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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Tsunku company: TNX

Tsunku had setup a new company for himself. It's called TNX. Pronounced "tennecks"
TNX official site

Announcement from Tsunku at

Ikimasshoi have some info here

So Tsunku has gone and start another enterprise of his own, yet again. I wonder what does he have on his mind. All I can say that it's pretty ambitious, and he has a huge appetite. His marketing stragegy is smart too.

As reported, Tsunku absorbs his Good Factory Record and Tsunku Town Theater into TNX.

TNX produces for all kinds of events and products related to the entertainment business. Up till now, he has a few separate companies that caters for each of its own purposes, like recruiting, selling merchandise, music studio, music producing etc. Now he is probably slowly lumping it all together to create a new entertainment giant, and if successful, will become a great presense in the business. His future sights have been set to an international level. As mentioned in his announcement, he plans to "promote japanese entertainment to the world". He also plans to produce Chinese and Korean artists (which he has already started doing so)

I categorise TNX as not only a recording label, but an "event management company cum recording label". Yes it will continue to produce works as any recording label would. But I find that his army of staffs and artists has been very versatile in what they can do. So in a way, it also functions as an event management company.

Check out their current artist list: (Was about to write a comprehensive report on their artist list but I changed my mind. Found out a great deal about them but too much work to elaborate. Check them out yourselves)
They've got a gravure idol cum recording artist, boy rock-idol, theater and drama actor, girl group (H!P Egg), even a variety magician. Also I think Tsunku is planning to record himself under this label.

He is probably planning big things and wants to have a piece of every bit of the entertainment biz. TNX produces recording artists, recruits and trains hopeful entertainers, produce CDs, DVDs, visuals, televison shows, merchandises, commercials, concert visuals, recording studios, theaters etc. Now you know why i said event management? Wait till he starts on producing non-entertainment projects.

His business stragegies (if I speculated correctly) are like this:
1) He WILL continue to work on his Hello!Project and Up Front Works projects. And in turn each of his projects will continue to feed his new company TNX with projects to work on. e.g. DVDs, CDs, albums, recordings etc.
2) Although there was an official reason on why GAM's first single is titled "Thanks!". (The producer calls them 'Great!', in turn they say 'Thanks!'). I find that the word "Thanks!" in his TNX logo suspicious. Business marketeers calls this "embedded marketing". Smart way to promote his new company name.
3) Break into the Asian market for expansion. Using public campaigns such as the environmental campaigns or sports campaign.
4) Have more auditions via H!P or others in order recruit more people under his wing.

Really brilliant, no?

I don't think Tsunku will retire any time soon. But I think he is more business minded than musically inclined now. My only hope is that all this does not dampen his work quality on producing Morning Musume projects.

p.s. I hope if/when Tsunku sees this article, he will thank me for promoting his company. Probably give me a recording contract or something. Heh! ^_^

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Radicalpatriot said...

I've already seen a few TNX efforts and I'm impressed. The H!P Eggs enterprise "The Possible" is actually a structurally downplayed version of, say, C-ute or Berryz. The singles so far look very solid; nothing flashy, plain outfits, personable girls but not drop-dead gorgeous. It is a similar template to H!P. Tsunku just needed another outlet and he has one.

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