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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shibata Ayumi - Another Scandal on the Way?

Here are two reasons for Konno Asami's comeback. Personally I think there are a MILLION reasons why she should come back ^_^. But I will highlight two, both concerning Gatas Brilhantes FC :

1) Tsuji Nozomi is out with pregnancy, Gatas needs a goalkeeper.
2) Gatas will be shorthanded again, because there may be another scandal.

This magazine, BreakMax, caught my eye because I saw the name Tsuji Nozomi printed on the front of the August issue, but after looking closer, I saw another familiar name: Melon Kinenbi member Shibata Ayumi.

It says there that Shibata was seen going out late at night, right after the day Tsuji was caught with her scandal. That's all I have for now. I hope nothing serious there. It's a one page article, and there is only that much they can write about.

Another tabloid attempting to ride the scandal "wind"?


KuS-KuS said...

Wait, she wasn't even seen with another guy? Are japanese celebrities not allowed to just go out at night either?

Vyvy said...

@ kus-kus When they mean "late at night" they probably mean out with a man, or staying over night with a man. Something that looks like that. But i don't think melon has the no boyfriend oath like morning musume...

KuS-KuS said...

Oh I didn't know that, I thought she was caught while being on a spree or something.

V said...

Nooo! Not Shibata! D: I don't think anything will happen to her, but still.

Anonymous said...

Melon Kinenbi needs to stay together for forever D: Shibata!

I'uno if this was in the magazine somewhere but there is a rumor that Tsuji is smoking *Extremely disappointed if she does* So maybe...? I shouldn't have these thoughts in my head. Shibata and Nozomi will never smoke.

Anonymous said...

Tsuji won't do something stupid as harm her baby.

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