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Friday, October 20, 2006

Cult of Pop is not dead... And so shouldn't I.

Been reading Cult of Pop for a long time. Especially love the author Ray Mescallado's style of blogging, character, and the topics he chooses to write on.

Then came one fine day, he posted his final entry with "The year of kaisans has taken its toll on me. This is the last post I’ll be making on Cult of Pop." . Really sad, as I had only discovered the site 'bout half a year earlier (Being me, I usually lurk around for about a year before I finally join in the ring).

Today I went back again, since the site is not down, thought I'd read the previous entries for nostalgia's sake. And on the top banner was some links that I didn't notice before.

...actually v3.0. But no matter, nice to see Ray still in good spirit.
Kinda stupid of me of not noticing that, maybe I was too busy diving to the contents without looking up...

Other than that... My blog was mentioned in his entries! ^_^ Here's one. It's only a single sentence but I'm still happy and flattered that he did, even though this blog only started a little more than a month ago.

And another motivation for me to patrol the net for more Hello! Project stuff and post more stuff... Cheers and Peace! ^_^

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Craig said...

Hoho :) I didn't know u didn't know. Yes I noticed your blog when ray mentioned it ^_^

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