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Friday, June 08, 2007

Robby and Kerobby - Niigaki Risa Voices Atena, ℃-ute Sings the Theme

Two surprises from the anime world!

Surprise #1
When Tsuji Nozomi has to exit from her role of voice acting Atena, a character in anime Robby and Kerobby due to her marriage plans, the anime producers had to find a replacement. And they found that person in Morning Musume sub-leader -> Niigaki Risa. Source here.

Gaki-san will be voicing Atena from episode 16 onwards, which will broadcast on the 8th of July. A bit strange that she is still wearing the Kanashimi Twilight costume for the picture. Has this been decided way earlier on? Or maybe it was to enhance the recognizability of Gaki-san, due to the recent release of the Morning Musume single. Her hairdo wasn't the same pompadour as we saw in the PV anyway.
I am unable to listen to the audio comment by Gaki-san on the site, cos' I'm on Linux right now (it needs a Windows Media Player). Will try again later on a Windows machine later on.

Surprise #2
The theme song for the period of July till September for the anime has been decided as well. It is entitled "Meguru Koi no Kisetsu ~~ めぐる恋の季節" and will be performed by ℃-ute. Source here

This song will also be their 2nd major single under the zetima label. The release date is 11th July.


paul.thomas said...

I was wondering what was going to happen with the voice over stuff, I was wondering if Tsuji would be carrying it on as I can't imagine it being strenuous work, but having Gaki-san doing it is cool, although it would have been nice for to have theme song as well, not that I'm complaining about C-ute getting it as I have to admit their last single has grown on me so much, love to listen to it when I'm walking down the street and the sun's out.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Athena character suits Risa, what with all her MC-Gaki stuff ;)

Thanks for the news! This is a good opportunity for Risa :)

nani said...

@ the Robby and kerobby~ Risa Niigaki??Ah what as the world come to! Nah, i'm kidding! This could be the key for me liking Gaki-san! hope she does well.

steve said...

I thought it was two excellent news.
but, robby kerobby and One Piece are at at same time.
And C-ute will sell more than berryz koubou...

Radicalpatriot said...

Risa deserves everything that is coming to her. She is a very classy superstar and I hope she can stay that way.

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