Mikitty? Honestly... I'm growing a soft spot for her for some time already. She's still got quite an attitude, but I like her for her character.

On the "sexy image" part, I don't know how the overall fan reaction/acceptance to where GAM is going. But it will be interesting to see what the UFA will do, if they find that after all the hard work they invested on the image training for Gocchin and Biyuuden bunny girls, and GAM just strides in to snatch the trophy. ^_^

EDIT: If you're wondering what colour of them panties Ayaya and Mikitty is wearing under the white shirt in the first pic........ See here -->

No panties. Just... grey sweat pants. Bleh...
(Never mind the high socks though, audree says it's fashion)
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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello! Morning Slot Gets Cut

Hello! Online reports that the Hello! Morning (Haromoni) airtime is cut to half, from 55 minutes to 30 minutes. Actually, I'm happy. Now before you start throwing rotten eggs at me, I will explain.

I stumbled on this news earlier. But I brushed it off, thinking that it was just another rumour. This was not the first time I heard of news like this. There were also rumours of Berryz Koubou taking over the Haromoni slot with their own show. Surely enough, when the Haromoni episode on September last year where Berryz Koubou starred the entire show with a trip to the country side and a junior school, I grew even more worrier. But the following weeks seem to resume as usual, and I soon forgot about it. Perhaps there WAS a plan in the works but UFA shelved it in the final minutes.......? I guess we'll never know.

Personally, I was worried with a bigger issue - that the Haromoni show will be shelved entirely, and surrendered the airtime slot. For a long time, other than the drop in the sales of CDs, fans were also concerned with the falling ratings of the Haromoni show. Compared with the Golden Age times, of course it is abysmal, but I blame the lack of follow-up by the management. There was a notice on the Hello! Morning official site at TV Tokyo, where they will be broadcasting selective memorable scenes in the past Haromoni episodes for two consecutive weeks - 25th March and 1st April. The show will be collecting requests from viewers for the scenes that they want to watch again. I was shocked. From my point of view, it smells like a "final episode". Coupled with the rumours of Haromoni airtime, I felt a cramp in my stomach... Is Hello! Morning finally over??!

To my relief, Hello! Online finally highlighted that it was only an airtime "cut", not a "cancellation". Though I could not locate this news from TV Tokyo itself and nothing on the Haromoni official BBS as well, but I believe H!O's news is reliable. From their source, apparently TV Tokyo with their TV network TXN, is making the adjustments to achieve their goal of reaching consistent tv ratings of 10% during their "Golden Hour". So the same TV station where Morning Musume was born now cuts the Haromoni airtime. I assume UFA has failed to negotiate (or did not try) to reverse the decision, but then again the decision is too way up in the corporate level to change. Welp, they're the boss...

In the net (well, in the Hello!Online community actually), while some were dissapointed upon hearing the news, there were others that remain positive on this issue - citing that it is a good time for Haromoni to reflect on their show material, perhaps strive to provide a much more compact but quality show. And I agree with this. After all, Haromoni started out with less than 20 minutes back in the year 2000 and the showtime gradually increased to the current 55 minutes. What the show needs now is more enthusiasm and participation from the Morning Musume members. Rather than depending on the show writers to arrange for visits to Disneyland, theme parks, zoos and animal farms for them. I remember the time during a (now defunct) Hello Pro Wide segment where Nakazawa Yuko and Ishikawa Rika boasted that they could have their own independent show with HPW. That's the type of enthusiasm I wished to see more in the current lineup.

However......... I can't help but think --> Will Hello! Morning eventually be removed from the slot altogether? Maybe yes...... maybe no.......

Thinking about it makes me shudder......
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A Week of Silence

Been a week of silence from me. Many things have been happening in my life - job, marriage, friends, life... etc. Though I do keep checking back on the world of H!P and Jpop in general, I didn't have enough time to blog them. Nevertheless, blogging resumes as usual starting.... now? Yeah, make that now, or I'll keep procrastinating again.

Thanks to all who have been checking back. (^o^)/

Another thing, I have been thinking of registering my own domain, and move this blog there.... probably use WordPress to blog this time. (After seeing all the fun my friends have been having, I couldn't resist. Heh! ^_^) But the domain switch isn't happening soon, I still have to look for an appropriate web hosting. My personal blog will follow soon after. Will notify to all when it happens.

My boss have offered to host my blog in our company server. Why did my boss offer to host PERSONAL domain on COMPANY server for me? Well, it's no big deal really. Being an employee has its own benefits....... no, actually I have a separate plan - An online store! Mostly dealing with Hello! Project and other Jpop merchandise. The blog remains the same, and the store will be a different site. Setting up the store isn't a problem, it's the marketing that takes up a lot of brainwork and hardwork.

Currently, it's still in the initial stage of planning. Once the plans are firmed up, the store will be ready to go. Will keep myself level headed. Although I have big plans for this online store...... I'm no or after all. I'm thinking of recruiting some people to join me in this endeavor. Two(or more) heads are better than one, yes?

