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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ayaya is Back!

It's been a week of rumours and developments for Hello!Project. Yeah, I didn't blog them real time, but I just want to be sure before I do. Information overload, lots of speculations, rumours... all of which have been too heavy for my head to take. Overall, it has been good news so far.

Return of Matsuura Aya.
Yes, she's back. Apparently, she still have to "continue with medical treatment". But nevertheless, she is trying to come back to her schedule. That's how much she cares for her fans. Now you see why I say she is hardworking? Don't know if working ethics should surpass personal well-being, but that's Asian women for you. Is she on painkillers? Most definitely. Nobody can bounce back from such condition in two weeks. Let's hope the side effects doesn't cause any complications.
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