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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tanaka Reina Friday'd, But That's Not All...

Ikimashoi reports that Tanaka Reina is caught by Friday tabloid (them again??) going on a Disney Sea trip with an unknown man. Yikes! Is her career over? Ahh, but different sources say that he was actually her manager. So things went quiet again.

But there's more, she was also spotted going to the convenience store yet again with another man. Not sure if it is the same manager. Fans are arguing over this information now, though most are quite sure that it's her manager, if not the manager's lackey to be assigned as her escort/bodyguard when she goes out.

So Tanaka Reina is free from all suspiscion now, right?
Well, I found from a Japanese site that it was not the case. Apparently, Reina did have a boyfriend, a high schooler, and was in that Disney Sea incident. So the manager thing is a cover-up? That same source claims that her agency was upset but have taken measures to cover it up, and persuaded Reina to break-up with that guy. There are some other things mentioned, but I'm skeptical because it's a hear-say story. Though I think Reina is capable of such things (she's a 17 year old girl after all).


Craig Moran said...

If she was caught smoking, drinking, fighting and in a mass orgy (high on drugs) I still wouldn't boycott her because of that.

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

LOL... But UFA would. ^_^

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