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Monday, March 26, 2007

Kago Ai Scandal Acknowledged.... Fans in Denial

So after a month when Aibon exclaimed that "I am deeply sorry, I still want to sing" in Friday's scoop about Aibon working in Tokyo....... this happens. Suddenly Friday seemed like the good guy now.

Whether this scoop is true or not, all I find is that other news sites are already acknowledging the scoop reported by Weekly Gendai.

Nikkan Sports
Yahoo! News sourced from Daily Sports

WHG has highlighted some news scans.

Hopping on the bandwagon to keep up-to-date with "the current hottest news"?
.... Or the naked truth?

"I don't believe this.... this can't be true?!"

That's the same thought I had when I first receive the news of Kago Ai having a go at the cancer stick. I still think of it. Now, a lot of us fans are in denial as to whether the girl in the recent tabloid pic is really Aibon. Come to think of it, we thought the same thing when we saw the picture of a girl wearing a pair of thick-framed glasses smoking her life away in a restaurant late night in February last year.

What I think at least, IMO, is that the mention of Aibon smoking again could be made-up by the WG stalker-reporter. Because, as collaboratively highlighted by all the news site mentioned above --> there are no picture evidence to show that she actually smoked. I mean, come on... you can take clearcut and close-up photos of a girl from the side window of the car but none where she has a cigarette on the mouth?? Not that this would have lessen the brevity of the "crime" if it wasn't mentioned, cos' there's still the love relationship scandal to consider. BUT we all know that relationship scandals have never hurt Goto Maki's nor Matsuura Aya's career in the past, and they have quite a few of them. Just say "It wasn't me" or "We didn't do nothin'", and everything will be alright.

But then again, am I being logical and skeptic? Or just being in a state of denial?

I'm tired. As Ray put it nicely -> We have contracted the "Kago Fatigue".

I better get back to work...


Anonymous said...

wait so people are upset that she might have smoked? i thought the thing to most be shocked about was the guy being so old. he's basically a ped0. and i'm not really up on (old) idol news, so what do you mean by maki and aya relationship scandals?

Anna said...

H!O recently just had another update on it.

One of it's quote:

"Her management office says that they'll respond after March 26th, after confirming with her if it's true or not. "

So...UFA is probably questioning Aibon at this very moment...dun dun dun...

JEN said...

Thanks for the update Mick. I'm just as shocked as you are...I'm not really sure what's going through her mind. But it seems to me if she really wants to come back, she should know how delicate her situation is. She was not "untouchable" nor is she right now...

blah, on the other hand.... uggggggh. i know the paparazzi are doing their jobs but it really bugs me.

Xacur said...

Until now, I just don't have probes to believe in what the reporter say, the phoros don't show anything I could consider wrong.
A woman grabbing the hand of a man while they are walking and while it's raining or snowing... man! please!
The other photos have nothing at all.
What could make think there's something wrong is the false declarations of the guy. But it could be for any other reason.

Anonymous said...

Like some other people have stated in other forums, maybe tsuji should smack some sense into aibon, one way or the other....

Rob said...

Ironic how in the USA where I live we celebrate our pop idols for their irresponsible behavior. Her smoking seems so innocent compared to the exploits of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Maybe Aibon can start a new band with Goto Maki’s brother.

Mike said...

Interesting Rob, i was just talking to a friend about how the situation for aibon contrasts the celebrities in the West. Please, Paris Hilton's popularity skyrocketed ever since her lil home video was shown all over the internet. sadly, the H!P girls have it tough and rough. but best of luck to aibon. i hope whatever happens she won't regret it.

mclep said...

damn....after hearing this shit....i dont feel like watching any MM stuff anymore....and i was a big fan....well, time to find a new girl group

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