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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Announcement about Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin on Hello! Morning - Preview and Pics

Today is the day where an announcement about Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) and Qian Li's(Rin Rin) induction to Morning Musume will be made on Hello! Morning. Hello! Morning this morning ended about a few hours ago, but some kind soul posted screencaps from the show to the uploaders. I'm looking forward to download the whole thing, but for now these will have to do.
From the screencaps, interesting reactions... everyone was stunned!!

I wonder what the girls are thinking now?
... better yet, I wonder what Mitssi is thinking now? ^_^

Momusu girls read the news from the papers on the bus - Who says they don't keep up to the current affairs?

Everyone's reaction
. Seems like Tsunku called everyone together to watch his announcement from the monitor screens. (Maybe to avoid from getting beat up by the girls. Hehe! ^_^)

And after Tsunku broke news...

Yossie reaction. Yossie says "EEEHHH~~! This.... argh... what should I do?"
EDIT: Listen here.

Gaki-san's reaction. Gaki-san says "[ Insert your caption here ]!"

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin reaction to the announcement. Left column is Rin Rin (saying "I'm happy!"), right column is Jyun Jyun.

Rin Rin speaks GOOD Japanese!! Listen here!

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin waits on to meet Momusu. There are subtitles under Jyun Jyun's frame. She can speak Japanese too?!
Rin Rin: "I'm so looking forward to this, my mind is blank now"
Jyun Jyun: "I'm feeling excited"

And so finally! They come face to face!

EDIT: Rin Rin speaks REALLY GOOD Japanese. But, Jyun Jyun didn't say much, couldn't make out what she said there. Sounds like something in Chinese and Rin Rin translated it for her. Yossie comments that Rin Rin's Japanese is good, while Rin Rin humbly denies it. They're talking about some Chinese food. Obviously, Yossie is probing to check their conversational skills.
Listen here.

And that's it.

These new girls are came in with a good prerequisite - Able to converse in Japanese! .... Or at least Rin Rin can. Good Lord! I might just..... no wait.... calm down. I must see more, to pass judgement now will be unfair to the current Momusu girls. Will wait... will wait... oh man~~~! (T^T)b


Anna said...

Unless the two girls just learned just those words for that moment! XD I bet they've been learning a lot recently now that they are at a place full of japanese language! xD Professionals must be with them too.


Xacur said...

Well as far as I can see, I see them well. hehe.
Emmm, and LiChun is really tall, I thought she was smaller than QianLin.
I'm starting to like QianLin too ^^

Frox said...

Whoa can't wait for the full episode,....arghh.

craig said...

Hehe *

Great post!

* @ your " (T^T)b "

Cookie Holiday said...

Thanks for that, I may try to get hold of the episode myself if I can find that someone has hosted it other than as a torrent. I really think Jyun Jyun looks promising, I wanna reserve my judgement for now but I think that this could be a good move, if only from my point of view.

Radicalpatriot said...

Those pics show it all. Nobody appears happy about this.

Anonymous said...

niigaki looks like "this is a joke right???"

and mitsui seemed like winning the audition was turning her into a brat, her reaction to being no longer the only new member will probably be funny

Xacur said...

I think this foto is before they know about the girls, becouse they say the news to Hitomi when she is alone.
Then the reaction are all happy.
Mosume girls will accept any new girl they are cool girls, and eben more if Tsunku choosed them.
^^ Morning Girls Rule!

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