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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

HNPH, Lost Months - Prologue and H!P Incidents Flashback

Here's to catch up on old(er) news while I was on a break, I do feel that I need to comment on some of the happenings. Not all of them of course, life goes on, and I'm sure there are more incidents to come.

Commenter anna provided a list for me to look into. Some I know, some I didn't. These I do not know ...

- forming of duet Kira☆Pika, Kusumi Koharu and Hagiwara Mai
(^_^)b~~ Yay! Maimai!!

- Aibon's MOM going nude
(o_o;) Good Lord... please have mercy on me eyes...

- Athena & Robikerottsu, formed with Gaki-san, Mittsi, Sato and Saki
(^o^)/~~~ YAY!! Gaki-san!

- Formation of group 'Buono!', formed with Momoko, Miyabi and Airi
(^_^)/ That's great! Though it seemed like 2nd 'Aa!' with Momoko replacing Reina...

-Berryz and C-ute's recent success
(^_^)? Nice!!... but what is it? Sales? Concert attendance record?

- Melon Kinenbi's infamous PV
(o_o)? What happened...? Did they strip off their clothes?

- Tsunku Jr./NG Project
(O_O;)! WHAT?! So it was true?!

- THE Possible graduated from H!P Eggs
(^_^) Aww.... I was gettin' ready to warm up to them. Wait... they'll still be around, right?

On the negative note, the word "scandal" takes on a wider scope by now, so it will called 'Incidents' from now on. Look at what incidents we have so far ->

- Yoshizawa Hitomi's brother died in vehicular accident.
- Kago Ai discovered working intern, caught smoking again, spent the night in onsen trip with old guy... and subsequently fired.
- Hello Morning has transformed to HaroMoni, changes in concept and style.
- 2 Chinese girls accepted to Morning Musume as "exchange students"
- Tsuji Nozomi got sick and dropped out from theater, later discovered that she was actually pregnant, got married with the father of the baby. Currently on a break till baby is born. It was said that the two were introduced to each other through Yaguchi Mari, though they denied of this.
- Shortly after being appointed as Momusu leader, Fujimoto Miki discovered to be in a relationship with a comedian, and subsequently fir-... err I mean, resigned from Morning Musume. Later, rumours surfaced that Fujimoto and her guy were introduced to each other by Konno Asami in her birthday party.
- Konno Asami returns to Hello! Project to join Gatas futsal and musical group

The above stuff that ones I covered, here are some things what happened during my break.

- Iida Kaori got pregnant and married the baby's father - an acquaintance of Tsunku.
- Abe Natsumi got driver license, promoted traffic safety. but soon after ran down a motorcycle in an accident.

And of course the latest news about Goto Maki ->
- Goto Maki got sick and dropped off from concert tour and afterwards rumoured to be pregnant (after Tsuji's case, 'acute-gastroenteritis' is another word for pregnancy ^_^ ). Then her brother got caught committing crime stealing cables, then Gomaki subsequently announced her resignation. [Edited 12:11 p.m.]

Then, found more stuff from the ever-resourceful WHG. Things like:

- Ex-member of Momusu, Ishiguro Aya divorced, husband Shinya wanted to reform LUNA SEA.
- Low attendance in H!P summer concert in Saitama Super Arena
- The A-Team (Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Team), was jeered in live promos. In Oricon chart, A-Team's 2nd single lost to AKB48 by double sales.
- Gatas music group lost to PERFUME in Oricon chart.

I have no way of confirming these sightings and stats, though. Sales figures prolly retrieved from Oricon which is, of course, not really accurate.

Welp... *stretching arms and cracking knuckles*
... time to go to work!

*Commencing search-and-blog mode* (^_^)v

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Goto Maki - Shotgun Graduation

Look what God dropped on me just when I am coming back to blog... ^_^

OK... Let me get my head straight...

Goto Yuuki (Goto Maki's brother) was arrested for a theft. He became a suspect of a crime job in July this year, for stealing of 80 bundles of electric cables belonging to a construction site, worth 1 million yen, in Edokawa, Tokyo. Whilst trying to transport the goods out in a rental truck, someone spotted the act, called the cops and the gang fled, leaving the cargo behind. Apparently it was a repeated crime.