Hopefully things will pan out alright. Wish me luck! (^_^)v
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Monday, March 05, 2007

Kago Ai Blues

An Aibon fanvid found on Youtube. Sing along if you like. LOL ^_^

"Kago-chan....... Dai suki~~~!"

........ I don't think John Lee Hooker sang that though. \(^o^)/
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Kago Ai on Friday 5 ... Voices from Japan (Summary)

Belated post.

Firstly, I forgot February is only 28 days, thus I didn't pay my internet bills. And after I managed to reactivate my account, my PC crashed on me. And THEN when I managed to restore it, my ethernet card is giving me problems! *sigh*

Anyway, everything is fine now.

On topic then..... When I went to reactivate my internet account, I stopped by the bookstore and ...

... bought the issue of Kago Ai interview with Friday magazine. I'm having mixed emotions looking at it, although now this news is old. However, I was curious: How are response from the people from Japan with this news?

What I've found are based on reactions and comments from blogs, news sites and a short talk with handful of people residing in Japan. May or may not represent the entire fandom's voice as a whole.

On writing this, I realised that how greatly influenced I am by the popular (now cancelled) weekly Sunday Blog Roundup by Ray of And it shows in the some parts of this article. Heh! ^_^ Don't worry if you cannot read Japanese. Just thought that I'd include my sources in here. So now you know where I mostly do my patrolling. ^_^

Firstly, news sites like Sanspo have acknowledged the exclusive by Friday. Even Yahoo! News have covered it as well with an article (sourcing from, adding that there are concerns as to whether Aibon can make her comeback. It is commented that ex-Momusu members are suffering decreased activity, stemming from the current Morning Musume's drop in popularity. It drew such comparison like Goto Maki for being unable to create a wave with her recent sexy image and Nakazawa Yuko's decreased activity. Geinouscoop echoes this article. It further comments, being unsure whether Aibon could at least match up to Yaguchi Mari's current activity.

From the shores of Japan, blogger topspin1 begins by saying if Aibon returns to showbiz, she may be arranged to go on a "different route" and additionally notes that the 1 year suspension is good for Aibon - in a good way (in order to teach her a lesson, perhaps). Further stating that Aibon, due to her being one of the most popular girls back in her Morning Musume days, and had probably become arrogant. Coupled with stress, she became brave enough to smoke. (But I think influence from friends played a big part there too).

On the official return date - there is none announced. But by now, a lot of us have heard about the steady rumour about Aibon's return to showbiz on the graduation day of Yoshizawa Hitomi - 6th of May. Also noted by m.m.p. And I agree with him, and the commenters that posted on my previous posts - Aibon's reinstatement (if it ever happens soon) should NOT coincide with Yossie's graduation. It only makes sense, otherwise it will hurt the meaning of Yossie's graduation. But it's the comments left on that blog that caught my attention. Will explain below.

I found a collection of links of blogs and news sites about Aibon's news, and that's a LOT of links and cross-links. I wish I could join their community to post comments and ask questions, without looking like a complete under-informed gaijin noob. But I cannot, so here's a summary of what I discovered:

1) Aibon haters exist
2) Among blog commenters, a lot of them are pessimistic on Aibon's return.
3) There are no blogs or news sites that bad-mouth Aibon. Only commenters and BBS posters do that.
4) Some people think that the suspension is too short
5) Some compared Aibon's suspension to the ones within Johnny's Jr. And thought that is unfair that Aibon to be allowed to return to showbiz.
6) Some think that Aibon should not be allowed to return because what she did(smoking) had an impact on the younger generations, and that is unforgivable
7) Aibon has gone skinny (Duh!)
8) The "aura" that Aibon projected in the Friday interview emits negative energy. Not sure if Aibon can come back and resume the image back when before she got suspended.
9) Aibon has faded to a mere "normal girl"
10) Bloggers are more hopeful about her return, and agree that her return should not coincide with Yossie's graduation
11) Some think that Aibon has changed/matured. And they are love how she looks now.
12) A small number predicts that she returns when she is 20 years old.
13) Aibon may not be able to sing when she returns. Career path may be more on drama acting, like Yaguchi Mari.
14) "I can't wait for her to come back!"
15) "It's about time!"

..... etc etc etc.

After reading what I have found, I hate to admit it but as the Hello! Project management office(referring to UFA perhaps) said, they DO know what is going on and what's at stake to reinstate "Kago Ai" to the showbiz. And it is a difficult task - currently it is but, in their own words, a "blank sheet of paper". There ARE a bunch of people that have negative views on Aibon after the incident. I guess the plan to bring her back is much more tedious than we expect...

Of course, I do understand that they still have to guard their own interest at all costs. I can only hope that whatever they are planning to do, will pan out just fine. For now, whether the people hate her or love her... one thing's for sure - All the world's eyes are on Aibon.

As for me, Aibon had expressed her regret in the interview. After all, she has said the words I wanted to hear:

(Utaitai ~ I want to sing...)

And that.... that matters most to me. Good luck, Aibon!

Thanks for reading.
Peace ^_^
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