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Monday, October 02, 2006

New Theory on Aibon's case

Something just came to my mind, while I'm doing my usual patrolling of japanese sites for news about Kago Ai, when I stumbled upon a weblog community of a environmental activitists. It had an entry about Aibon. And being an activist, the author terribly bashed her up for her actions.

My take:
1) Morning Musume and the H!P gang had an ecology campaign coming up, right after Aibon's smoking scandal. I think W was involved too. But even they aren't, you have no credibility as supporters if you have smokers or a group asociated with smoking to promote a campaign. And it was a semi-government campaign, maybe. So therefore the brevity of the situation is much heavier than you think. H!P and UFA were merely trying to save their ass from a certain loss of service credibility and potential future projects. H!P have been involved in these campaigns for many years now, they are not about to leave everything to 'smokes'.

2) Tsunku have a new company set up. I will discuss this on a separate topic, but the point is this -> one of their artist, Zsa Zsa, a Chinese, under his new company is assigned to as the "Environmental Ambassador" and will be assigned in China on a promotion project later on. Now of course, he probably don't want Aibon to be ruining his plans to expand internationally. So I guess Aibon has hurt him more than she thinks.

So it's not only about the CDs, the sales, or the punishment. It's more than that.

Yes the functions are over now, so Aibon is probably "officially" starting to serve her suspension only now. So the waiting game starts ... all over again. Only time will tell if she will be forgiven for her actions.

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