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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Fujimoto Miki Removed from Young Town Doyoubi

Looks like Sanma-san is not kidding after all.

A message updated on the message board of Young Town Doyoubi radio show, announcing that Fujimoto Miki's regular spot will be replaced by Michishige Sayumi. Sayumi will be given a new segment in the show too, in order to educate her and for getting used to being on the show.

The last I visited the official site, I remember seeing Mikitty's picture on the home page but now only Takahashi Ai is on it. Mikitty's profile is still there, though the link is hidden from plain sight.

Slowly, Mikitty is mirroring Yaguchi Mari's after-scandal schedule -> getting less work. I sincerely hope this is not permanent. Hopefully, she gets to come back after the fire has cooled down a bit...

Source from Young Town Doyoubi








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prodygee said...

Ugh, hey, Yaguchi san is really busy now. She has a lot of shows she attends on and she already got another role in another musical. Called "The Postoffice Story". Lotz of info on my Yaguchi blog ^^.

Anonymous said...

Wow - You can just imagine Miki's reaction to the news of who's replacing her! I think Sayu will be great, esp. in the Iyasemansen Corner.

celby said...

Hmm, I think that they remove Miki from Young Town because she joined the program as a Momusu member in the first place (ok, not yet in first 2 episodes but they knew that she'd be in Momusu at that time anyway) so now that she isn't part of it anymore they've to find someone else.

I'm kinda worry about her works too but after I heard about GAM FC Tour in Hawaii this September, what a relieve! ^_^

I hope she gain her solo career soon. Though I'm ok with TV appearances like Mari, it'd be such a waste of talent really.

Nani said...

Well I think that Miki has blown her chances of becoming a fully-fledge Solo artist like that of Abe-san and Maki.

Don't think that Miki "resigns" then get what she wants. I'm actually glad she's getting less or no opportunities. why should she? She didn't even graduation so she doesn't deserve to get any well earn work. Yoss imo comes first. I think this is the disadvantage of not living up to the contract(as in graduation), I have lose deep respect for Miki.

One the side note Sayu being placed on the radio is a great idea! I for one can't wait!(she's really funny) but is it necessary? How bout Reina who only lives off her appearances in Haromoni@ and photobooks? I guess she still is being punished in silence. This just comes to show that scandals within Morning Musume is not taken lightly.

Thanks for the news Jin~

Anna said...

I think everyone else in Morning Musume is getting more attention for themselves now that Miki is gone.

Xacur said...

@anon: I didn't understand that of the Miki's reaction :(

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@prodygee.... I'm a pessimist kind of guy... I saw this as something negative, bcos' it lead me to think, "oh, man... are they going to cancel Mikitty's work one-by-one now?"... u know, like that. I haven't been following Yaguchi's schedule as closely as you, but didn't she get less work after the first 6 months of her scandal? In fact, zero solo singles for her in the past 2 years, which is sad bcos' I love her singing. I'm glad Mari gets more work now. ^_^

@anon... just as long as Sayu doesn't freeze Sanma-san to death with her cuteness...hehe~~ (^_^;)

@celby... Ah, so the Hawaii tour still a go-ahead? Good, at least not all is cancelled. (^_^)b
Btw, I don't think Miki is the TV tarento type of person. But if she does appear, I'm thinking she won't do it alone. (i.e. GAM). Anyways she's still got Gatas.

@nani... Good points there. And I almost forgotten about Yossie. (^_^)/
I think Sayu was elected to replace Miki because she had radio hosting experience, from her own "Konya mo Usa-chan Peace" show. I haven't listened to her show before, but I heard that it was crazy and fun. (^o^)/

@anna... that's quite true! I worry about the part of losing a solid vocalist in Momusu though. (^_^;)

@xacur... maybe anon is trying to say that Miki sees Sayu as someone "inferior" to her~~~ (^o^)/

celby said...

@jin : So, this GAM tour already schedule before? Now, I'm kinda worry again cause if they already prepare everything, it's hard to cancel it right? (-_-)

About Sayu replacing Miki in Young Town, I think Miki likes Sayu a lot because both of them are quick wit and dare to speak their minds. (Sayu seems to be the only one in current lineup that dare to tease or counterback Miki's comments in a funny way) Ah, how I just wish that they can host a radio show together, it'd be extremely funny because of good rivalry, ne?

