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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sakura Gumi Curse is Taking Effect

Kago Ai is tops. Cos' it takes TWO scandals to remove her from Hello! Project. But before we all sink to the sick idea that has been circling around the net that Aibon will advance to the AV world, allow me to draw your attention to this - Hello! Project curses.

We've heard of the famous Love Machine curse and Ray followed up with Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wa Ookiizo!~ Curse, and I tried to draw a Rainbow 7 Curse and the Duo Curse myself.

Now, the Sakura Gumi Curse is finally taking effect. Observe:

Talks about this curse surfaced sometime last year after the suspension of Aibon. For those who have never heard of it, here's what it means:
Note that the girls in the top row are the good girls. Clean records. Nothing serious there. While at the bottom row, 3 of them are involved in some controversial situation somehow.

Abe Natsumi --> Plagiarism for her book; The case of the endangered turtle.
Kago Ai --> Smoking scandal; smoking scandal + relationship scandal.
Yaguchi Mari --> Secret relationship with actor Oguri Shun; Relationship rumour with Okamura Takashi.

Who's next on the list? Why it's the girl Aibon is playfully pointing at, as if to say "You're next!" --> Takahashi Ai!

Good lordy~~! What could it be? What will become of our unassuming beloved backup-ace with a Fukui accent?


Kaechan said...

i've been reading your blog for a while, i really respect you.
i still really respect aibon even though all this hapened(kdjfksjd cried on my last day of spring break)
the curse could be going by gen too... nacchi was first gen and first to have a scandal, ne? then mari and aibon. it could go bottom row, top row. or it could go by gen. that makes yossie next :o what could yossie do though.. unless maybe we can count her little brother as something because wasn't her graduation announced after his death? it might just be takahashi then... or the other gokkies?

drunken rambling might make sense :D

Rob said...


Takahashi Ai-sama, beware. THEY are coming to get you.
Once the fourth sacrifice is complete the Masonic lodge of Nippon will gain control of
Hedora and reak havoc on the Earth again.

To stop this got to and donate cash to Bob….

Anna said...

T_T I still need to let this all sink in. *SIGH*

Frox said...

[Sarcasm Mode]
Nonononono,.....not Tettekkete (or how the hell you'd spell that)

Anonymous said...

How about the tsuji nozomi curse? All the people close to her have been involved in scandals (nacchi, yaguchi, aibon). She must be really strong to handle the pressure and sadness when all the ones close to her got friday'd

Anonymous said...

Makes sense to me.

Abe, Yaguchi, and Kago are already mentioned. Yossie lost her brother. Konno left HP completely. That leaves Risa, Takahashi, and Eri.

Who's next??

Nincompo0p said...


why must the good be cursed!?!

I pray that Takahashi and Niigaki will stay curse free..

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Tsuji nozomi curse? Interesing... I thought a "Mini Moni Curse" makes more sense. Hmm.... that would be nice segue for me next post. In terms of fate, I think Ai-chan is in grave danger. ^_^

And err.... does Bob accept Monopoly currency?

K.S.Lee said...


What a pretty good compilation of all these bad things. I'm surprized I haven't found your blog before, having spent outrageous time searching for more details lately.

Congratulation for your work, being impartial makes the compilation more interesting.

Have a nice day,



Anonymous said...

yeah,ai-chan is the 4th and final virgin of mini moni(mika-chan does not count)and she will most likely to get a bf and quit mm,in other words:.....SHE'S NEXT!!!!!!!!!

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