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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Takahashi Ai Takes the Lead

And so Takahashi Ai had her first job as Morning Musume leader .... AND as "2nd Gen EcoMoni" with Kusumi Koharu starting a few days ago in a Nippon TV Eco Week campaign on Friday, where she announces her will to take up the task as leader with a spirited "I will do my best!". And that she did, while she gave some useful eco-friendly tips and practices along with her partner, in support of the campaign.

Yesterday on Young Town Doyoubi we saw the appearance of Michishige Sayumi who took over Fujimoto Miki's place as a regular in the radio show. Ai-chan did not steal the spotlight and remained passive in her responses (well, most of the time she is like that), as she knows the initiation of the new regular is important. Time and again, she pointed out some good qualities in Sayu, and noted that Sayu is probably more mature than herself, more like an older sister. Though she wished that Mikitty would come back to the show soon.

But what kind of leader is Ai-chan? She still seems to be same as usual, still lacking an outstanding personality (well, actually by having no personality IS her outstanding personality. I think lots of people remember her that way ^_^) and wanting things to be the same as it has always been.

Ai-chan, although already 21 years of age this year, have remained a timid 17 year old in my mind. Mostly because of her small stature, and because she was not the most outspoken amongst the Momusu girls. She doesn't speak unless spoken to, and is always in a passive mode. I cannot imagine her leading the "Dancing! Singing! Exciting!" and "Gambatte Ikima-SHOI!!" cheer before concerts and performances later on. ^_^

However, that's where things get more interesting.

In my personal opinion, unlike her predecessors Ai-chan not the type that will lead by taking charge, but is the type that will lead by quietly watching over her fellow members, while they freely do their stuff. It is this trait that lead me to draw comparisons with Arashi leader, Satoshi Ohno. Both Ai-chan and Ohno are talented singers, easily one of the best in their respective counterparts. Both are also good dancers. And both of them are well respected by their peers and juniors. I remember in the past Morning Musume auditions where many participants cite Takahashi Ai as their favourite member and is the one whom they idolize - including current member Michishige Sayumi.

BUT, after all my blabbering here, there's a chance that Ai-chan will come back and throw all my assumptions out the window. As always, she is very unassuming, and performs above her best effort under pressure. Let's see how she will change with this new responsibility as leader and how Morning Musume will turn out this time under her leadership..... unless the paparazzi comes up with another scandalous scoop again.

Here's a little something in commemoration of new Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai.

An instrumental guitar rendition of Takahashi Ai's solo single - Yume Kara Samete.

Video Link | Lyrics
Hope you like it. (^_^)v

Peace ^_^


Annie said...

I think that even though Takahashi will be a lot more passive than other leaders in the past, she will be a good leader. She can just lead people in a calm, quiet me!

Frox said...

Spot on! Your 'blabbering' is exactly the same way how I see the whole leader thingy with Ai-chan.

I couldn't quite see her as a leader, but she has something mysterious......'hidden powers'. Looking forward how this develops, and I of course wish her all the luck (:

Xacur said...

Takahashi will do it well.
She is intelligent, that's why she is so passive the most of the times.
That's the way I see her, ^^

jim h said...

I don't think her powers are very hidden! Ai is by FAR the member I most relate to. Even my fave Yossie is very outgoing and sportsy. Ai only cares about giving a good musical performance and it SHOWS, the rest of the time she is content as a wallflower. To me this is her greatness. She is not boring at all on her own! She just naturally puts others first in a group setting.

The great leader leads from behind!

Beautiful guitar work!

Anna said...

I rather have Ai stay the same. She's in the best time of her life right now, one wrong move and BAM! xD Ai is love. I'm sure Ai will do very well as we can already see from Haro moni.

Lovely music~ *it's actually my bday today, so I'll make this my bday music for today! XD*

Katie said...

Oh god, MORE Koharu? Give me a break already! I didn't care much for her in the first place, now I'm just sick of her.

But onto Aichan, I think she'll do a good job. She's never been a favourite of mine, but she knows what she's doing. All the best to her!

craig said...

It's quite sexy the way they're leaning against that globe :)

aKaoNi said...

Damn, nice job on the guitar rendition! Beautiful music! You play that by ear basically or you happen to have some sheet music for the song??

Anna said...

Looks like MM is moving on nicely...

It seems so unreal that JunJun and LinLin are in MM, but there it is... XD

Makes me jealous. :3

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Anna! \(^o^)/

... and thanks for the link... the costume for the next single looks a bit retro. Did they borrow the design from Kanashimi's PV?

Anonymous said...

But should we be worried that they moved GAM into the category of one-shot wonders and disbanded groups?

Mick a.k.a. jinryuichi said...

Hmm... i hadn't noticed that. This is something worth blogging about....

By the way, at the moment, clicking on Mikitty's link gives us a popup of INABA ATSUKO's profile. :D

Anna said...

Thanks mick! :D The cloths do look like from Kanashimi's PV. xD But different colors. JunJun and LinLin have a handshake event on the 18th. I want the goods. xD I like the cap. ;3

H!P's website has been a bit more organized at the artist's page.

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