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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tsunku Comments on His Website About Mikitty.... And More.....

Tsunku though not available for a audio/video comments on Fujimoto Miki's case of relationship scandal, have expressed his thoughts in his official website.

In his message on the 4th of June 2007:

I went to the GAM and Biyuuden's concert in Tokyo. As everyone know from the news, Fujimoto Miki has decided to resign from Morning Musume. As the leader, though it seems that she may have many deep feelings and emotions, it is her whole-hearted decision. I hope that everyone give their biggest and warmest support. Furthermore, for causing worry and trouble to everyone, we humbly beg your pardon.

Tsunku then proceeds to share the progress and detail of the rehearsal and concert, before finally attributing the lively atmosphere and success of the performance to the support from the fans.

This must be the n-th time we hear members and personnel of the Hello! Project family apologise to the fans for the past many months. I feel sorry for them sometimes. However, no matter how regretful they feel, and how much they have shown to the media of their support to fellow comrades, no one is safe. And as any rational person would, even Tsunku himself have to censor whatever comments he make... including the images that are displayed on his website.

For example.... Tsunku's entry on the 3rd of June about the 21st anniversary of Up Front Groups and its photoshoot event, additionally reflected on some thoughts during his 15 years in association with UFG and his band "Sharan Q" that will come to its 20th anniversary next year. He shared some pictures taken from the photoshoot. However, the ones that have Mikitty in it are not displayed. Here are some of them -->

I'll leave it to you on how you can find the other hidden pictures yourself. I'm sure you can figure it out... ^_^


steve said...

Every day, i walk in front of the hello project store at the 109-2, and nothing changes. Miki is everywhere on the wall and nobody took a scissors to cut the miki's head on the MM's posters.....

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

not unless someone wanna get arrested, of course... (^o^)/

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