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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Up Front Music School - Makoto and Yasuda Kei as Special Lecturers

No big news, but it caught my attention because I was curious as to what Yasuda Kei's current activity is like.

While surfing around, I dropped by Up-Front Music School (UFMS) to have a look. And guess what I found? Makoto and Yasuda Kei are appointed "special lecturers" for a lecture class at UFMS.

From their introduction texts, UFMS is born from the parent companies made up of Up Front Groups and TV Tokyo. It works like a recording company cum event management, just like TNX. And it deals with everything, from music, variety shows, theater and drama.

On topic......... to be clear, that "Makoto" mentioned there is Makoto, the drummer for Sharan Q. Not Ogawa Makoto. Apologies to those who misunderstood after reading the post title........ But I put it up there on purpose, really. Heh! \(^o^)/
I notice that it is spelt Sharam Q, not Sharan Q. I'm pretty sure it was Sharan Q ( シャ乱 Q ). Otherwise Ranma 1/2 ( 乱馬 1/2 ) would be RAMMA 1/2! ^_^

Target audience are those who are aiming to become a professional artiste and those with some interest in the entertainment biz. In that lecture, Makoto and Kei-chan will be sharing their past experience, mental attitude, enthusiasm needed...etc., and also some things to take note when preparing for and participating in an audition.
See here.
So THIS what Kei-chan is currently up to - Lecturing. I was hoping that she gets more singing work... :(

At this point, I can't help but compare UFMS with another music school - Caless. Both schools take in students from age 5 to young adults. UFMS have produced the Hello! Project Kids (namely C-ute, ZYX, Aa!), Caless has hatched acts like Paradise GO!! GO!! and Hinoi Team. Presentation-wise, from what I saw the web design for UFMS is just... well, it sucks. In comparison, it's so obvious Caless has more class. And Caless provides a much wider range of services and courses. Why, they even have Yoga lessons. :)
But that's just on the surface, ya? Not enough insight on both schools to do a detailed comparison...

Maybe it's time UFMS try to improve on the course range. And at least redesign their website to match up to the Up-Front Works website.


Craig said...

I think that's cool for Kei.

Malmeingehr said...

Sharam Q is no more Sharan Q than Gackt is Gakuto.

Rikki said...

Is this a new school or has it been in existence for a long time?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@craig... I prefer to hear Kei-chan sing, but I suppose it's alright for now.

@malmeingehr... LOL :D True, true.

@Rikki... It has started with since 2003, with the project Hello! Project Kids with ZYX, led by Marippe. Not a lot of people knew about this school, methinks... I wonder if the ones who auditioned to Momusu joined this school as well..?

Radicalpatriot said...

Hmm. Think American girls could benefit from such lectures? I hope not!

Radicalpatriot said...

Hmm. Think American girls could benefit from such lectures? I hope not!

wu-san said...

Cheers for the Updates, as always :)

Malmeingehr said...

I mean, the official spelling of シャ乱Q is Sharam Q, not Sharan Q.

Malmeingehr said...

By the way, UFMS was established in July 1998, not 2003.

Some notable alumnae include Airi Suzuki, Erika Umeda, Ai Kikuchi (菊池亜衣), Mai Yoshitsuru (吉鶴舞) and so-called Harmony-gumi (ハーモニー組).

Suzuki and Umeda have been backup dancers for EE JUMP and Maki Goto.

Kikuchi appeared on Pinch Runner the movie, Young Town, Idol wo Sagase, Bishoujo Kyouiku, and so on. She has also released several CDs as a solo singer and songwriter.

Yoshitsuru appeared on Century Land the musical.

As for Harmony-gumi, they haven't debuted yet.

Malmeingehr said...

Oops! "Love Century the musical" is correct. Not "Century Land."

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Many thanks for the info, Malmeigehr. I shall take your word for it.... Cos I couldn't find anymore than what I have now. (^o^)/

By the way, do you have a blog or website? Just curious to know... (^_^)

Malmeingehr said...

I have none.

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