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Monday, March 26, 2007

It's over.... Kago Ai contract terminated...

This just in.

Title text: News Flash "Kago-chan contract terminated."

And it's all over.

Official announcement from Hello! Project.

EDIT 8:10 P.M. : Scroll down or click here for translation.

加護亜依 一部報道記事について
関係各位 殿

 弊社所属 加護亜依について報じた3月26日(月)発売週刊誌の記事について、加護本人から報告を受け、残念ながら事実であることを確認しました。




代表取締役 川口勇吉

Other news sites:
Yahoo! News, sourced from Sport Hochi.
Nikkan Sports

Excuse me for a sec.... I ... err... gotta go take a breather. Will be back to translate... If I can...


UPDATE 8:10 P.M.:
I have translated the announcement as best I can. Don't mind the grammar, I can't think at the mo. Let me know if you spot any mistakes.
Kago Ai - Concerning a report
To whom it may concern,

Concerning an article that our company have received about Kago Ai on 26th March from a weekly magazine, we have received report from Kago herself, and regretably have verified it to be fact.

One year ago during the smoking issue, taking into account that there is still a future being at 17 years old, we have imposed a house arrest at home.

In observation of the one year contemplation process, providing a space for discussion, we had (Kago) to come to the city for internship and helping with office work in the Tokyo office, towards beginning a preparation for comeback.

Although after approximately 2 months of properly fulfilling her duties, with regards to a second occurrence at this time, we have decided to abort the reinstatement.

Additionally, because it is a case of a minor, receiving acknowledgement after discussing with her family, her contract has been terminated/canceled.

Concerning the becoming of this situation, the custodians has come to full realization with regret. *

From now onwards, we will hold a higher level of responsibility, to provide a thorough supervision especially to the minor talents.

26th March Heisei Year 19
Representative for publicity company Up Front Agency
Kawaguchi Yuukichi

* Not so sure about this phrase. Any takers?


Well... the wait is over... It's FINALLY over. Yeah, I know there's a chance that Aibon can still approach other agencies for work, and we can still see her.... but for now, Aibon says:


I guess it's expected already. I'm a gonna get some beer tonight...


craig said...

It wasn't your fault Jin, You were a better fan than she was an idol ~_~

Anonymous said...

take it easy man, I sure hope Nono's alright with this news

Aibonono said...

T_T I'm very very sad........T_T

I don't believe it yet.....Noooo

Anonymous said...

LOL the drama. I am a fan of Hello! Project and Kago was on of my two favourite ones... but come on, she is just a singer. She hasn't died or anything, she just doesn't care her job more than other things in her life... And I am sure the pain is not that much, is it? So don't be all drama.

And yeah, go out and take some beers, but for the new future of Tsuji.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing my head off at this. Not because Kago left, her and Tsuji were the best members, but because my flatmate is just completely moody today.

Rob said...

Well, this sucks.

Seems to be more going on here than just an issue with smoking.
I hope she can make better decisions with the rest of her life.

What will become of the third Double You album? Any bootleg copies out there anywhere?

Kick back a beer for me too, Jin!

noleno said...

Oh God I still can't believe this. I prayed for her comeback. Now this. I feel disappointed. I really thought she was going to control herself. I have mixed feelings. All I know is that Friday becomes the only winner.

Xacur said...

It's just too much.
jinryuichi, thanks for the translations.
I can't even think well right now, I'll go out and think in another thing and come back later to this cyber-reality.

paul.thomas said...

AND DOUBLE DAMN, for my original comment vanishing into the nothingness of the internet

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Problem, Tom? Post the comment again maybe?

H!O just posted a translation of the announcement themselves, and I think they worded it better than me. So go check it out too.

You know... I think Anon #2 is right. We shouldn't be grieving too much, not like she's dead or anything... though in terms of career with H!P, it's pretty much dead.

Life goes on, life goes on...

Xacur said...

Ok, I still can't take it.
What a dark day for me, and all the fans.
I think the roller coaster has stopped. I hope it's not for long and that we can see her again.
Damned, what am I saying? It's becaus I just can't handle this.

Anna said...

*SIGH* this should be a wake up call to everyone in H!P....

Chiakii said...

I should be sadder...but she gave us seven (well, six, really) years of entertainment, so I guess we should be thankful for that. And hey, this is probably what she wants. I don't think even the second-place Bakajo is stupid enough to accidentally get caught in another scandal so close after the comeback news.

Xacur said...

I don't think Aibon is stupid.
I think Aibon is overconfident. And She is a person that want's the people around her to be happy (you can tell it because she is comic and funny). So I don't think she wants Tsuji to suffer for this. But love can make persons do odd things.
I wish her to be happy forever.
And I wish we can see her again ^^.
I'll always support her.

Vyvy said...

It's sad that she chose to leave this way. If she didn't want a come back, she should have said so earlier.

I hope this guy was just an excuse for her to quit H!P. Cuz what makes me really sad is if she left for that ugly guy...

I would liked it better if she left with style... or atleast someone more goodlooking, even if they're old.

Xacur said...

Love is blind.
And make us want to cry.

Faramir, said...

"I would liked it better if she left with style... or atleast someone more goodlooking, even if they're old."

...but I bet Aibon goes for inner beauty...

MCLep said...

Ewww that dudes old enough to be her dad, cmon now....its all over by the looks of it...

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