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Monday, March 19, 2007

Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin TV debut on Hello! Morning

Finally! Managed to download yesterday's Hello! Morning to view. I must say that Mikitty's hobby searching programme pretty much took the spotlight. I was laughing away non-stop there. Definitely a treat for the "Miki-sama" type of fans. Also it happens to be the last episode for Hello Pro Channel... due to the airtime cut, presumably. And the last Haromoni performance before the airtime cut will be GAM and their latest single "Lu Lu Lu". Absolutely leg-o-licious! Love the constant patting of the behinds between the two. *nods* (^o^)/

Next week will be a recap episode, airing the past memorable scenes of Hello! Morning. PLUS, Haromoni games between the ex-Momusu and current Momusu members. Good God, it's going to be a blast to hear Marippe scream again~~~! ^_^

On topic then. The uploaded screencaps and clips here and there pretty much gave away the anticipation about Jyun Jyun and Rin Rin (this must be the n-th time I'm typing Jyun Jyun Rin Rin Jyun Jyun Rin Rin here... maybe I should use JyunX2 or RinX2 next time) joining Morning Musume as 8th generation "exchange students" members.

Hello!Online has upped the vid on Youtube, of the announcement part only for viewing, which is good cos' most of everyone is more interested to see that 5-minute segment only.

You should read the comments in the news clip on H!O. Most have been on the favourable side.

In summary, it's not much different from what I highlighted in my previous post. Tsunku had called in Jyun Jyun and Rin... ugh... there must be a shorter way to type their names, but it would be funny to create a nickname for another nickname....... aaaAAAANYways, Tsunku called the girls in and presented his decision via VTR monitor. The girls, of course, shed tears of joy over it. And it's clear at this point, that Jyun Jyun cannot speak nor read Japanese. In fact, Tsunku's message on the monitor had CHINESE subtitles on it. Heh! ^_^
This makes my translation MUCH easier... I'm better in Chinese compared to Japanese (^_^)v

He said in the first VTR to the girls, that "I can sense future potential and the hardwork that you have put up since coming to Japan, and the ambition to expand to the Asian music market. This could be a turning point in your lives, and for that I have had made a decision to put you in a important position - to include you as part of 8th generation intake as exchange students within Morning Musume.".

After that, he broke the same news to the Momusu members who were called in at short notice, and of course all hell broke loose... err... or something to that effect. We weren't given much footage of their reactions. They need time to digest that.

Yossie was asked to stay behind for another message from Tsunku - Yossie, although graduating on May, is appointed with a special role to help the new girls to blend in with the current Momusu smoothly. She was asked to meet the new girls in person, before the others do, to establish first communication and prepare them for meeting the rest on the next day, with a good atmosphere. And her reaction was, as you know, "EEEHHH~~!!" ^_^

The rest of the girls read about the news on a bus. Comments are as follows:
Gaki-san: "(Special Skills) Guitar... and Emcee!?"
Sayu : "yeah... she's tall!"
Reina : "That's the name!? Only two words...!?"

The first meeting will be aired next week, AND a secret behind the decision up till the inclusion of the new girls. Another one?! Boy, Hello! Project is up to a good start this year, isn't it? Surprises after surprises everytime...

EDIT:20/03/2007 10:35A.M. - Hello!Online has the translated transcript of this Hello! Morning show. Bit different from my understanding of the show. Perhaps I have mistaken a few things. Heh! ^_^


craig said...

It's funny the thing about the Chinese subtitles :)

(I hadn't noticed when I saw the clip earlier ^^ )

Radicalpatriot said...

How about JJ and RR?

Anna said...

Why not just use their real names? xD It's not that hard to pronounce it right? O_O Or is this the cute factor here? xD

Ah so the MM members feel the competition! :D This is exciting! Next thing we'll see is the members tryin to find new talents (gymnastics, violin, breakdance, etc!) While Miki stands there and says, "I'm stuck with a bunch of kids here." xD

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@Craig... yeah. But we gaijins are used to reading subtitles to Japanese clips, yes? ^_^
@RadP... JJ and RR is fine, 'cept that it reminds me of Jonah Jameson and Round Robin. ^_^
@Anna... Competition is right! There has been talks amongst fans about how the new girls are going to inspire the current members to improve themselves, so as not to lose up to the new members, especially when they're foreigners. Very good factor, I say. And actually, I think Mikitty is more like "ooOOOohhh, fresh meat! New butts to grope~~!" Hehe! (^_^)/

Anna said...

XD CORRECTION! It's -------


xD Miki might have gotten sick of the the Japanese ones by now. LOL

ringjo said...

Wow. Nice site. I'm glad I found this. (^-^)

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