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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

H!P HNPH News - The H!P Week at a Glance...

Managed to salvage my PC in one piece. Not without some casualties of corrupted files and configurations. Nevertheless, we're back in business.

Okay, let's talk about them scandals..... ahh... but that's old news by now. I've been deprived of my rantings over the whole scandal issue, but maybe that's a good thing, I've much to say and it ain't all positive.

First let's start with some news.... I need some warming up. ^_^

Nakazawa Yuuko's Marriage Life and Comments
Morning Musume 1st gen member and leader Nakazawa Yuuko will be playing one half of a married couple in a theater production "Blue Blue Birthday". She's in Tokyo at a press conference to promote the show that will begin from 22nd June till 2nd July, in Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space (東京芸術劇場小ホール). Playing her husband will be Ishida Issei, who is probably best known amongst J-Dorama lovers for his portrayal of Kashiwagi Kazuya in the 90's hit soap opera "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" or "Under One Roof" 1 & 2. Nakazawa received lots of advice from the experienced Ishida. Of course, it was a good opportunity to get some comments from Nakazawa about the current scandal news, specifically about Tsuji Nozomi marriage and Fujimoto Miki's resignation from Morning Musume, to which Nakazawa (who probably have seen it coming ^_^) responded with "Ah, the main topic has come!" when approached by the journalists.

Nakazawa made remarks about Tsuji first, "She turns 20 yrs old this month, I've known her since her graduation from junior school, so she's like a sister to me. I have congratulations for her, but I didn't think it would happen! We wish her well and hope she takes good care of her health."

About Fujimoto, Nakazawa responds with "She made the decision (to resign) herself, and takes up the responsibility for her actions. Isn't that good? It's very mature of her.". Furthermore, it was made clear that Nakazawa received a phone call from Fujimoto saying "Sorry for causing much trouble". To which Nakazawa added "As a graduate myself, I worry for my juniors and comrades, but I will give my support to them.".

As for herself, she laughs "For now, my only 'love' is my work. I don't have a partner, but I am not in a hurry either!". Ishida on the other hand is currently going out with actress Kawai Chiharu.

Source from Oricon 1
Source from Oricon 2

Mikitty Apologises to the Fans in Concert
Matsuura Aya and Fujimoto Miki, held their first concert as duo unit GAM on the 1st and 2nd of June, in Welcity Osaka, in the wake of Fujimoto's relationship scandal with comedian Shouji Tomoharu. After only 15 minutes into the show with 3 numbers sung, Fujimoto addressed the fans right away, regarding her scandal and announced her resignation from Morning Musume. She apologised to the fans and added that she will continue as a solo act and with GAM. Before the concert started, some fans were wondering if there will be angry audiences in the hall, but after seeing Fujimoto's poise and her apology, fans responded with positive cheers of "Gambare~~!" and "We will support you no matter what~~!". After the show, Fujimoto comments that she was grateful to receive such support from so many people.

On the night of 2nd of June, right after the concert, Fujimoto participated as a regular in the radio show, "Young Town Doyoubi" hosted by veteran comedian Akashiya Sanma. There when probed by Sanma-san, she expressed her regret, held responsibile for her own actions and resigned, as predicted by Sanma-san, quoting past example of Yaguchi Mari. No futher comments by succeeding Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai, though she showed her support in other form of words. Fujimoto later added that she will probably be getting some solo work from the agency.

Source from Daily Sports
Source from Sports Hochi
Source from Sponichi
Summary of 02-06-2007 Young Town Doyoubi from H!O

Changes in Mikitty's Schedules
Sanma-san made a jest about Mikitty will not be able to come back as a regular on his show, on the same broadcast mentioned above. Was it really a joke? Or a veteran's insight? Some scheduling adjustments have been made after Mikitty's unfortunate turn of events.
For instance, she will not be participating in the upcoming concert in July - Hello! Project 2007 Summer 10th Anniversary Daikansya Matsuri HaroPuro Summer Festival | "Hello! Project 2007 Summer 10thアニバーサリー 大感謝祭 ~ハロ☆プロ夏祭り~". Strange, cos it's not a Morning Musume only concert, so was she excluded because of the scandal issue? Other changes include the change of referring her with Morning Musume, as noted by Some Boys!, that her name/logo of her radio show has omitted the "Morning Musume's" part, so now it's only "Fujimoto Miki no Dokimiki Night".

Takahashi Ai and Mikitty was supposed to participate in Nippon TV Network's "NTV Eco Week 2007" event this Friday on the the 8th. Now, Mikitty is replaced by Kusumi Koharu. The girls will be taking part in the opening ceremony and the talk show segment.

Dokimi Night Official Site
H!P News - NTV Eco Week 2007
H!P Announcement about Fujimoto Miki

Berryz Koubou 14th Single Jacket Photo Revealed
From UFW official site, Berryz Koubou latest single "
Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba"
(Confession of Love at the Plaza Water Fountain) jacket photo was revealed. It is due to be released on 27th of June. Serving Berryz in a Maid Cafe. Nice! Looks like UFA isn't letting go of their fanbase in Akihabara.
Pray hard that no scandals may occur upon them at this time. (Cos it seems to be a trend for it to happen nowadays.)
Normal Edition

Niigaki Risa Alo Hello DVD Preview
Official site at Up Front Works has a small video preview for Niigaki Risa's solo Alo Hello DVD.
Details | Preview


Xacur said...

I don't understand why Miki have privileges that other have not.
It really pissme off that Miki can even laugh about all that in public and nothing have change.
She was gonna graduate after all, and she continues with GAM, and get back to solo (like if she were graduated).
Is Miki more important than Mari was back then?
If this is true, I don't understand why.
It's not that she have a boyfriend, I have said that I don't like the no-boyfriends rule, but if other ones have been kicked for the same thing, what privileges Miki enjoys?

craig said...

Finally Miki has got rid of those other losers LOL XD

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