And about this whole Miki's incidents, sometimes I can't help but think there are many unusual things happened along the way that just left a bunch of theories in my head.

But since everything already passed. Miki's future in H!P might be the perfect answer to what really happened behind the scene there. ^_^;

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

@celby... the Hawaiian tour is not listed on the Hello! Project site, but I've seen the scan of the pamphlet somewhere. Seems like they have a joint venture with JAL, so I think that one is hard to cancel.

About Sayu... Like you said, they both have sharp tongues, if they host a show together. there may be a catfight while on air...... hmm... actually, that sounds like a good idea now~~~ (^o^)/

Oh, and feel free to write your other theories in here.

Anonymous said...

She should never have been wedged crudely into MM in the first place. She never fit in and she was annoying as all hell. Good riddance.


celby said...

He He He, so you really want to learn my theories, jin?

Uh, first of all, sorry for my English because I'm not an English native speaker but I'll try my best.

Secondly, Miki is my most favorite girl in H!P, so some comments might be biased. ^_^;

OK, onto a bunch of theories that still stuck in my head until now..... (-__-)

*Warning* this will be really looooooooooooooooong post and there will be so many "if" and "maybe" here and there. And yeah I'm really crazy and read the situations too much so you can ignore it, my friend. -__-;;

I think it depends on how many parties knew about these incidents before Friday published them. So it can be either of these...

1.They are just coincidences and nothing but "unfortunate accident" happened there so everyone involved (especially Miki and UFA) have to choose the best way to minimize the damages caused by these incidents. That means the consequence might not be different from Mari's case or maybe better because Miki always has GAM and solo career to go back to unlike Mari, but since she broke the "rule" she has to wait an amount of time as a punishment.

2.Love is blind. Miki really didn't want to break up with that guy and couldn't find a good conclusion with UFA so they had no choice but let her go. Her stubborness would cost her a career sooner or later as she caused so much troubles to the agency and other members.

3.Like many have said and believed... OMG This is Miki's plan to get her ass out of Momusu! She set everything up! Even hired that 3rd rate comedian guy to act as her boyfriend!! 0_0

Well, at least this could explain why she casually accepted everything in Young Town (even though the agency already gave her free pass) and continued to do things like nothing happened since she knew that UFA won't have gut to cancel her contract and force her out for good. If this turns out to be true, though I may continue support her I'll definitely be mad at her selfish attitude for sure. (-_-)

But I really doubt that. Base on her character, if Miki really want to quit she should hint something in Young Town after telling the truth already. Like "I might consider stepping down since I break the rule." (because she would do that a week later anyway) OK, people could say that it's too big and too complicated to decide on her own. But why she dare to refuse what the agency want her to do (to break up with him) but not drop any hints about resignation at all? (if it's her purpose in the first place.)

Moreover, I doubt that she's that stupid. How she think she could get away with it when she made UFA pissed that much? "Money" might be the best answer but there's no guarantee that she will get everything she want at all.

4.As someone in mm-bbs board analysed a couple of weeks ago, this is a power play of Miki. At that time, she was the leader of the flagship group of H!P and a half of GAM with Aya, the most succesful and most talented artist in H!P ever IMO. Miki was that big and had power to negotiate with the agency like no other girls in H!P could. Maybe she used the situation to begin the revolution there.

She might tried to stop that (stupid) conservative relationship policy and made way for other girls in the future. She stood her ground, she stood for what she believed was the right thing and the agency should agree with her. She was that close to do it but lost on the way and ended up being a "rebel" instead of a "heroine" now.

5.When I looked back at the big picture of these situations, the timing of some incidents seemed so weird for me, too obvious indeed. As an Asian working in mass media corporation myself, I can say that the media and agencies tend to have a give-and-take relationship that go on and on infinitely. There's no way UFA wouldn't know anything about it at all. It's not hard for UFA to find a copy of Friday before it released or at least learned that there'd be a scandal about Miki published that week. (Remember Friday's article about how they went to Shouji and asked him about Miki? That means he should talk to Miki about this and she should told her manager already.)

