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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The GAM Kiss

Yes, boys and girls. After much speculation and rumours, it is official now. In GAM's single PV "Melodies" Fujimoto Miki and Matsuura Aya kissed at the closing seconds of the video. And the fans ran amok, excited over this footage.

Actually, it's not the first time we see members of the Hello!Project family kissing.

We had Nono and Aibon kissing.

We even had the four-way kiss, between Nacchi, Yaguchi, Nono and Aibon.

Young (Japanese) girls do that and it's nothing really. In a previous Music Fighter show, Ayaya and Mikitty even revealed that the two of them are so close together as friends that they shower together. Now if only I can plant my webcam in their shower box while they're at it... :)

One of the reasons why this news is so hot, is that fans already have a long time fantasy about lesbianism among Morning Musume or Hello!Project members, all the more since Ayaya and Mikitty are known to be best friends and all. It's not a-first, Yoshizawa Hitomi have been paired with Mikitty and also Ishikawa Rika too.

Another other reason is the concept of this video, which is shojou-ai - love and affection between two girls. It's a brave move, considereing that they want to break into the mainstream audience. (Or is it BECAUSE they want to break into the mainstream, therefore they chose to do it.) Now in Japan, such attraction between girls, are considered to be common (if not natural), especially amongst the senpai and kohais (in school or at work). Things like holding hands, kissing, gift-giving and touching are part of it, though I think the some of the touching part may be viewed as sexually explicit in the eyes of the West. Such love can be beautiful, and may range from secret admiration to absolute infatuation. So let's not be confused and stereotype it to just the sexual reasons. (It's OK to fantasize about it though)

My observation and findings:
- Ayaya is a watcher, she didn't even close her eyes during the kiss.
- If the two of them are lesbians, Ayaya will be the butch, since she is the one drawing the kiss.
- This may or may not be GAM's idea to do this. Either way, Mikitty seemed a bit more nervous than Ayaya. Unlike Ayaya, Mikitty didn't part her lips during the kiss. Shows the difference in terms of professionalisn between the two.
- Read somewhere else that the director for this video has another project that projects similar concept and script. He may be hired for this purpose.

All in all, it's still a hot thing to see. So get your hands on the video if you can. I got mine! ^_^

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