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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Niigaki Risa is in Love!

WHG had an entry which caught my attention: About where Niigaki Risa thinks that the dude underneath the Usagi (of the famed Zekkyu Commercial) is an "Ikemen", meaning "handsome guy". Yes, another scandal is on the way. And this time it involves Gaki-san!

Here are the past memories of the two lovebirds:

Pretty clingy, don't you think? They don't act like strangers at all.

So who's behind the mask of the cuddly Usagi? Though it has been hinted many times in the show that the Usagi character is a female (hence being PINK), we have glimpses of the dude behind the mask showing up here and there

The last episode of Zekkyu Commercial provided us a glimpse of him.

Last week's World Pucchi Game.

Later I found THIS on the uploaders:

Quite a good lookin' guy there, innit?

Hoho~~! Gaki-san is in love? Another scandal? Perhaps trying to break the Sakura Gumi Curse?

Sorry... Please do not take the last two post too seriously. I'm sure that thread in WHG was meant to be a joke. Plus, I'm definitely blogging under the influence of alcohol here...... It's the only way I can get a grip of myself before I move on, after the saddening news about Aibon.

Cheers! Blogging as usual after this~~~!
Peace ^_^


Anonymous said...

omg in the last pic, bunny is smoking O__O ...that means we'll never see bunny again? ç__ç

Xacur said...

remember the double moral that rules H!P. What is ok for man it's not for H!P girls. What is OK for simple humans is not for H!P girls.
¬¬ just accumulating hatred.

Anonymous said...

There's a pretty good chance that the bunny is rotated through a bunch of staff members. Whoever was in the bunny suit for one taping wouldn't necessarily be in the suit for another.

Anonymous said...

he's not good looking, he looks more like an old lecher! esp from the mirror's reflection...

Xacur said...

It was a Joke, wasn't it?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Of course it's only joke, man! I don't think Gaki-san have this kind of fetish...^_^

....... but then again, you'll never know. :)

Anonymous said...

Actually this reminds me of a zekkyou cm where they 'played house'/mamagoto.
The bunny was the dad, Niigaki was the mom making curry for dinner, Tanaka was the kid playing with toy cars and Kamei was in the background making noise.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

ahh... really? I don't remember that episode. Though I remember that they have lots of funny skits before they ride the coasters. ^_^

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