Now, if Miki and UFA knew that Friday'd write an article about her at that time they should prepare themselves more or less already. And there came some questionable acts from them. Why Miki and UFA said the opposite thing about the article? (Whether the source of the agency reliable or not, I'll talk about it later.) Why UFA stayed silence for one whole week despite the truth that they acted real fast with other scandals before this? In Mari's case, they hold a huge press conference before Friday even released but in Miki's one they just let the news leaked in newspaper websites first then they just put an official statement in their website. Why?

My guess with this theory is that UFA wanted to control the news cause if they could get through Miki's case by acting like it's no big deal, the other girls will live a little bit more comfortable lives from now on, at least the agency show that they're ok with dating and the fans have to take it too.

If this theory is true, that means UFA and Miki didn't prepare for the resignation and I'll talk about that in next and last theory then.

6.Now, here comes the greatest conpiracy theory of them all... What if 2 of 3 parties involved (Miki, UFA and Friday) or even all 3 of them planned it from the begining!?!

Think about the timing. The "scandal" broke out the same week as GAM first album release and also the first GAM tour. Good or bad that's still publicity. And unlike Mari, because Miki continued to do her activities like schedule, her fans could show their supports as much as possible. I also think you might read epifanes' theory (@H!O) about the time lapse between Miki's confesstion on Young Town and UFA's statement to FujiTV already. Yes there's no guarantee that UFA really gave that statement to FujiTV as it might came from any employees in the agency. But I still hasn't convinced by their actions either.

For me, although Miki has this anti-idol aura and does everything she want in front of the camera not caring about her image at all, when it comes to management rules and regulations or social manner, she always be seriously strict and stern about them. So I doubt that she did all these with her own will.

Unless Miki sold her story to Friday herself and she did all this because she wants to get out, not only Momusu but H!P entirely, there's no other good explanation behind her intention to go against the agency on her own.

Also if UFA really REALLY want to prevent damage from Miki's confession, since Young Town is not live, the manager could get down on his/her knees and begged Sanma and Miki to re-recorded that part again (they could do that in this industry, believe me) or the chairman or vice chairman could call Sanma to ask for it too.

And another weird fact that still bugs me until now is that on Thursday the 31th of May or ONE DAY berfore Miki's resignation, H!P website had this news about Miki going to an environment event with Ai-chan as Momusu members. This could only mean that until that Thursday or presumably until 8th of June (when they hold that environment event) Miki should still be a Momusu member, right?

If UFA want to kick her out or Miki really want to resign, why bothered put the news on official website that early? The IT people messed up in this sensitive situation? nah...

So at that point I think both UFA and Miki agreed to reveal the truth and there's no intention to break her away from Momusu but why?

Maybe UFA let Friday this scandal with their approval so that they can...

- soften their relationship rule to change image of the group or the whole H!P by using Miki's strong character and Miki-sama wotas as the first step (as far as I know, apart from some "Mikitty shine" in 2ch, someone wrote "yariman" on Miki poster in Osaka and some fansites closed down, I never saw photo or PB burning/tearing/stabbing like wotas always did with another case just once) so that they could attract non H!P fans more than before. It's a part of revolution in this 10th anniversary year. Blah blah blah.

- or they had an agreement with Friday, they need something this big to cover something BIGGER that will affect more members or even the company itself (which I really have no idea what it is.)

But just when everything was about to get through, on Friday morning there was news about chairman of TV Tokyo (where HM@, Kirarin and Robby & Kerobby broadcast) commented on Tsuji's case that brought him down and the fans must feel extremely disappointed. And that weekend another tabloid, Bubka, had this article about H!P kids parents be mad at the agency because Tsuji gave their children bad example.

I think TV Tokyo chairman and H!P kids parents are unexpected factors for UFA so they had no choice but asked Miki to step down on Friday eventually.

As I state before, it's too early to sum up what's really going on in H!P and UFA around Miki's incidents because now they just stop all her works related to Momusu but continue GAM activities because they're hard to cancel. The perfect answer to my theories and hypothesis would be Miki's future after GAM tour, maybe a few months after that. Well, let's see if she'll get her solo career back and will she still be a big part of H!P like before?

Really sorry for this long post but I just want to share my view about the situation with you.

Yeah, I'm so crazy and need to stop reading all those detective story ASAP. ^_^;;

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Wowo... Your comment is even longer than my post! 0_o

I'll get to reading it after work today. ^_^

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