Gomaki, subsequently, announced her graduation (or should I say resignation) from Hello! Project. The fact was made official by UFA themselves, and Tsunku sents his best wishes and support to her in his blog.

Gomaki blogged about her graduation. But only snippets were in the news. The webmaster of Gomaki's blog has banned my country's IP, and due to heavy traffic the site was constantly inaccessible. Fortunately, I managed to acquire it using a feed reader.

Goto Maki's confession from her blog

from 後藤真希オフィシャルブログ by ごとうまき






Roughly translated (Cos i don't have time now, but we get the general idea)
Important Announcement by Gomaki
Yesterday, I graduated from Hello! Project on 28th October. Sorry for the sudden announcement. From the time I joined Morning Musume, this has been my 9th year (in showbiz). I have grown up through many emotional encounters.
In the middle of it, little by little I am able to picture the things that I really wanted to do. I've decided to graduate, so that I can once more create my own time carefully.
Although, I do not know what will happen from now on, but I will pursue the things that only 'Goto Maki' can do, reevaluate my music style, absorb many things, change things with my own means, and move forward in a stable way.
I was going "What should I say to everyone?", and have been troubled about it. Because of everyone, I am here and you can be smiling. I cannot express in words how thankful I am. Thank you, thank you very much.
From now on, I still want to be with you all, because you are what supports me. I will give my best, not as a member of H!P, but as Goto Maki, as myself.
Please watch over me, Goto Maki from now on.

Stories are about that Gomaki's leaving was planned earlier. But "how early?" I ask. Last year, beginning of this year.... or at July, where the crime was reported?

... And so Yuuki steals some cables, Gomaki gets the boot?!

Unfortunate coincidence? Or fear of crime association?

I need more catching up. Anyone can cue me in on this?
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The Gotos in trouble, and Gomaki graduates from H!P

Eh?! This alert came in last night, and I have hardly unpacked my stuff. Goto Maki graduates from Hello! Project?! Not only that, her brother was involved in some kind of theft crime?!

Funny, cos i was reading about Gomaki's graduation from Momusu from an magazine published last month...

God, I need time to take this all in...

2007/10/29-10:21 後藤真希、「ハロプロ」卒業

From Hello! Project site. Source
後藤真希 ハロー!プロジェクト卒業に関するお知らせ

平成19年10月28日の「後藤真希LIVE TOUR 2007 G- Emotion II 〜How to use SEXY〜」最終公演をもちまして、後藤真希はハロー!プロジェクトを卒業することとなりました。






From Tsunku's Blog. Source













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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello... long time no see.... ^_^

Hi there~~~ Long time no see....... ^_^

Sorry for no updates and for not informing. But I've been darn busy these days. Guess I should have put up a notice or something but I cannot even find the time to do that.
....... well, that's half the truth really. (^_-) Some of you guys prolly caught me hanging round da 'Tube watching vids.

I've been meaning to find time to come back and post. But work, family and my newfound marital status have caught up to me, that I barely had time to rest. Many thanks to all those who have sent me messages and emails. I'll try my best to answer them all.

Truthfully, other than the busy schedules and chores, one of the reasons that delayed my coming back is the stoppage of other blogs. Apparently this is also like a season of marriages, scandals, kaisans.... AND blogging roadblocks. I love to blog, but I love some competition also. Although I hate to admit it, Some Boys! Blog had been one of those that I consider a friendly rival. Haha! (^o^)/ I hope they come back soon, as I do myself.

Still, this break gave me excellent time to catch up with the Jpop side of things. I realised how much I've been missing, being in the H!P world most of my past few years. It feels great to get connected to my roots. In fact, in addition to coming back to HNPH and my personal blog, I have been thinking of doing a Jpop blog too! ....... Kinda crazy, but we'll see how it goes.

ALSO.... there's a new venture for me and a partner overseas coming up. So stay tuned, and please give your best support... as always. (^_^)v

Thanks for reading and checking back!

However, I'm off to a company trip to Bangkok tomorrow night. So I'll be back after that... hehe~~~! (^_-)
Kentaro-san, I owe you TWO omiyage this time.... ^_^
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