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Saturday, September 09, 2006

About H!P Hello Non-Pro Hour

H!P Hello Non-Pro Hour is where I discuss Hello! Project and Morning Musume news and stuff. As the name implies, I was greatly inspired by Hello! Project's Hello Pro Hour show, and took its name to christen the blog. (^o^)/

HNPH contains my take on the current and past H!P and MM activities, with reference to the many sources I go. Like everyone else, I still at a journey of discovery in the world of JPop, and Hello! Project in particular. This blog documents every bit of change, news and incidents that I find interesting.

However, doing this alone gradually became a little taxing now, so I have invited two new writers to this blog

Finally, this blog wouldn't be anywhere without all you readers and commentors. Thanks so much for the support and for checking back! (^_^)v

There is where I am in the rest of the cyber-world.

Love and Peace ^_^

Jin Ryuichi

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