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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tsunku's Announcement on Hello! Morning - New Additions to Morning Musume!

Last week on Hello! Morning show -->

Tsunku has a emergency announcent!

"I have made up my mind... "

.... but to be announced next week.

Mystery, mystery... I wonder what he has in his mind? Here's what popped into me head when I think about it. Of course, I assumed that it has something to do with Morning Musume. Don't think they'd show that last frame of Momusu for nothing.

(Not in order of possibility)
1) Tsunku is handing over the role of producer of Hello! Project and Morning Musume to someone else. Maybe he wants to concentrate on his company TNX to promote his protegees Tokito Ami and The Possible. And of course his restaurant "It's a Gohan World".

2) Repeat history, and send the Momusu girls to sell 50,000 copies for the next single "Kanashimi Twilight" in 5 days, just like the the first generation members.

3) An extreme promotion plan for Morning Musume, in accordance with his goal of breaking to the Asia market, just as he has announced during the Happy 8th Audition.

4) A surprise addition of a new member to Morning Musume, probably from the dropouts of the Happy 8 Audition. I'm thinking Kikkawa Yu.

5) Set a record breaking event for Morning Musume. e.g. The most concert tour shows in history of Japan entertainment history.

Later, news came from the Hello! Project site and if that's what it's all about, then I am half-right at number 3 and 4.

New members for Morning Musume! Source from Hello! Project official site.

Two Chinese girls!
Li Chun (Jyun Jyun) 19 years old
Qian Lin ( Rin Rin ) 16 years old

Tsunku was DAMN serious on breaking the Asia market, wasn't he?
... although it is stated that they will be in an identity of.... "exchange students" ?!

Translations for the announcement coming up. Along with some pictures from uploaders as well.

1 comment:

Radicalpatriot said...

Did a rough translation through Babelfish and the following, if true, makes a lot of sense:

1. Both Chinese additions have been in Tsunku's hip pocket for quite some time; looks like he tracked them during the 8th gen follies involving Aika.

2. Li Chun looks like she has some working knowledge of J-pop and is a veteran performer already, likely on the par with someone like Aichan, though that remains to be seen.

3. Qian Lin must have the high-octane voice; she going to have to work on the look, though. But her TV background might also prove valuable.

Clearly, Tsunku is making a major, major move into the massive Chinese market. Having already dabbled in Hong Kong, this is the next logical step and will make Morning Musume a global household name.

Damn. It's gonna be interesting.

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